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Hi I'm TPM


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Hi all, ThePremierManager here checking back in to the world of Vibe. Yeah I know, taking the mick a bit with the length of the username so how about we just use TPM!


As you can tell from the name and profile pic, I grew up on a diet of football management games and my favourite to this day has to be Premier Manager 98. Simplicity, speed and a decent degree of tactical flexibility made me fall in love with manager games and I've played various titles over the years...many years (I'm not that old though!). 


I've been in and out of Vibe since about FMH14 and, whilst not a consistent contributor, I'm looking forward to this year's game and have many ideas I hope to share and participate in. 


I'm sure I'll be in contact with most of you over the year so, for now, TPM out. 


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15 minutes ago, Thepremiermanager said:

Hey @samhardy

Yes I've been involved in a few community events in the past. Hoping to do some more this year too. Cheers

Welcome back then mate    
Currently the only community events is @BatiGoal impossible h2h

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22 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

I remember you from the Futsal community event. Good to see you back TPM. 

Ahhh, futsal. Now that was a game. Definitely needs to happen again! 


21 hours ago, Ian said:

I wasn’t active on Vibe in the days when you were so I can’t say welcome and will instead just say hello.

Look forward to seeing you around the forum :)


21 hours ago, Woody said:

Hi mate.

Welcome back i guess. See ya around the place 😉

Cheers guys. Good to be back

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