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Career Smog and the Bad Boys from Brazil Challenge COMPLETE

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Hi all, after completing a few challenges with Real Madrid I wanted to try something new and different. I will go back to Madrid at some point but for now I just need a change. 

I like the look of this challenge as it’s fairly brief, and my aim for my next long term challenge is a DT so this challenge requiring two strikers is a perfect warm up to that. 

Basically the challenge is to have two Brazilian strikers one of which must be over 30, play two seasons and points total is the number of goals scored by these two strikers plus league points plus goal difference. 

There was a particular player I was looking at using for this who has just signed for Aston Villa so it will be interesting to see how he does in the premier league next season. Now I could’ve gone to a variety of clubs to sign him but I decided in the end to manage the club he was at in Belgium which is.....


My reasons for this are mainly to try a league I have very little knowledge of and something new to me, also the standard will be lower than some of the big leagues so chance for plenty of goals  

If you haven’t already guessed my first striker it is this guy......


I have seen him develop very well in a different save so hopefully we can boost those stats and in a weaker league like Belgium bang in some goals!

His over 30 partner in crime is someone I have never heard of and plucked from a Chinese club for £900k. However he looks like he could do a solid job for two seasons in what will mainly be a support role for Wesley. 


So there we have our guys, my first season is complete so I will try and get that posted tonight. 

Thanks for reading. 

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Season 1

I'm not sure if anyone else is having problems with uploading screenshots but some of mine aren't working so i will post what i have then try uploading the rest via my phone. I have the most important ones anyway.

Although i got knocked out of the CL and domestic cup early on the league was fairly straightforward and after checking with Danovic and Sam my points total of 104 qualifies (33 wins and 5 draws).  They split the leagues in Belgium so the top 6 go into a 10-game play-off as you can see.



So my points total plus my goal difference gives me 175 points so far.

I was over the moon to get out of this CL group, Real Madrid lost at home on the final game week so even though i couldn't win i just sneaked in.


I was so unlucky not to go further after a 1-0 home win our main man Wesley missed a 97th minute penalty which would've sent us through. Heartbreaking, especially after playing most the game with ten men!


Manager stats here....


Managed to boost Wesley's stats nicely and keep Muriqui steady.



Now the goal totals.  Wesley smashed it with 68 goals in 47 games while Muriqui was an able support with 26 goals.



This gives us 94 points to add to our 175 and a first season total of 269.  If we can get near that in our second season then we may have a chance at the top of the leader board.

Thanks for reading and i will try and upload my transfers/fixtures and tactic under a new post from my phone.

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This is the error message I’m getting whilst trying to post certain screenshots. If anyone has any idea why please let me know. I’ve tried screenshotting them again but still no joy. 



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Great first season there. 

When I’m at the caravan there is a railway line next to us and some trains effect my internet signal when they pass by and if I’m uploading an image at that time I get an error message which might be the same as yours. Of course I just have to upload them again and they work for me. Doesn’t seem like this is your problem but maybe check your internet and see if it’s dropping out just incase it is that.

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Seem to have uploaded ok on my iPad so just for the record these are my transfers, fixtures and tactic I used in the first season. 

Transfers - used the loan market to beef up my squad and a quality AM in Vargas. 











The formation I am using and still tweaking looks like this. I find keeping one striker central works a lot like a single striker formation but then I have my other striker just to his left who still seems to chip in with enough goals. Still a work in progress but it’s got promise.


Should have season 2 done in next few days.


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4 hours ago, samhardy said:

Make an account on imgur or the like mate and just upload them from there with the image URL if the uploading here isn’t working.

Thanks mate, got it to work but will look into that. 

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Season 2

My second and final season of this challenge. Again my fixtures and transfer screenshots aren't uploading so i will try them from my iPad tonight.

I have the important info though.

League Table



112 points from the league (37 wins and 1 draw) and 87 goal difference gives me 199 points.


Looking at our two Brazilians, a few minor attribute increases for Wesley, but Muriqui has started declining rapidly now. Wesley also spent most of the season requesting a transfer and i rejected bids topping £40m for him. It didn't seem to affect his performances too much although he had two injuries during the season which meant he missed 9 games.



Now for their goal tally.  Both down on the previous season. Wesley maybe because of him wanting a transfer but also his two injuries meant a bit of disruption to his playing time.  Still a very good return.  Muriqui played more games but scored less and that is probably down to his decreasing attributes.



So that is 79 goals to add to our 112 league points and 87 goal difference which gives me 278 points for season 2.

Season 1: 269 points

Season 2: 278 points

Total: 547 points


Enjoyed this challenge and would definitely go back to playing in Belgium.  It has also given me the confidence to start a DT challenge as my next long term career, along with completing a few more seasons with Smog jr in Madrid.

Can you please add me to the leader board @samhardy (i'm sure i have added up correctly but any discrepancies let me know)




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Cheers guys 👍 

Screenshots of transfers and fixtures just for the record. Again seem to work fine on my iPad but not on phone or PC 🤷‍♂️












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