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Career Ian’s attempt at the Chelsea Wonderkid Challenge


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Good evening and welcome to my attempt at the Chelsea Wonderkid Challenge created by @Scratch. The challenge can be found here and for the challenge we are required to manage Chelsea, pick four from their five former attacking wonderkids and try to have them score and assist as many goals as possible over one season. League points and goal difference are also included in the score.

I chose to go with Abraham, Werner, Pulisic and Havertz as my challengers. Three of the four were decided straight away but choosing between Mount and Pulisic was the tricky decision and in the end I went for Pulisic.






I made loads of transfers to rebuild the squad as there were plenty of funds available. I felt like I’d built a decent squad and settled on the following as my preferred line up.






This was my favourite match where the four were all heavily involved.




The team were pretty dominant in winning everything except the League Cup but we did drop a good few points in the league and just weren’t as prolific as my Man U team were on the Bruno challenge with the same tactic. Still a nice season though.






Werner was the only one of the four to suffer injury and he did so on two occasions so not bad really. Pulisic actually played in every game I think but I wouldn’t mind betting that he more than likely played the least minutes out of the four as I ended up in a situation where it was him and Havertz sharing the T role due to the fixture congestion. I’d start Havertz in plenty of games and then replace him with Pulisic during the second half which just felt like the best option when the games were piling up.

Anyway, they all did ok and all ending up with similar total returns to give us a player total of 180. Combined with our league points and goal difference we arrive at 341 points for the challenge which I’m happy with. I found this one a struggle at the end in terms of the schedule as I think at one point we had both Koke and Saúl out which left us a bit short out wide which in turn meant others had to fill in. Just how it goes with the schedule as all you can do is try and get your rotation right and hope for the best. Our results towards the end were actually fine and it was just after the halfway point of the season when most of our league points were dropped but it felt tough going whereas on the Bruno challenge I had no real issues and never felt short of numbers at any point.











Here’s the managers profile.




Tammy Abraham: 30 goals and 11 assists = 41 points

Christian Pulisic: 30 goals and 16 assists = 46 points

Timo Werner: 29 goals and 19 assists = 48 points

Kai Havertz: 20 goals and 25 assists = 45 points

League points : 97

Goal difference: 64

Total: 341 points


If you could add me onto the leaderboard @Scratch, I’d be grateful. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

Thanks for reading.

Edited by Ian
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Awesome score. The thing that always gets me with your attempts at stuff is not only do you score massive with the focussed players you also perform wonderfully with the team. 

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18 hours ago, RichD said:

Brilliant season Ian, massive score as well, lovely looking set up, well done 😁

Thank you Richard, it is quite easy on the eye I have to say 😂

16 hours ago, FuddledFox said:

Very nicely done Ian and a fine score.

Thank you Mr Fox.

14 hours ago, Scratch said:

Great stuff Ian, that's an excellent score and the lads were remarkably consistent! Added to the leaderboard.

Thanks Scratch, yes they were certainly the main men of the system. That Marega who I also had on the the Bruno save also played well again as backup striker. I like him.

14 hours ago, itzChris92 said:

Great effort mate. Nice to see them all getting really involved and none being carried by the others! 

Thank you Chris, they all seemed to do ok. When I was playing it, it felt like Werner wasn’t doing so well but his numbers look good especially as he was the one injured the most.

9 hours ago, Rob said:

Awesome score. The thing that always gets me with your attempts at stuff is not only do you score massive with the focussed players you also perform wonderfully with the team. 

Thanks Rob, I enjoyed it. We were pretty dominant but it didn’t feel so much that way while playing for some reason. Probably just because I’d just come off the Bruno attempt where things went very well. I wasn’t sure how this would go but did feel like I’d built a stronger team in many ways but the challengers were still young which I’m thinking might’ve had an impact on the scoring as we just didn’t score as many here. Still a nice season though.

8 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Brilliant score Ian! Finally someone managed to get the best out of Pulisic :) 

Thanks Pulisic, I found he was very good here but just tired a lot.

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