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  1. Hi Vibe ! I think i havent posted a career for long time now( maybe even 1-2 years). I havent had time to play any long time careers. But exact time when @Rob challenged to make 3k happen, I knew it was time to come and smash given target . I ll soon be back with club and player reaveal. I can say, im not traveling to Scotland as all the other went. Get your predictions in, where are we goin play and which player will be choosen .
  2. I’ve wanted to attempt a Spurs 1kc for a while, so I’ve made the big, grownup, decision and decided to try and do one. This won’t challenge a 3kc, so none of that rubbish in comments please. For this challenge, I wanted a Dane…so ventured over to Denmark. But I couldn’t find one suitable. Everyone was a giant blonde goalkeeper. I then travelled to an Dane, Ontario, but the snow there stopped people from ever playing the beautiful game. I had great fun skiing, mind. Dane in Slovenia was just a tiny village and apparently Slovenia have only one good player: a lad called Sesko, who people may have seen on Vibe elsewhere. Apparently he scores a few goals. So I thought to myself, why not use a player with Dane in his name? Bowers was busy singing, Cook was always telling jokes, and Great was busy being a dog. I ended up settling on this fella: He looks decent, obviously, and is a wonderkid, which is a major Brucie-Bonus. Let’s just hope every match he plays with is a good game, good game. Thanks for reading!
  3. Saw a lot of people trying celtic out in the mammoth 3k challenge. Going to give them a go. Also noted that this fella looks pretty decent. So let's see what he can do. 1st season I won't be using him too much. Need to build up that aerial so he can score from every corner 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Recently @Rob put out a call for people to chase the mythical 3KC. And, being a sucker for over the top goal scoring challenges, I fell hook line and sinker for it. The Club There was really only one choice for me and that was my old friend Celtic. I briefly thought about trying this in China, but Celtic really is the perfect choice for this sort of thing. They have a relatively high budget for a weak league and can attract a good level of player due to their UCL place. I’d also used Celtic several times recently and had a very good idea of the players I could bring in that would take us to the next level quickly. The Player In the end there was only one choice for the player as well: Benjamin Šeško. There are a couple of downsides to Sesko: I couldn't make Slovenia playable in a test run, so there will be no ITN goals in this save, something I may come to regret later with such a high target. He is already 18 years old at the start of the save and it would be better to use someone younger, so we could squeeze an extra season or two out of them. But he fits the mould I need perfectly. He is tall, good in the air, and has a very high potential. He also starts the game with some decent stats, so he can start scoring from day 1, which means he will get updates quickly as well. I thought about using Leaburn or Jhon (Crazy Like The Wolf) Duran, but while they are the right shape for me, they just don't have the quality of Sesko. Sesko will slot right into my tactics in the same way Satriano did when scoring 150 club goals in a season. The same way Scamacca, Lucca, Piccoli, Esposito, Pellegri have slotted into my tactics to great effect in recent seasons. The Tactics I’m using the Balanced variation of my TT Blaster tactic, but with this formation: It's both battle tested and fit for purpose. And I'm working in some of the newer stuff I've learned - like moving another player forward if we're not getting chances against 3 at the back, so he doesn't have as many people marking him. Transfers A lot of business done, using every transfer trick I know (except for the 'set your own price' one): It can be difficult selling players, so I used all the tricks: I straight up sold those players who attracted interest (Rogic, Welsh, Bolingoli, Mikey), using over top bargaining techniques similar to those written up by @Meow. I used the bait and switch ‘offer out for loan and then change to transfer’ technique for most of the rest that I received a transfer fee for. I used 10 players as make-weight exchanges when buying the players I wanted. When buying players, I used the 50% sell on fee for almost all deals. I’ll get less money for them later obviously, but it means I could bring in players for 66% of what they would have cost otherwise, resulting in a much stronger season 1 team. Some highlights: I bought Sesko for £5M plus Giakoumakis. After Sesko, my main concern was getting good wingers. My go-to LW Sergio Gomez rejected me, so I fell back to Lainez, who I got for a straight up exchange with Abada. Nygren is always worth buying, good potential, lots of development and quite versatile - I normally play him in the centre, but given we were struggling to find a second LW, I went with him there and he's looking good (around 15 Crossing). On the right, we brought in Pavon, who will be good for a couple of seasons. For our second RW, I started the season with Carreira, who I often buy (high PA, £1.6M release clause), but his Crossing didn’t improve much (stuck around 12), so I went and spent £13M on Chem Campbell in January (who was up to 15 Crossing by the end of the season). I always want a decent backup striker and Scamacca was the choice here, in large part because he only cost £3M once I included Furuhashi and the 50% sell on clause. I struggled to get him to agree to a contract, but just squeezed it through. Then I wanted a good mentor for Sesko. I couldn’t get Giroud, so I went for Quagliarella and he was great (more on that later). When you’re playing 1 at the back, you need a decent goalie, so I turned to my old friend Livakovic, who only cost £1M (plus Greg Taylor). You need good DCs as well, so Zabarnyi came in (will be top class), along with McKenna (too slow, but good otherwise and don’t have enough money for anyone better right now). For DR/WBR, well, if you don’t buy Rosas with his £1.6M release clause on day one, you need to take a long hard look at yourself. I could go on, but I’m sure you’re bored already. Results A pretty good start: Domestically we cruised the league, averaging about 3.4 goals per game (looking for 4 next year), while only conceding 23 goals (why would you ever play more than one at the back?) and we also won the cups. In Europe it was another story. We made it to the UCL path playoff, beating PSV on the way, only to blow out against Sparta Prague, losing 6-2 in the second leg, with their winner scored in the 92nd minute (I guess that's why you might sometimes play with more than one at the back). That put us into the Euro Cup and we came third in the group, meaning we dropped down further into the Euro 2 Cup. I thought we might actually have a chance at winning that, but we ran into Roma in the quarter finals and they sent us packing. Injuries No injuries this year! Well, he did come off injured in one game, but there was no message afterwards, and he only missed one game getting back to 100% condition. I did have him on low intensity training all season and will continue this, as in my experience it significantly lessens (but not removes) the chance of him getting injured. Development A massive year of development for Sesko, with lots of goals, leading to lots of updates. He ended the season looking like this: Not bad and more of development to come yet. Mentoring As mentioned above, I bought Quagliarella in to mentor Sesko. A lot of people mention Carrillo and he is indeed my choice when I’m trying to improve Aerial. However, Sesko starts with 15 Aerial and has a lot of development up his sleeve, so I’m confident he will get to 19 or 20 Aerial without mentoring. That leaves me free to get him a mentor that will improve his hidden attributes. Enter Quagliarella… He has a high value for both Professionalism and Hard Work, which are the ones I'm most concerned about. And he's a good influence on youngsters, meaning he is likely to pass on the full value of one of his hidden attributes. And so it was to be. I use a technique I've dubbed "double dipping": basically, I start the mentoring but cancel it before it reaches halfway (normally after 35% or so, but don't cancel it too soon). At that point, the mentor may pass on one of his hidden attributes (many don't but those like Giroud and Quagliarealla almost always do). Then you restart the mentoring and keep going to the same point and cancel it again. At that point the player may get another full hidden attribute from the player. This doesn't happen every time - it seems to be every second time - so I normally assign another player to the mentor and then cancel that first, then cancel the one I actually care about second. This worked for Sesko, with Quagliarella first passing on his Determination value (would have preferred Professionalism or Work Rate, but Determination isn't bad), then passing on his Professionalism value at the second step. I missed the first screenshot, but here's the second: Not content with that, I'm now trying to triple dip! Although the game warned me that Sesko was unlikely to benefit from further mentoring, I paired them again and at the end on the season, it's progressing nicely: Note: Unlike last year, FMM22 uses some of a player's potential for mentoring. It's only a point or two, but if you mentor a player too often, it will slightly reduce the number of updates the player will get. Sesko has development points to spare, but not all players will, so triple dipping is probably a little excessive (and often doesn't work). Fining And Praising As well as mentoring, I also fined Sesko when he played poorly (rating of 5 or less) and so far he has responded well: I also go through the entire team once a month (any more often and they complain) and praise everyone with an average rating higher than 7.0 over the last 5 games. About 30% of my team get a Work Rate increase each time. Unfortunately Sesko is not in that group and he doesn't get a Work Rate update, but it has increased enough through fining that he's now seen as hard working. In fact, we've turned Sesko from player with decent hidden attributes into a consummate professional, with steely determination. Tell him to jump and he asks how high then goes and does it. "3K? No worries gaffer, you can count on me". And you know what? I believe him. Goals Let's get down to it. Did all this development and self improvement and squad building and club success lead to goals for our lad? You bet it did! His biggest individual game was 7 goals against St Johnstone in an SPL game: He ended up scoring an even 100 goals from 56 games, a massive start for an 18 year old: That's my biggest first season ever! Though let's face it, it's probably necessary given we're going for 3K goals... Target Season Goals 01 100 Total 100/3000 100 goals down, only 2,900 to get! Final Thoughts 3KC is a massive target and I honestly don’t think I’m going to make it - but I couldn’t ask for a better start. Sesko will continue to improve and the squad around him will continue to level up, meaning he should be close to 150 goals per season in the next couple of years. But for next year, 120 goals will do.
  5. Notice a good few of you guys are trying the seemingly impossible 3k challenge. So I've decided to try the Belgium league. With a striker I've never used. So this could be very interesting. Not the greatest of first season. Only 45 goals. Leaving me with 2955 left. In 29 seasons. 2% Complete This is going to be harder that expected. Definitely going to need to land the Spain job. Ideally after the first World Cup 🤞 Managed to develop him fairly well first season, stamina is a major issue. Got serial to 20 so concentrating on that now. Expect / need him to double his goal tally this season or this challenge might be over before its even start. Wish me luck
  6. Hi all, I've decided to kick off with the 'It's a Long Way to the Top' challenge to start FMM22. No tests, straight in at the deep end and given my track record there may be a sacking or two on the way. If goals are your thing then look away now... this might not be pretty!
  7. So after reading other peoples career threads , I decided to give it a go. Was going to use either Celtic or my go to club of Ajax , but decided to go with Benfica, fair league , good squad and reasonable starting transfer budget of 40mill I already have two tested tactics and will be able to switch between them with ease and use the same players. Scouted about 20+ strikers before settling on Dane Scarlett Might be a risk starting with a player with low aerial, but with the right mentor and the below strengths we should be fine So time to start season one , will post transfers etc once season is completed.
  8. I finally got FMM22, is one and half years since I last played the game and I just wanted to give it a try... no challenge, no fancy stuff, just an old school career trying to play realistically, like when I was playing before joining Vibe.... rules: Manager: Starting unemployed, no reputation, no badge. I will only apply for available jobs (no declaring interest) from VNN and VNS. Staff: I will hire only unemployed staff while I'm in VNN/VNS and/or get staff from teams from lower leagues after I get higher in the league system. While I'm in the VNN/VNS, VNL and League 2 I will only hire staff from or based in the UK. I will sack only one staff member per season in VNN/VNS/VNL and also send one staff to take assessment per season, if the finances can handle. Scouting: I will manually scout players only for players from the league I reside, 5-6 players/team while I'm the lower league + players from affiliated clubs. Players: I will not sign any players without a scouting report. No looking in the free players list. No get players out of the retirement. Sign (permanent transfer/loan) max 5 players per season and get one more for each league I get up (6 for VNL, 7 for League 2, 8 for League 1, 9 for Championship and 10 for Premiere League). Offer players to clubs only 2-3 per season and get the number up as I move up in the league system. I'm not allowed to use grayout players. Game setup: Attribute Masking on. Goal: none These are the rules, for now, I may changes or add as I move along to make sure I don't take advantage of game's weaknesses. This is a leisure save, I may play 2 games per day, or one season on none. If you want to say something mean, please keep it for yourself, I want to chill, not to argue. Thanks
  9. Hi everyone - I started FMM 2022 for about 3 months and this is my first time trying challenge. My player of choice : I just want to play Spanish striker since there's a lot of cheap wonderkids with release clause in Spain, so after some thinking going with this guy. Transfer Getting some nice wonderkids for team's backbone, and some more to complete the young team. Highest transfer fee for Serrano as he has 5 PA and decent starting stats, but theres some twist for that player... Managed to get some fee from player I don't really need. Result - League Managed to win, but Rangers become my main rival. from 4 meeting with Rangers in the league the result is 1W 1D 2L. - Domestic Cup Managed to win both, only meet Rangers in League Cup Semi Final and managed to (luckily) win it. - European Cup Managed to reach Champions League group stage but can't get past Man Utd and Atlético Madrid. Get into Euro Cup and there's this clutch match in semi final, which Jon became a hero : And finally, we got Euro Cup. Individual Result Jon had a relatively injury free season with only small knock. He developed nicely and got nice greens in good places. 82 goals in first season is really nice, my best result so far. Got called for Spanish u21 team. And that lead into this situation : luckily managed to convince him to stay. Furuhashi managed to give some goals for second striker (play mostly last 20-30 minutes each game) and Turnbull is a beast from free kicks and long shots. Pavon is my main man with 33 assists. Both right winger play decently and give decent assist. My main concern is Serrano, he has 5*PA and good nice starting CA and yet almost no development. He is slacking, unprofessional, and unmotivated each games. His crossing didn't increase at all... Still don't know how to maximise his potential. Total goals : 82/1000. That's the first season folks. See you later for updates.
  10. So I’ve been messing around recently trying to get a 1kc, DT, and TT tactic to work. I think I’ve got there on all three, so first off I want to get the 1kc done and dusted. I got it with Moukoko as part of another career, but I want this one as an out and out striker. I also thought I’d have a go at @FuddledFox’s wonderful idea of a challenge: This basically means I need to get there in as little games possible, so I wasn’t too hamstrung in picking a league with loads of games as it isn’t the quantity that matters, but rather the quality. Or at least that’s what I tell my wife. Anyway, I’m fairly sure one of the 3kc gang will nail this, but I want to give this a whirl and post a decent score for myself. So with all that said, coupled with me wanting to testing how the tactic goes, I’ve unashamedly picked one of the best clubs in a farmers league and one of the top two young ‘already formed’ strikers in the game. I will be heading to Bayern… …to manage this lad: Yep, I know. Bobby Lewandowski and £20m for the young Norwegian and the poor lad has to suffer another career under my tutelage after playing a part of Moukoko’s supporting cast. Thank you for reading!
  11. Hi to all I am Staring 1kc challenge from now Player Evan Ferguson He is one of the best EPL's youngsters Club Celtic Trasfers This Trasfers I did on 1st season at the Club Celtic Results Season 1 And Now Development and Goals scored By Evan Ferguson in Season 1 So after completing 1st season at Celtic He managed to score 77 goals which is very good for 16 years youngster This Is it for 1st season thanks 😊
  12. He's having a Weston (Super-Mare)! Affectionately spouted by some of our cockney friends on Soccer Saturday and TalkSport with reference to a player having a nightmare (poor game). This leads me to our player who i am going to attempt to score 1000 goals with. I wanted a good challenge and having started a TT attempt and a few other long term careers without getting drawn in enough to post a career, this is the challenge that has caught me. Probably because there is every chance that i won't do it. I need to be very lucky with injuries and also nab the international job ASAP. As in the title, the player is a ball winning midfielder by trade, but has some excellent all round attributes and can easily be trained to the AMC role. He isn't too young either, aged 22 so i need to hit the ground running and stay running for a good 15 seasons to have any chance with this. He has to perform really well until his late 30's at best. He is going to be joined by two players of the same nationality to make it a strikerless 1k attempt and also a strikerless TT attempt. One was born in Sunderland and has a footballing father, the other lived in London as a child and started his career at Arsenal before moving to Spain. All 3 are USA internationals. Given the nature of my main player's contract there are only two clubs i can take on this challenge with. Thanks for reading, i hope to post the first season later tonight where i will go into a bit more detail on the club choice and setup.
  13. I'm just gonna be doing this challenge to pass time before FMM22 is out. I'll be taking over Celtic for obvious reasons, big club, easy league and a decent budget. And for the player I've picked, I decided to try someone I haven't seen anyone use on vibe, I've used him before. Turns into a decent backup AMC. Gentlemen, meet Isak Hansen-Aarøen. The man UTD wonder kid, still 15 and lots of development to be achieved, he has the potential to be massive for the club (with good management of course) I'm getting him to score 500 goals and give 500 assists, so let's see how he does.
  14. “…because he’s planning on going solo.” A spot of Wham there to kick things off. Edit: Original title was ‘Wake me up before Moukoko’ until I realised it had been used elsewhere Anyway last year I did a 500:500 with Pipi that ended up lasting 29 seasons and became a 1,000:1,000. For those who don’t know, that means 1,000 goals and 1,000 assists with the same player in the same career. So this year I am going to try again, with the best young player in the game: A couple of notes: - I am using City because their squad suits my tactic best to start with; - I make no excuse at using a brilliant player - the career needs it; - I will not be writing long updates. They will be small and concise; - I am a fair way in to this already and I will warn any dubious fellas that he rarely gets injured. I tend to sub him at 85 condition as most contributions come in the first half of the game; - City play a lot of games; - My passion for the game has dwindled a lot the last year or so, and I’ll be writing an article soon about challenges within the game If anyone still reads these things, thanks for reading.
  15. Hello there. 😊 I've been thinking of challenges to attempt. Something I've never done before but always wanted to try. After a conversation with @Rob, where he basically challenged me I've decided to attempt a strkerless career. It's something completely out of my comfort zone but fascinates me. My tactics are seriously one dimensional. Get the ball wide and whip it in the box. That's it! So coming up with something to provide goals without a striker will be new and challenging. I have spent time creating a tactic that might provide either a 50/50 1k or a straight up strikerless 1kc. I've tested a number of players and tactics. Renier at Celtic, Gravenberch at Ajax and PSG. Sancho at Liverpool. I even started one with Iliax Moriba at PSG and played 3 full seasons. Despite Moriba being "robust" and a coach message saying he is "very rarely injured", he ended up missing a combined 2 years of that 3 year career with freak injuries. I was gobsmacked and slightly disheartened but I've now settled on a player and formation/tactic that seems to be pretty good. The Club: PSG were an obvious choice for me. As its my first time attempting anything like this it's probably better I don't go to the top League's. I have found France a bit more challenging than people on here suggest in recent years so hopefully this is a good choice. The Player: I've decided to give Moriba another go. The horrible experience of the last attempt forgotten. He has all the potential to be World class. Transfers: PSG are always a great team to start with if you want a complete squad re-build. As with all of my challenges focusing on one or two players, I have assembled an all Spanish team in preparation for hopefully getting the Spanish job in the future. My alternative team that will play in the Cups and Champions Cup is very strong also. As with the rules of the challenge, selling all players with any shade of green in strikers position is a must. It took me ages to find any takers for Mbappe. Finally, I had to accept a disgusting offer from City. Competitions: Won both domestic cups. Blitzed the league (after saying earlier that France isn't as easy as people say 🤦‍♂️). The Champions Cup final was an interesting one against Barca. Neymar scored both goals against us in normal time. 🙄 Moriba missed a penalty (he is absolutely useless at pens) in ET to possibly win it for us. Eventually, we lost on penalties. Moriba: Massive improvements already. More importantly, no injuries! Total: 62 Manager profile: So, while I wasn't 100% sure what challange I was going to attempt, it's clear to see that this will be a straight up 1kc attempt. I genuinely thought he'd get a few more assists because when I tested this tactic (with a different team and player) it provided a good number of assists as well as goals. Maybe Moriba's teamwork being so low has something to do with it. Thanks for reading. 👍
  16. I've been trying for the past few weeks to find something that I can get stuck into, been struggling big time to get into this years game, probably a month or two after it came out. Couldn't quite figure out a great 1KC tactic, so the next best thing is a Double Trouble. The Club The club choice was a fairly easy one, a big team, small league. Add that to the fact that the starting squad is actually very good, with some cracking younger players coming through. The Players So, as per the title, both are Italian and quite well known to game. Piccoli & Lucca. Yes, it is abit of a cop out using two of the best young strikers in the game, but hey, want a chance of actually finishing this 😂 Season 1; Transfers So a fair few deals done. Obviously the two main men, followed by Vignato & Calafori to help try and build a good Italian base for when the ITN job comes up. Dodo turned out brilliant, never heard of him, never used him, but if you are after a decent, young RB/WBR, check him out. Other players are fairly well known and the reasons behind signing them are probably quite obvious ha. Outgoing wise, used as many as I could as P/X to get prices down, Tagliafico went at the end of the season for a price I couldnt turn down really. The boys; Both had some decent improvements, hoping that continues over the next few seasons. Goals wise, got quite few more than I expected. Didn't really test the tactic, just went with it, and had to adjust it throughout the season but think I've got it settled now. Swapped them around every few months for penalties and free kicks. Tried to keep the goals as level as possible, but Piccoli edged ahead, he had some great hauls throughout the season, compared to Lucca who struggled for more than 2 a game overall. In reality, I want them as equal goal wise throughout this challenge as I can get. Still, first season and already over the 100 goal mark between them, so can't complain at all. Competitons & Awards; League won with ease (as expected in all honesty), lost the Super Cup, but not too fussed, I was in the middle of deals going in & out so squad was no where near ready. Flew through the CL group stage but got battered by Man City, so some work to do there going forward. Plenty of awards for the lads, not surprising considering the standard in the league. Manager; Impressed with just the 1m spend so far, that will go up in season two though ha. Over a 3.0 GPG ratio which isnt a bad start to this challenge. Totals; I will be making a table at some point, not had time today, but here is the current total. Lucca - 52 Piccoli - 63 Total - 115/1200
  17. Hello everybody! Is it possible to complete a 3kc? @Robasked the question and im one of the few silly enough to give it a go. Here is a link to the discussion about it. This challenge is completely dependant on choice of team as well as player. That's what's taken me so long to get started. I went back and forth on which team would be better to use and in which League. Also, I had a shortlist of 4/5 potential players to use. Finally, I've made my decision; The Club Seems a bit boring to choose the same club as the other people attempting this challenge but it makes sense to me. They're an obvious choice even though I hate managing them. The Player A player i know pretty well as ive completed a 1kc with him this year already, at Lyon. (You can see that here.) I'm thinking, the younger the player the better but it had to be a player with massive potential and he ticks both boxes. I'm also hoping to use International management to assist my quest. I just believe its an impossible task without. SEASON 1 Transfers: I always struggle at Celtic. I can't explain why. It's frustrating. I battled on and managed to do some decent business. I signed McKenna but used him in a deal at the end of the season. Rosas was sold at the end of the season. Competitions: Ângelo: Top Performers: Manager Profile: I couldn't have asked for a better start. Well, I would of liked to get to 100 goals but it wasn't to be. The updates for this career will probably be short and sweet as I try and breeze through it. Thanks for reading and as the title suggests, wish me luck. 👍
  18. Welcome to a whole new experience to all of you. We are going to witness an attempt from a young hero (footballer) to build a new Justice League (squad). Let’s introduce to our Jon Kent… And our group of lads… Stay tuned for more updates regarding the next volume of our series.
  19. How bad can Man Utd get? An ‘Austerity’ + ‘Asset Stripping’ Save! Have you ever turned these two narratives “on”? … In a league with too much money, what happens when Man Utd must cut costs + sell assets just to survive? First Media Announcements: It does not look good. Costs must be cut + rumours of “aggressively selling assets”. How long until we only have youth players left? Bruno does not seem happy. Immediate Impact: We have no money. Worse, we must immediately cut wages by 20%. Bet we can’t quickly get rid of Ronaldo *sigh* This Career: Join us - as we explore the unknown! Once all the stars + wonderkids have been sold off by the Chairman, how will Man Utd perform? Could they … *gasp* sell Old Trafford?! How bad will it get … ?! Some notes on what I’m doing / extra restrictions: Question - how bad can Man Utd get?! 😵
  20. Hi folks, I liked the idea of @Scratch's latest player challenge and having had a go at the Diamond in the Rough challenge and not humiliated myself, I thought why not? Lets see if I rectified the situation here! I opted to start with Bournemouth, thinking that he would perform well from the off at a lower level and we could cash in on goals and assists before going to the big time. Tactically, I had been playing around with a strikerless setup and so it seemed like an ideal match. Bournemouth have a fairly strong Championship squad and so I didn't actually make any transfers. This is the man himself as we kick things off: The system worked quite well, sending goals and assists towards Cook whilst getting good results. He hit 30 goal involvements by the January window, which attracted the attention of Wolves. I normally counter these offers with a new contract but he wasn't that interested so I declined it and whilst he wasnt unhappy, his form tailed off quite badly... which went on... Frustrating! Results held up and he did come back a bit towards the end of the season, giving us 56 goal involvements for the season. And my first ever invincible league campaign! At this point, I will look to jump ship and take Cook with me - given that he seemed to be looking for a bigger stage. Lets see if I can make that happen!
  21. Heya, started unemployed in FMM22. It turned out to be a riveting tale, and a save I've grown to love. I started unemployed on the lowest reputation, with the plan to holiday for 1 year and then see what jobs were on offer. Season 1 - Sitting on my ass I actually got some job offers without applying at all As tempting as being in the Football League by Season 2, I stuck to my plan. Waited for the season to tick over... 2 golden opportunities in the VNS! I promptly sent in my application. It took some time till the offer. In that time, whoever had interim control on the transfers spent the entire 1.5k wage budget. This was what I was faced with "Hey we've got only 5 players, I could really use some extra wag-" REJECTED! Alright... all the transfer budget is to be moved to wages. This is my squad I ended up with, all free transfers or loans £600 over the wage budget and still only 18 members in the squad. This is going to be a LOOONG season ahead.
  22. Right chaps, first crack at this after seeing a lot of talk about it the last few days so thought I'd have a go. So far so good, will try and keep it updated. Cheers.
  23. Hi all ... This is My 1st attempt of challenge 1 season In Chelsea Trasfers only buy was Lewis cook as chelsea has very powerful squad This is some results of Lewis cook in The Club 1st season
  24. Hello. I've taken time out from my latest long-winded career to attempt another one of @Scratch brilliant challenges. You can find it here. The Team: As the title suggests, I'm heading to Italy. Its a League I've not managed in all that often so it'll be a nice change. I've chosen Roma because they play in the Euro Cup II which will add more games to the season whilst not being top level opposition. Hopefully meaning more contributions from Cook. The Player: As his attributes suggest, it could prove difficult to get all that much out of him at such a high level. Plus, as ive found early on he's useless at both penalties and FK's. SEASON 1: Transfers: I was hoping for a complete squad revamp but it wasn't to be. I couldn't ship out some players i wanted to so decided to crack on with what i had for the most part. One player i should mention is Talisca. He's awesome! If you manage a team at a good level then he should always be a consideration, early into a save anyway. SO CHEAP! I love Poulsen. He's so reliable and has been on every version of FMM I've played. Typical that he would suffer something like this. 🤦‍♂️ Tactic: As always, i wont be sharing this. It'll save us both time if you don't ask. 😉🤣 All i will say is that i'm using a tactic I've used for my 50/50 1kc splits and peak year challenges on the last few versions. Cook will play as a T. Both SS and AP don't give me what I want and through rigorous testing the T will always be my role of choice. Competitions: Cook: Managed to keep him fit for the most part. Only picked up one minor injury during the season. Significant improvements in key areas. I'm only alternating training between crossing and shooting, however. That's all I care about. 🤣 MASSIVE! The Euro Cup II really boosted what was already very good returns. I just wish he could score from dead ball situations. I stopped counting once his penalty misses went over 15. 15!!!! Bonkers! I totally forgot that achievements counted towards the score (🙈) in this challenge so I didn't get a screenshot. That will come in next seasons update. 👍 Top Performers: Manager Profile: An amazing start to this challenge. If i do say so myself. 🤣 Thanks for reading. 👍
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