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Challenges Death Match - Death Race Movie Inspired


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Death Match - Death Race Movie Inspired 

I found myself watching "Death Race" where the plot of the film sees convicts attempt to win 5 races for their freedom. Which obviously translates to FMM perfectly with similarly plotted films like Mean Machine existing. So without further ado let's reveal the challenge! 

This Challenge requires the "No Transfer Window Unlockable". 

The Challenge

The aim of the challenge is to earn as many players freedom as you can in a single season. To win a players freedom they need to win five football matches, once they've won their five matches they're to be demoted/sold. You now replace the player thanks to the no transfer window unlockable and set them on their 5 match winning journey. 

Player Rules 

1. You move forward a position per completed player, so for example you start the save with a Goalkeeper, once he's collected his 5 wins you move on to a defender. Then a midfielder and so on in a loop.
2. These players are the only signings allowed. 
3. If a player gets injured, suspended or is unavailable they're a victim of the Death Race, this is seen as a failed run. You scrap the player and sign the next one, however you have to go back a positional line, so for example if you're on the defender and he gets injured your next player is a GK again. 


1. Any club is fine 
2. Only the mentioned unlockable can be used 
3. Your convicts are your only signings 
4. Once a round is finished you demote/sell
5. Own formations only 
6. Evidence will be required 
7. Enjoy 

Freedom Leaderboard 

@Thepremiermanager Again you're welcome to host if you like :)

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1 hour ago, samhardy said:

@Ashez fully out of retirement now :)

1K challenge completed by the end of the month, 50 iScouts a day incoming!

Full of challenge inspiration atm oddly, no desire to play though 😛

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2 hours ago, samhardy said:

1K challenge completed by the end of the month, 50 iScouts a day incoming!

That would still only be at semi retirement levels though!

21 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Give us some iscout then

How would he do that when he has “no desire to play”?

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