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Career *Challenge Cancelled - Save File Missing :( *


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I have only done a few challenges before (they were all failures), so I don't have the courage to attempt an actual 1000 goals challenge. Instead,  I'm gonna cut myself some slack and get a measly combined 1200 goals between 2 strikers.

Let's take a look at the club I will be using


Leicester City- a solid above average club in the Premier League. Honestly I could have gone for better teams but I like the challenge of having to deal with money constraints.


Without further ado, here are the strikers (which I have never used before) that I will be using


Lautaro Martinez will be turning 20 soon, so don't be fooled by his 19 years of age. Other than that, pretty solid all-round stats with good shooting and technique. I'm sure after a year training some of those mental stats and his fitness will be turning green. Who will be his counterpart then?


Compared to Martinez, his stats doesn't seem all that impressive but I'm certain he will improve in time to come. I mean, 14 dribbling and 15 technique isn't something to scoff at.


I could have gone for Isak, Vinicius Junior but since it's only 1200 goals I think using slightly older players should give me a more fulfilling challenge to complete.

So that's it for the pre-season briefing. I will be sharing my progress along the way (I'm giving myself a month to take my time and complete this challenge). Assuming they retire by the age of 35, I need them to get a combined 80 goals/season if I want to complete this challenge. I'm an amateur at challenges though so I'm not very confident. What do you think? Should I be aiming for higher goals?


Edit: Great, accidentally deleted this save file when I was intending to delete another save. Argh, I was already 2 months in into the career. So annoying -_-

Update to above^ That definitely caused some problems when I started a new save, value of players (especially Rui Pedro) I bought previously increased. I will update more on the important stuff that changed.

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Sorry guys, didn't really have time to play due to school and work stuff. That being said, I just completed the first season a few hours ago so stay tuned for my write up on that!

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1 hour ago, obj140 said:

Sorry guys, didn't really have time to play due to school and work stuff. That being said, I just completed the first season a few hours ago so stay tuned for my write up on that!

No problem mate...it's one of those things..

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If you were hoping for big things in the first season, I'm sorry to disappoint you ;-; In fact, things went horribly once the New Year started.



Perhaps this is one of the most surprising (maybe even shocking) transfers out you have seen. Star players went out including a young Demarai Gray (who wanted to leave - On hindsight, perhaps I should have ignored his request). My idea here was to bring in young guys who will be our club's future for the next 10-15 years. Sorry, I kinda hate changing my First Team XI every year because I feel too bonded to them :P. And so, here are the transfer ins.


In a previous post I complained that price of Pedro went up..turns out that I was using the February database. Immediately switched back to November (which is cheating :P)

Ruben Dias and Upamecano will hopefully form a solid defence for the future with Maguire. Brought in Dalot to strengthen the right back position. Field and Zanaellato came in as loans (I bought Zanaellato later on). Mannion will replace Schmeichel as the No.1 Keeper in the coming years, while Gomez and Arthur will hopefully strengthen our midfield.

Team Results


A disappointing 8th place. Close to 40 points out of 60 points came from before 2018. Well, what happened? Injuries occured to key players throughout the second half of the season, forcing me to constantly change formations. Apart from our goalkeeper and central defenders, practically no one else was spared from injuries. Honestly, I should have kept some of players I sold as many times I was forced to promote a number of reserves to the first team. I say a majority of the time I used a back four, but when injuries really started to pick up I switched to back 3 and back 5. Intensive training wasn't the cause of all these injuries though. I turned it off once I had an average of 1 player injured per match...yet turning off intensive training did more harm than good because I ended up with even more injuries ;-;

2 strikers performance

Sorry, I don't have any screenshots of their stats as I forgot to take them before progressing to the next year.


Slightly disappointing from him. He had 15 goals in 12 games, picking up 3 hat tricks, 2 EPL Young Player of the Month and 1 EPL Player of the Month...before this happened


After these injuries, he didn't quite have the same form he had, but I guess part of it could be due to we didn't have good playmakers in the midfield to feed him the ball because they are out injured. 


In his first 20 games he scored a grand total of... 2. ;-; I honestly expected him to easily outscore Pedro yet Pedro just outclasses him somehow. Surprisingly, he had a really good run of form after his one month injury, converting losses to draws and helping us reach the FA Cup final.

Season 1

Rui Pedro- 22

Lautaro Martinez- 15

Combined- 37



I certainly will be buying some bargain players to beef up squad depth to avoid this horrible 1st season. No doubt, it was my mistake to let too many players go and I didn't complete some of my transfers in time before 1st transfer window ended. I should have brought in a few players in during the 2nd transfer window but I was too complacent, as right after it closed injury season struck. It certainly felt like I was doing the Injury Challenge instead of a 1200 goals challenge.


Thanks for reading and I hope this eventful 1st season isn't a sign of worse things to come.







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Season 2- Preseason

Youth team


Did I hit the jackpot?

Transfer Targets?

1. LB: I need much better cover for the left backs. It will still take a while for Chiwell for develop. Based on last season, I do need to find a good and a bit cheap LB as Fuchs did a poor job of it while Chiwell was out injured. I'm still unsure of which LB to go for..maybe Tierney?

2. RB: Dalot was out injured/suspended quite a number of times and I couldn't always rely on Amartey as he was busy covering the CM role as well. These are the targets RBs I'm interested in:



3: CDM/CM/CAM: The more depth in here the BETTER. Still, I need some suggestions for "defensive-minded" CDM/CMs as Iborra and Silva are aging. 


1. Well, I need 80 goals combined from my strike force next season, or else I can't complete this challenge.

2. Qualify for Champions League. Minimum. 

3. Win either the FA Cup or Carabao Cup. I'm expecting much more since we got into the Finals of the FA Cup last year.

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Actually, I think that's a pretty good start. Young players can be pretty inconsistent, so I'd expect those number will grow steadily every year. Also unlucky with the injuries. 🙁 But anyway I think it's a good start and it's all going to come together over the next few seasons.

Nice choice of players too. I looked at both in my current 1KC and think they are going to be stars! Props for not going for Isak or a club loaded with money. I've got nothing against that, but I like the challenge of not always going for the obvious choices. 🙂

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