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Career Joao Maleck 1kc challenge.


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Who is Joao Maleck?

Joao Maleck is a young Mexican/Cameroonian prospect who currently plays for Sevilla Atletico on loan from Santos Laguna. 

Take a look: 


Why I chose him?

With Javier Hernandez(Chicharito) retiring soon from the national team, someone has to step up and I believe for Qatar he will be the main striker. Also I feel it would bring more of a challenge as I am not using the same wonderkids everybody else uses such as Mbappe and Pinamonti.


For this challenge I will be using Atletico Madrid. Due to the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona being in La Liga, the occasion is rare when they win La Liga. Being champions league runners up twice in the past ten years is something heartbreaking for Atletico Madrid fans as they haven't been able to lift up the Champions League trophy. Hopefully I can be really successful and bring the trophies Atletico Madrid fans have been dreaming of. 

I'll keep you guys updated as each season progresses and wish me luck.

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14 minutes ago, S4NCH0 said:

I love this career! Good luck.

I have a friend who played with him back in Guadalajara. 

Thanks and that friend must hope he gets remembered once Joao hits stardom.

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Update - Season 1

Let's get rolling.


With our current squad we had plenty of quality to go through the season. My priority was to bring in youngsters who can became great in the future and of course we had to bring our star man Joao Maleck.

3 players were going to leave the club permanently while a few youngsters were sent out on loan: Screenshot_20181107-205645.thumb.png.4fcb4dcb7e9af70abc7076710da8980a.png

6 players were coming in: 


  • Chilwell came in as a replacement for Hernandez due to Man City paying his Min. Fee Release and it was too soon for me to offer him a new contract.
  • Shaqiri was an excellent piece of business as he came in and terrorized defences alongside Griezmann and Lemar.
  • Lee is for the future and so he didn't much playing time.
  • And of course our striker.


Here is how we did:

  • Finished 2nd in La Liga one point behind Real Madrid. We were first with 3 games to go but unfortunately we lost to Leganes in which Real Madrid took full advantage of.
  • We made it to the Champions League semi-final in which we lost 2-0 to Liverpool in the first leg and we weren't able to turn it around in the second.
  • We made it to the Quarter Finals of the Spanish Cup in which we drew to Real Madrid 3-3 in the first leg and we lost to Real Madrid 1-0 in the second leg.
  • In the Euro. Super cup we lost to Real Madrid who fully deserved their win.Screenshot_20181107-214643.thumb.png.f2a27d1ab5991dd405c90291ccef197b.pngScreenshot_20181107-214700.thumb.png.91b56ad5f2cedbc9c5b41a15353f33e5.pngScreenshot_20181107-214759.thumb.png.966d181084daa8872d3cce385f936e7e.pngScreenshot_20181107-214808.thumb.png.8e480aa9f7f1055ad2bc5ed22b8fcda8.pngScreenshot_20181107-214821.thumb.png.6a1a568894d91b508d560657430131ba.png



Joao Maleck started the season looking like this:Screenshot_20181106-085605.thumb.png.c05b435a1897ae333b410baeede260d4.png

With no injuries throughout the whole season, he ended up looking like this:


Exceptional progress. His main attributes are already green! His aerial, positioning, and strength could use a little work however.


For his first year in a major European club it went extremely well.Screenshot_20181107-215901.thumb.png.f2f9a10ce9c4b2dfb3d3e6657ecbcf96.png



Maleck scored three hat-tricks this year:140786213_Screenshot_20181107-101932(1).thumb.png.22f5b2a628a2004dcbde34f656cf3b3a.png1189834318_Screenshot_20181107-084820(1).thumb.png.bd5b88f16c32af59d6dc5c64a490a22d.png2018211780_Screenshot_20181106-194838(1).thumb.png.1aadfdfe056c87f467ffa2828c367ee9.png

He was also able to score a couple braces and important goals against big teams:1112033080_Screenshot_20181107-113538(1).thumb.png.90cea1370d5fb3dc3eb70addb6eadadf.png737474380_Screenshot_20181107-182856(1).thumb.png.b2a8905238a282fc250f2a716d967cdb.png1969755328_Screenshot_20181107-131352(1).thumb.png.c3d5e0e60715f56081ffbdd45882ef50.pngScreenshot_20181107-214759.thumb.png.0c1af75082d9c48fa5f0c5f491f65cf4.png

He scored 43 goals in 50 appearances:1917566508_Screenshot_20181107-210309(1).thumb.png.281b82309e523689bdfcda25821021a2.png

What a start for his first season and he has many more years to develop those stats and become a top striker in Europe.




A good way to start. I believe he'll hit the 50 goal mark next season or possibly hit the 60.

Edited by Yung.Gabe
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Interesting player choice and nice attribute improvement already. Decent start and he's at a great club so I think he'll get that 1000, no problem.

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