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Career Armed with 3 notebooks and a rollerball.


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Hello. I thought I might share with you the story of my career so far with Fulham. 

Now this hasn't been chronicled with screenshots yet, though if I continue this on and in all likelihood will I will go with screenshots. 

But until then you have just me and the three notebooks of FM stuff that get me laughed at by colleagues, friends, my partner and people on public transport. I haven't embellished anything in these pages as what's the point in lying to myself. The 3 notebooks consist of:

1. Fixtures and Transfers record. 

2. Players to watch and Tactics used. 

3. General notes. Things to remember. 10 game tactic testing. 

So I chose Fulham as my first load. I figured there was a lot of a attacking talent there that just needed some steel added to it. 

I went with a tactic I used successfully in FM18. A 4-2-4 playing Counter away and Control at home. It never crossed over well. Apart from a good 5-1 win at home to Newcastle and a 3-1 win away at Cardiff it included a battering at Liverpool, Everton, Wolves and Arsenal. A home hammering to Chelsea and a League Cup loss at home to Sheff Wed on pens. After a run of 10 games taking just 2 points something had to change. 

Transfers in the first window were few. Federico Valverde and Alexander Isak on loan and Abel Ruiz for £5.25m. 

I decided on a basic change to the formation. Switch to balanced. Switch to attack and Shoot on Sight if there we no goals at half time or if I went a goal down. Up that to replacing the two midfielders to one being a AM and the other being a DM if needed further on in the game. And then if all else fails sod it. Go overload and hope for the best. It worked. Slightly. Results got better and I managed enough points to finish 17th. Beating teams in and around me (TM Andy Townsend) like Wolves, Bournemouth, Brighton and the like. It also helped that in my hour of need I sent for the Man in the second window. 


I had to have him. I knew he would save me. 

Zlatan arrived at Craven Cottage. 9 goals in 15 games. I could of kissed him. 

I also padded out my frankly piss poor no confidence squad with loans. Lots and lots of lovely loans. Vinicius Jr, Jason Sancho and Sergi Samper helped. The others I signed but apart from the odd game they didn't really feature. 

So with relief I entered close season. Armed with a little bit of cash from sales in the second window of player that just didn't cut the mustard I invested £12.25m on Timo Horn, Pelayo Suarez for £2.2m and John Soutrar for £3.7m. Knowing I also had Dennis Burnic on free coming from Dortmund I knew I had to come across or create a new formation for my next season. 










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Just now, sharaziuk said:

And I thought I was crazy with spreadsheets... 


Spreadsheets are like digital notebooks... 


Yup, I'm crazy

I also got spreadsheets but I'm loving that this new version has reduced my reliance on them with less random fluctuation in player attributes and the player attribute team stats.

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4 hours ago, veerus said:

I appreciate the effort but, just curious, why not do screenshots?

I've done the notebook thing I since Championship Manager back in 93. Though they don't exist anymore I used to have records going back that far. It's just a habit. 

I hadn't decided to put this online and when I did I realised I had 3 seasons done with notebook records. 

I have just finished a 4th last night and do have screenshots this time. 

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