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Career Dare to Dream 2 - American Samoa

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The Backstory (Part 1)

The streets of Nassau were lined with ecstatic fans bearing the Bahamian colours of blue and yellow. The day had finally come. The homecoming. The national heroes had arrived home from their historic 2022 World Cup campaign in Australia. They had proved the world wrong. Who would've thought that the tiny micro-nation of The Bahamas would produce a football team so great. The team captain Roberto Fellaini, who had dyed his luscious afro blue and yellow for this occasion, stood at the podium. He overlooked a swarm of blue and yellow shirts. It was a perfect summers day in the Bahamas. Roberto took a deep breath, filling his lungs with the warm Bahamian air, and began his speech.

"When I was appointed captain of the..."


A gunshot broke the anticipation. The culprit was quickly tackled to the ground by security. Various members of the audience screamed in horror. 

"What in the goddamn!"

Roberto turned around. There lied Furtado, the World Cup top goal scorer. The star of the Bahamian national team. A single shot to the head, he was dead. The team were quickly escorted to safety, as well as the audience. A day once filled with excitement and joy, quickly descended into one of great fear and uncertainty.

To be continued...


Yes that is right everyone! MLRB is back and what a better way to return then with the reboot of an old favourite of mine; Dare to Dream! If you don't know what Dare to Dream then check out the previous series here! (link)

Stay tunes for the next update. Who killed Furtado? Why Furtado? How is American Samoa linked to this? So many questions, not enough answers!



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The Backstory Part 2

Roberto sat in the hotel room. Police surrounded the hotel, protecting the players. He tried to make sense of what just happened. It was still all a blur to him. Suddenly there was a knock.

"Come in!" Fellaini said.

A man dressed in a black trench coat entered. He wore jet black aviators on his shaved head.

"Rob, you need to come with me, fast" he bellowed

Roberto was confused.

"Who are you?! And why do I have to come with you?! Where are we going"

Roberto stood up, looking the man straight in the eyes. They were a similar height and build to each other. 

"There'll be time for all that, just quickly we need to go!" the man replied.

"No! I'm not going anywhere! Do you realise what just happened?!"

"Suit yourself"

The man slid up behind Roberto and grabbed Roberto by the neck, hostage-like. 

"What are you doing?!" he screamed.

"Don't move." the man ordered calmly.

The man drove the two of them towards the window of the hotel room, pushing both of them through the window. Already worried onlookers turn hysterical watching the two fall from the hotel building. 

However, there are multiple flashes of light, before a final blinding light flashes. When the light had finally dissolved away, the two men had completely vanished.

Roberto woke up on a hotel bed.

"What the fuck was that..." he muttered.

"I've got to go see the lads"

Roberto exits the room. Something feels different. The atmosphere, the feel of the air, even the lighting seemed strange. Suddenly there it is, the final piece of evidence. This wasn't Nassau, Bahamas. There on the wall beside him read "Welcome to Pago Pago, American Samoa"

To be continued...


Yes, that's right, there's more to this gripping tale! Don't worry there will be FMM soon! Thanks for reading and part 3 should be up soon!


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Backstory - Final Part

"What have you done?! Where did you bring me?!" Roberto frantically ordered.

"Relax Felé, now I understand why you are worried. Don't worry I can explain everything." the mysterious man assured.

"What are you waiting for then?! Explain!"

"Well, Robbie, what if I told you that your national teams heroics at the World Cup never actually happened?"

"But... What do you m-"

"Robbie, we are back in the year 2018..."


"I know it's a lot to take in, but trust me there's a reason..."

"I don't care! Not only did you take me to fucking American Samoa, you took me back in time! Take me back now!"

The mysterious man takes off his aviators and looks Roberto straight in the eyes.

"I can't" he states clearly. "It's impossible"

"What am I supposed to do then?! I've got no job, no money, nothing!"

The man chuckles to himself. He places a hand on Roberto's shoulder.

"Let's just say I've got a job sorted for you..."


That's the last part of the Backstory now guys! I hope you enjoyed reading it! Next update will include actual FMM gameplay so sit tight and get ready for another winding road to the World Cup!



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