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Career Mr Deadline Day (Redknapping)


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In this challenge we’ll be going for our 3rd badge in the series ‘badges of honour’ by @Rob

This one season challenge is from @FuddledFox and the aim is to take over Portsmouth, release or sell 15 first team players and bring in another 15 by the time the first league game of the season kicks off.

Here’s how we got on.

I forgot to take a screenshot of the business before the first game however here’s some screenshots of my emails to prove I didn’t cheat.


And here’s the players that departed and those who arrived.


As you can see I rinsed Barnsley as they picked up numerous players of him (don’t really know why).


As incomings go I was delighted to pick up Gary Hooper and Chris Martin as my attackers because as real goalscorers I knew they’d lead this new look Portsmouth team to the title.

I never took any screenshots of the season midway but I did screenshot the Jan signings that I brought in to shore up the title charge


I used this save as an opportunity to try a few lower league formations I used in last year edition and all was going well until January when one tactic just stopped working!!


So we amended a few things and stuck on extended highlights to work on what was going wrong and we went on a crazy run losing just 3 more in 22 games and won the league pretty comfortably in the end.


Cup comps were never high on the agenda and we got knocked out pretty sharp in both comps from Man United and Brighton respectively.


So total points is 100 for the league and 48 difference so take us onto the board with a score of 148. Feel rather happy with that considering we used this challenge as a chance to test some tactics and bring us the 3rd badge from 3!

Thanks again to @FuddledFox for the challenge.





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24 minutes ago, RichD said:

Well done mate on getting another badge and getting to the 100 points mark 😁


22 minutes ago, broodje kip said:

Great work Scott

Thanks lads!

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16 minutes ago, Ian said:

Challenge completed and with plenty of comfort. Well done on collecting the third badge. 

It was looking a bit bleak in January but glad the boys turned it round!

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9 hours ago, Scratch said:

Good job mate, January looks like it was pretty tough, but well done for seeing it through and taking the league anyway!

Cheers Scratch, I don't really know what happened in January but it certainly wasn't fun!

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