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Challenges The Diego Maradona Napoli Challenge

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The Diego Maradona Napoli Challenge

"Napoli signing Diego Maradona in 1984? The modern equivalent would be if they bought Cristiano Ronaldo today. And that's clearly impossible." That's the view of 85-year-old Corrado Ferlaino, president of the Italian club between 1983 and 1993.

The arrival of the Argentine genius for £7million from Barcelona in the summer of 1984 was the coup of the century. Napoli had purchased a young demi-god destined for greatness.

He was explosive, agile and resistant. A squat, slippery figure with a left foot from heaven. Perhaps the finest dribbler in history. His spell in Naples was full of thrills, skills and controversy.

Maradona was the ideal object for their adoration. He was whole-hearted, flamboyant and capable of miracles. A packed San Paolo Stadium welcomed their saviour on the evening of July 5, 1984.

Wearing a Napoli scarf, he did a few keepy-ups in the centre circle, surrounded by photographers, before a lap of the pitch. It was love at first sight for player and supporters.

Between 1984 and 1991, Maradona played 259 times for Napoli and scored 115 goals.He won two Serie A titles, the Italian Cup, Italian Supercup and the UEFA Cup. 

Can you beat this?

Challenge Rules

1. Load up Italy and any other countries and take charge of Napoli.

2. You must sign an Argentinian Advanced Playmaker/Striker

2. You have Seven Seasons in which to replicate the trophies.

3. You must win at least 2 League Titles, 1 Italian Cup, 1 Suppacoppa's, 1 Champions League/Europa League.

4. He must score at least 115 Goals in the seven seasons and must be top scorer in Serie A for at least one season.

5. Own formations only

6. No unlockables, edited databases, or use of any of the editors

7. Evidence is required, I'd suggest posting a career thread for us to follow.

8. No cheating - Restarting to avoid injuries counts as cheating!!


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