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Tactics 4-2-2-2(4-4-2) unbeaten and Score More Goals

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Hello FAM,

Today, I'm here to give you a ''run unbeaten and more goals scoring'' tactics.

I'm not that good in write ups. I'm looking forward to hire @Foxy and @Rob to teach me how to write and present articles😀😀

The tactic is 4-2-2-2 where you will need a TM and a Poacher to lead your front line and two IFs to play from the wings and a Creative AP With a CM in the mids then a fullbacks should be the option over wing backs because wingbacks will always be found unavailable when a quick counterattack is set by the opp. And a CB plus BPD and lastly SK.

This is why I chose a TM and a P, AP and CM,  IFs and FBs and CB and BPD.

SK: Good in Intercepting counterattacking moves.

CB: Will Command the defensive line and stay back when in possession so that he will be reliable when we loose possession.

BPD: will join the attacking moves with his passing and creative abilities.

FBs: will make the crosses to the opponent box but wont go higher in attacking so that he can perform his defensive duties well.

AP: Will Support the attacking moves from the mid.

CM: will stay, command and watch out for the AP in the mid.

IFs: will Cut in to support the two forwards to make them four giving more options for MIDs to make a forward passes.

TM: Will bring team mates in play with his strength and also, most of the TMs have aerial abilities to convert air balls into assists or goals.

P: Killer. You know what Fabio Silver can do.

To InstructionsScreenshot_2020-08-23-10-00-49.thumb.png.2423d85d54a6af4f04aa01ca9cf894a7.png

With the Aim of scoring more, I set the team mentality to ATTACKING. Somebody will ask ''why not overload but attacking?

And I will answer ''because it will be very difficult the players to recover when the possession is lost at the final third.''

To the team width.

Yes, Narrow because I want a supportive and short passing play and it is very effective counter breaks.


Fast transition to put pressure on the opposition.

Creative freedom?

It depend how creative your players are. I have more of 15+ in my squad so I chose expressive but may be yours may be less.


Defensive Line

High as we already have pacy fullbacks to track ball runners but not wing backs who will be left behind the corner flags of the opponents half.

Closing down

Because we want to put pressure on the opp. I had to put them all over. So you will see the MIDs in the opponent's yard regularly.NB: All over does not mean you will push your defense high up. It means you will get enough players to maintain possession and get support when possession is lost.


Normal to maintain the disciplinary measures in the team😂😂.

Offside Trap.

Very important in this tactics because we are playing a high defensive line.



Final third will see alot of crosses from the fullbacks in to the opposition's box while the attackers will be busy sharing the ball among themselves with a through balls from the midfielders.

Although they will be playing through balls but their passing styles will be in short passes where they will be focusing on all areas of the pitch.

The goalkeeper should tell us how the game should start..


Below is the Contributions made by my squad.Screenshot_2020-08-23-10-03-06.thumb.png.c435f7589ecc85c032d6beda3f1cd908.pngScreenshot_2020-08-23-10-02-43.thumb.png.3f59c3708d0006bc9a7903c340de7c23.png

And I won the league with a record breaking goal tally and also with the best defensive performance.Screenshot_2020-08-23-10-03-36.thumb.png.d34d86c11b05b77dcb81d701c77d0104.png

Brilliant individual performance from my strikers.imageproxy.php?img=&key=29906ed9e9968481Screenshot_2020-08-23-10-06-04.thumb.png.83912ef534c69a04dde15f690737633c.pngScreenshot_2020-08-23-10-05-58.thumb.png.715005955853871317b5e810c2aae880.pngScreenshot_2020-08-23-10-06-11.thumb.png.8845d84f8a84a3a6c035185d8687ebc7.pngScreenshot_2020-08-23-10-07-22.thumb.png.4f5f0faadb173697c0d2ae833b2d25ba.png 

I have used this tactics for four seasons now and I think it is really fun to play with.


I named it Quiqué because I wanted to employ his tactic at first then I got change of plan.


Thank you reading.

Your comments are welcome as they inspire me a lot to create.



Edited by Frimpong Evans
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1 hour ago, ron1hy said:

I'm going to try this tactic when I get home and post the results.

P.s How did you change your background pictures? 😁

I Copied the Fmm19 skin folder and overlaid the pictures on the default pictures. Good Luck

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