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Career Wheel Barrow it to SUPERSTARDOM


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Wheel Barrow it to SUPERSTARDOM 

I've decided to do a long term challenge , probably going to last the full 30 years I reckon but we shall see , the challenge I've started is the ' It's a long way to the top challenge ' which I must load all leagues in England only start unemployed and try to earn super star reputation 


Call me Adams , Mr Adams , having started unemployed I'm off to hunt for my first club on the step to managerial greatness 


Having had to wait until the 1st of November eventually I was appointed the manager of my first ever club , Barrow in the National Conference meaning I can start my career surprisingly not in tier six of English football but in tier five 


Surprisingly Barrow were top of the table when I was appointed , an excellent first chance at quickly progressing up into the fourth tier of the English pyramid 


This is my managerial profile before I started the challenge and as you can see I was unemployed as a unknown reputation and had no coaching badges! 


I had 30 games til the end of the season and we finished 10th , the board were happy with the performance as they wanted mid table so it wasn't expected that the team would be able to stay at the top for long and the first season was all about consolidating the team 


Overall in the season we played 34 games including 4 cup games , winning 11 losing 15 while drawing 8 , I would class this as an acceptable start , one which we can only build on next season 


Comments Welcome 😀

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10 minutes ago, Ian said:

Nice to get a job in the National League. Hopefully with the full preseason you can build the squad to suit your style.

Full pre season and hopefully it goes well and we can have a push into the play offs at the end of the season 

We've made some good signings to get us ready for the push 

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After becoming Barrow manager last season and leading them to a comfortable 10th place finish the aim for this season was to progress and land a spot in the play offs 



We brought many players into the squad on free and loan as we had a lack of funds to spend on transfers


One signing that came in was De La Torre a creative American who was our main provider with 11 assists this season 


And our star player was already at the club Quigley and he scored 46 goals in 44 games and was the league's top goal scorer 

We reached the FA Trophy Semi Final , beat League One Accrington Stanley to reach the second round of the FA Cup where we were humbled 7-1 by League One Luton Town 

BUT it's the league I am most excited to tell you about , we had a flying start to the season unbeaten in the first 13 games but the wheels did start to come off until I steadied the ship and this is how the final table looked 



We finished 4th in the league which is brilliant for our squad but the icing on the cake was beating Solihull Moors in the Play Off final to secure promotion to League Two 


As you can see in the final we were 2-0 playing poorly and looking at heart break but 3 goals in the last 25 minutes helped us reach the English Football League within 2 seasons! 

I so far have achieved my silver coaching badge and with the step up in League as well hope to attract a higher quality of player to help us stay up in a harder league 

The board are being very challenging however , several of our players are complaining about our training facilities but after two requests the board still will not improve them! 

Hope to have a season Three update in the next couple days where hopefully we will still be a League Two Club! 

Comments Welcome 


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Good start mate and nice challenge if I do say so myself! 😄

Gotta say Quigley looks top notch for this level (and for L2 too). I reckon you'll be challenging for the playoff places next season.

A heads up though: The board is notoriously slow to let you update the facilities. As in even when you are in the EPL, with 100M in the bank, they will still turn down most of your requests... 🙁 Makes it much harder than it should be.

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Good start here mate, nice to start lower down and work your way up. It’s something I’ve not done for a while so I’ll look forward to following this. 

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7 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Nice work there. For a second I thought you’re making 1kc with Musa Barrow 😂

Haha thank you!

2 hours ago, Scratch said:

Good start mate and nice challenge if I do say so myself! 😄

Gotta say Quigley looks top notch for this level (and for L2 too). I reckon you'll be challenging for the playoff places next season.

A heads up though: The board is notoriously slow to let you update the facilities. As in even when you are in the EPL, with 100M in the bank, they will still turn down most of your requests... 🙁 Makes it much harder than it should be.

Thanks Mate

So far so good and he seems excellent I reckon by 30 his attributes will decline but for a starting striker he is good! 

It's going to be good but with only being allowed England loaded going to be hard as if I could of had France Germany and Holland lower divisions loaded too I could have poached some great talent on bosmans 

2 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Good start here mate, nice to start lower down and work your way up. It’s something I’ve not done for a while so I’ll look forward to following this. 

It's a good start and need to keep it up , as I said to scratch would of been better if I could have had other countries loaded so I could poach quality foreign youth gems on pre contracts every Jan but I'm sure I will do fine 

1 hour ago, Ian said:

Well done on the promotion to League Two.

Thanks Ian , hoping to get back to back promotions but might be too much to ask 

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Halfway through Season Three

The lads last season had a miraculous season securing promotion to League Two and our target for this season from the board was to battle bravely against relegation so I told them I'd do just that but deep down with my transfer skills I thought we could definitely make a sneaky push into the play offs 




We had a bit of a squad overhaul , Eyoma is a solid defender who I used with Dagenham when I got them into the Premier League before and Kastaneer is a striker who I also used in my Dagenham save

A few young prospects who were released by clubs last season were also signed 

Sunderland were promoted to the Championship and I have signed 4 of their players to the club with buy out clauses inserted too , the star of which has been Elliot Embleton 


His attributes are good and at age of 22 if we can train up his shooting and tackling attributes he will definitely be capable of making the upgrade to League one whenever we are promoted , tried to buy out the loan already but we are only able to offer 2k in wages and he wants around 4k sadly 

Jack Rodwell signed as a free agent to bring some experience into the squad 


The final signing I want to tell you about is Sunday Adeloye a Dutch Under 21 goalkeeper who already at the age of 18 has become our starting goalkeeper 


Lewis Hardcastle got too big for his boots and was hounding for a move , so we sold him , odly he wanted to go to a club with better training facilities and a higher league yet rejected some good offers to sign for Aldershot , we also sold another few players and released those who wouldn't make the step up to fund funds for transfers and wages for the rebuild 



We are using an attacking 4-2-3-1 formation and pressing high up the pitch using two Box to Box midfielders to link the transition between defence and attack , we are the top scorers of the division after 23 games 



So at the halfway point we are sat in 2nd place and up there challenging for the title , we would have been 1st for this update if in the final game before posting this we had not unfortunately lost 2-1 to Oldham 

We are banging the goals in but our defence is very leaky and if anyone has any ideas how to shore up a defence while still being prolific up top please let me know! 

Job Offers



I'm currently a wanted manager at the moment with both Mansfield and Rochdale enquiring about my services but they were swiftly rejected as I march on upwards at the top of the table!

Hopefully I will be able to update you all on the ending of the season tonight with a title in the trophy cabinet , failing that at least a nice promotion at the first time of asking to League One!

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We were second at the half way stage and had aims of back to back promotions 


Santiago Chacón a player I have been after for a year eventually signed for us in January , a steady player with great attributes to help our push for promotionScreenshot_20200809-212459.thumb.jpg.9020273aa833060956f139e96cb5b268.jpg

The wheels came firmly off the bus going on a disaster of a run up until end of February which saw us drop right down to 10th place 



However we drastically improved throughout the season going on a winning streak of the last 6 games to land us 4th in the table 


We beat Forest Green 2-0 before losing 4-3 leading us to the Play Off final with a 5-4 aggregate victory in the play off semi final 

We arrived at Wembley suited and booted , 2-1 down in the last 10 minutes until we equalised to make it 2-2 to send us Into extra time 


We choked under pressure and missed out on back to back promotions letting two goals slip past us in added time leaving our players on the turf in tears 


Quigley probably motivated by last season's heroics and his new contract this season was the top goalscorer yet again even with this time being in a higher division 


Quigley was also runner up in the League Two player of the Year standings with our very owner Kastaneer pipping him to the top spot 


Unfortunate as it was to only just miss out on the back to back promotions , I did win the manager of the year award which is very much a success 

We will learn from this and push forward aiming for the title next season! 

Thanks for reading and comments are welcome 😀

added 0 minutes later

@Ian Literally just posted the season update as you posted that , no promotion sadly but I'd say it was a successful season in my opinion 😀

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A shame you fell off a cliff for that period in the second half of the season. Still nearly made it in the end though and hopefully with another transfer window you can get the promotion next season.

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