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Career Rebuilding Everton - Road to Club Football Domination

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How's it going everyone, some of you may remember me from a while back. I'm getting back into FMM so I have decided to start a "rebuilding" series where I will build clubs back to glory. I decided to start on a not too challenging team, Everton, because I like the look of the young players there and have decent money to work with. Also we are rebuilding Everton who have had 9 First Division titles, a Cup winners Cup, several other domestic cup wins. 


So I started with a good budget and a solid team so I went straight to the transfer market to put my stamp on the team. The first player I attempted to sign was Hirving Lozano but PSV wanted stupid money for him so I backed off and went through my own team and decided to attempt to offload lots of players. So after the first transfer window being complete this is the deals we have made and the team we have for the opening day of the Premier league season where we face newly promoted Fulham.IMG_8929.thumb.PNG.811d18b9240ad856bd0965a05ed431ef.PNG

I managed to bring in hot prospect Retsos who will fit perfectly in as our leading CB, Hojbjerg was a deadline day signing from Southampton and he is another young talent who has potential to improve aged just 23. We got a bargain in Pavon for £17 million after fighting off Spurs and Man City to the Argentinean wingers signature. Lewis Ferguson (my profile picture) is a underrated talent this year who may go under the radar. We signed him but have loaned him back to Aberdeen to get first team action under his belt. Rodrigo de Paul looks like a quality player to have at the club and will hopefully find his way into the starting XI.IMG_8930.thumb.PNG.e358b7ab45ddecbb5914256045858b1f.PNG

We managed to get some decent money for the players we got rid of. Mainly decided to get rid of players aged 28+ and get the max value we could for them. This excludes Keane but I believe he was towards the end of the starting centre backs list - Retsos, Mina, Zouma etc.IMG_8931.thumb.PNG.67748b8d619ac26fbd44427a5ca73bba.PNG

This is the team we have started off with, looking to bring in a striker to replace Tosun in January and hopefully Richarlison will be fully trained as a striker and will hit the ground running in an Everton shirt.


Thanks for reading, if you have any questions I will answer them all, have a good day!

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7 hours ago, Gunners Rishi said:

Your transfer dealings were really good especially Pavon so good luck mate! 

Cheers bro, hoping Pavon will be influential in the early build of the team. I should have the first season update out tomorrow :)

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7 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Looking forward to seeing blue dominate the Merseyside derby 🙂

And welcome back. 

Eyyy thanks man. I remember the old days on like FMH14 and 15 ahaha

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Update #1

So we have hit the midway point of the season I will not spoil anything so here are firstly, our results.



Shocking start!


Thats more like it!

Now for our league position



Sitting in 8th at the moment can't complain following the start we had.IMG_8939.thumb.PNG.349956e1be39279168919a911d2ef759.PNG

Bottom half is so tight. We were sitting in the relegation zone until a crucial victory which kick started our season at Cardiff.

So now you have seen the results and table we have one MASSIVE issue... goals. We simply can't seem to find goals. Alright we have scored 3 away at Burnley last time out but our top league scorers are Tosun and Richarlison who both have a shocking total of 4 league goals. So in January I have around 20-25 million to get a striker who can lead us to Europa League spots.

I'm going to finish off this first update with the question, advice on who to get guys?

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Also doing an everton save. Had a dodgy start and had to change the tactics a lot but ended up finishing 4th and winning the FA cup. I was shipping so many goals in the last few minutes to loose or draw. I think it's harder to shut up shop than before, so I don't actually bother. I stay positive and keep attacking.  I signed 2 quicker CB's, Stark and managed to get Upacamo in Jan. Also got Isak who was great. My formation I ended up with surprised me, I'm always keen on a 3 man midfield but I usually have wingers more advanced, but just couldn't get them into the game enough, and was too open. Also kept trying to shoehorn in Sig in an AP position but his general play was shoddy so dropped him and made the midfield flat.. Planning a big spending spree this summer. Would like a quick GK as find these slow guys get caught out.

Screenshot_20181106-070004_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20181106-065948_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20181106-065937_FM 2019 Mobile.jpg

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Here we go then, end of season update! To start with we identified a few transfer targets for January. They were Haller and Bailly. Issue was Bailly begged to leave Man Utd for us then said he didn't want to make a backwards step in negotiations  which was very frustrating as we had sold Yerry Mina to fund the Bailly move. However luckily we managed to find a quick replacement transfer for Bailly, Reece Oxford. He may not be very experienced but its worth having a dig with him. We also managed to bring in Mavropanos on loan from Arsenal for defensive backup. The best news of the window is we found the goalscorer we had wanted, Haller. We got rid of the dreadful Cenk Tosun and brought in Haller who had been firing goals in regularly in the Bundesliga. We also signed Nick Pope for £2.5M as a backup for Pickford as Stekkelenberg had announced his retirement. Our final dealing was Moise Kean but he was sent back after 5 woeful games including a red card and a penalty miss.





Now time to see our results!




Now you may be wondering, what happened after the 2-0 win against Southampton. Well the battle between us and Burnley went to the final day, we were three points behind them and we would host them at Goodison Park on the last day of season 1 to determine who would play in Europe for 2019/20 season.


Yes we did it! From bottom 3 in September/early October under pressure to a 7th place finish in the league.




Congrats City


Championship football for Huddersfield, Cardiff and Brighton.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing the progression so far and trust me season 2 summer transfer window, we have some huge transfers take place!

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Think I'd always settle to finish behind the "big 6" with any EPL team in my debut season. Plus EL spot so there's plenty to look forward to in your next campaign. 

Not wanting to add pressure but I do hope to see fireworks 😁

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3 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Think I'd always settle to finish behind the "big 6" with any EPL team in my debut season. Plus EL spot so there's plenty to look forward to in your next campaign. 

Not wanting to add pressure but I do hope to see fireworks 😁

Well I think you'll like season 2 update 😉

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Here we go lads, this saves about to go up a notch. I will start it off with the transfers for the 2019/20 season.





Now you don't see it here but we sold Richarlison to Man Utd for £60M I don't know where the transfer has gone though.




As you can see we secured a group stage place with a 4-3 win against Kilmarnock (5-4 agg). We played a weak team in all the qualifiers so thats why we didn't blow a single team away.


Dropping points against the big teams.


5-0 win over a troubled Arsenal side.

League/Europa League



We are hoping to have a crack of making it into the top 4 but it will be a big task with star player Haller wanting out. Also Arsenal 17th 😂


Europa League we easily enough go through or group despite picking up a couple of losses.

The second half of the season will provide the fireworks requested by @BatiGoal to see how we do in the league and in Europe.

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Ouch, that October month is painful to look at 🤪 but a good recovery after that. Hoping for a good run in the EL.

Btw, nice one getting Bailly for £28M.

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11 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Ouch, that October month is painful to look at 🤪 but a good recovery after that. Hoping for a good run in the EL.

Btw, nice one getting Bailly for £28M.

Yeah October was when everything was going downhill, Haller requested to leave to a bigger side so it had a chain effect of unhappiness. Luckily we managed to turn it around so far and can push on top challenge the top 6. Really rate Bailly so far also I was delighted with finally getting him.

6 hours ago, Aaron55 said:

Some nice signings there! 

Cheers mate

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Final update of the 2019/20 season!


Sorry but I forgot a screenshot of it but we signed Adjapong, Meret and Davie Selke and sold Haller, Pickford and a few other players.




We battled past a strong Leipzig side to get to the next round.


Eric Bailly was the unexpected hero against English opposition Chelsea where two late away goals was crucial in the first leg.


We breeze past Sporting, the outcome was never really in doubt to me but we were shaken midway through the second leg.


Quality comeback ensured our spot in the final where we would face Bayer Leverkusen!


We done it! First trophy in my career is a Europa League trophy and we did it in style. 5-0 win largely down to how clinical Selke is and you will later see his incredible stats.




Our first Merseyside derby victory was dramatic, Sandro was the man who found the injury time winner.


Came from 2-0 down to beat Man City 3-2 with 10 men.


We secured top 4 with a last day win against Burnley with Man City losing to give us a place in the Champions League.



Had an incredible run at the end of the season largely down to Selke getting everyones confidence up with his incredible goal tally.



Liverpool coasted to champions and Fulham, Stoke and Palace all went down. Arsenal recovered to finish 11th and that will surely mean the stars of the side will leave.

Davie Selke

The best player of the save so far has to be Davie Selke who we signed in January and he has really got the quality to lead any attack in Europe. Here are his insane stats after just a few months with us.IMG_8981.thumb.PNG.3e3693d21a8aa10ba4a4965b038d2fc9.PNG

He really carried the team through the second part of the season and was worth the £40 million spent.

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