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Chat Infinite money glitch!

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Using the new buy back feature and combining it with a sell on percentage, you can easily make a load of money just from selling your players and buying them straight back.

Example: you sell Pogba to Madrid for £100m. You add a sell on percentage of 50% and a buy back option for £150m.

You sell him, that's £100m in the bank. Then you go to buy him back for £150m. This puts you down £50m, but because you have that sell on percentage, you're entitled to half of the £150m (even though it's your money), so you get a £75m rebate, meaning you make £25m profit without losing a player.

The hard part is agreeing to get that large sell on percentage with the selling club, but it is possible. Will probably report this on the forums soon.

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58 minutes ago, Ashez said:

Remember the PSP days where you could glitch it and control the AI bids 😂

£150m each transfer 😂

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2 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Impossible for me to find such glitches due to the way I play. Which is why I'd make a terrible tester 😄

Same, I just exploit the glitches that have been found! 

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I tried to do this at wolves, selling moutinho for 21M, and buying him back for 28,5M, but he didn't want to come back, so i this ain't gonna work 100%.

I just wonder if the players personality, or the club rep, has something to do with this cheat working or not?!

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On 04/11/2018 at 13:20, Nucleus said:

£150m each transfer 😂

Yep FMH2013

Played it again the other day for 1 season and built a squad of superstars using the glitch 👏

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