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Challenges FMM Goes to the Movies: Escape to Victory

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FMM Goes to the Movies: Escape to Victory


As I've done one Sly Stallone film, how about another.

Escape to Victory tells a much adapted story of the famous WW2 'Death Match', a propoganda match between German soldiers and Ukrainian prisoners of war.

The film takes place in a German prisoner of war camp. As many of the Allied prisoners are famous footballers, non more so than Michael Caine's character John Colby, the Germans organise a propoganda match to show their superiority over the rest of Europe.

Colby is tasked with training the squad and, with the help of several recognisable faces including Pele himself and the aforementioned Stallone, the Allied prisoners perform admirably and manage to escape their confinement in the confusion of the end of the game.

This footballing caper uses big names to provide big moments. Well worth a watch.

The Challenge

To escape from Germany (by winning the Bundesliga title)

The cast of this film includes many famous faces. You will need to build your team around this spine of players:
Sylvester Stallone as Hatch (American GK)
Bobby Moore as Terry Brady (English DF)
Michael Caine as John Colby (English MF)
Pele as Luiz Fernandez (Portugese FW)
Your outfield players may play any position within their area of the pitch.

You must not have any German players in your squad, sell/demote all of them. Big team-building exercise here!

Minimum requirements to get on the leaderboard = Win the Bundesliga title. If you don't win, you don't escape.

Points = Total goals + assists (from your spine players) - league goals conceded.

Good luck soldier, make us proud.


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My father loves watching prison films and this was one of them. Probably watched this more than everyone here combined 😂 

Another fun challenge!! 

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