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Challenges Inter - Die Deutsche Trio-Herausforderung


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Internazionale - Die Deutsche Trio-Herausforderung

Credit to @danovic78 for creating this challenge.

In 1988, Internazionale signed German duo Lothar Matthäus and Andreas Brehme from Bayern Munich, shortly followed by Jürgen Klinsmann from Stuttgart a year later, and set about on their own quest to bring as much silverware as possible to their half of the city of Milan. Was it an attempt to replicate what Milan did with the Dutchmen a year before? Possibly, but whereas Milan had bought champions on the international stage, Inter were about to make them.

The first through the door was Matthäus, someone who is inexplicably overlooked when speaking about the all-time greats of the game. The term ‘all-round player’ is something that has lost meaning in recent years, but Matthäus is the embodiment of the perfect player. He had the defensive capabilities to play a holding role in midfield, he could make late runs into the box and score his fair share of goals and, despite his small stature, he was impressive in the air. There was nothing Matthäus couldn’t do.

Alongside him in a few of those Bayern Munich sides was left-back Andreas Brehme, another legend of the game whose impact is often forgotten. A Hamburg native, Brehme first made his mark on the game at Kaiserslautern, where he would play 154 games between 1981 and 1986. Much like Matthäus at Mönchengladbach, this would be where Brehme learnt about the game and developed as a player before making the big jump to Bayern. His versatility and ability as an all-round defender was unmatched, being just as good with his right foot as he was with his predominantly stronger left.

In 1988, while Matthäus and Brehme were lifting the Scudetto, Jürgen Klinsmann was helping Stuttgart reach the UEFA Cup final and winning the German Footballer of the Year award. He wasn’t the most physically imposing striker in the world, often looking like a gust of wind could cause him to hit the deck, but what he lacked in physical prowess he more than made up for with intelligence and a great sense of anticipation for a chance at goal. Klinsmann moving to Inter seemed like a logical step in his career, leaving a team that had just reached the UEFA Cup final to a side that had just won the Italian top flight and was looking to make an impression in the European Cup.

Challenge Rules

  • Load Italy and any other countries you wish.
  • Take control of Inter Milan.
  • You must sign a three German players. One central defender/midfielder, Left Back and a Striker.
  • Over the next four seasons rack up as many points as possible based on the scoring system below.

Scoring System

Serie A:
1st – 25 points
2nd – 20 points
Top 4 – 15 points
5 - 6th - 10 points
7-8th – 5 points
9th - 15th – -10 points
15th - 17th – -20 points
Relegated - -50 points

Sacked: -25 points (and the challenge is over)

Italian Cup:
Winner - 25 points
Runner Up - 20 points
Semi Finalist - 15 points
Quarter Final - 10 points
Fourth or Fifth Round Exit - 0 points
Third Round Exit - -10 points

Italian Super Cup:
Winners – 25 points 
Runners Up - 20 points

Champions League:
Winners – 50 points 
Runners Up - 25 points
Semi Finalist - 20 points
Quarter Finalist - 10 points
Knockout Rounds - 5 points
Group stage - 0 points

Europa League:
Winners – 50 points 
Runners Up - 25 points
Semi Finalist - 20 points
Quarter Finalist - 10 points
Knockout Rounds - 5 points
Group stage - 0 points

European Super Cup:
Winners – 25 points 
Runners Up - 20 points

FIFA World Club Cup:
Winners – 25 points 
Runners Up - 20 points

Rivalries: (Competitive Only)
Beat AC Milan - 5 points
Beat Juventus - 5 points

Win Serie A Manager of the year – 5 points
Serie A Player of the year (Won by one of your German Players) - 5 points
Serie A Top Goalscorer (Won by one of your German Players) - 5 points


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This looks interesting! I'm trying it out with these signings:

LB: Phillip Max (Augsburg, 19.5 million)

CM: Maximillian Arnold (Wolfsburg, 16.25 million)

ST: Fiete Arp (Hamburg, 23 million)


I Also signed Anthony Lopes as a first choice keeper

Edited by Guppy McFicklestein
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