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Career The non-league to Prem Challange!!


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Hi everyone.

Now as the the title suggests, i decided to challange myself to take a non league side to the prem as quickly as i could but......now prepare yourselves for this.....without spending a 'penny'!! 

Haha....this is my challange criteria:

You can only sign 'free' players.

You can't sign players under 23 as they require a fee, so only players that have left their respective clubs.

Suffice to say those under 23's can be signed once they leave their clubs, that is unless someone got there 1st.

They only thing i did was pump all my money into wages.

The club i decided to start my 'challange' with is:


They are a Vanarama North side.

I didnt expect to post this as it was a personal challange but im finding it really exciting and i wanted to share.

Now im in my 3rd season in charge so i wanted to post my current journey to the Prem.

My 1st 2 seasons in charge went really well, i won the playoff final after finishing 4th in season 1.

Season 2 i kinda romped away with it abit lol.


Im currently having a fantastic season in league 2.Screenshot_2017-08-02-18-40-02.thumb.png.404e6264095cbeb01964acd8b0ca597e.png

Now here is the proof, i've done 2 and a half seasons, got promoted twice and not spent a single penny!! 


Now all i have to do is get to the prem and survive for 1 season and see where we can go from there.

Heres to the future ?

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If you're planning on posting more updates on this, 1. The thread tag needs to be Career instead of challenge and 2. I would definitely be interested to see your progress, tough challenge indeed! Good luck

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Thanks guys.

I do plan on updating as much as possible.

35 minutes ago, mcandrew003 said:

Best of luck! Excellent start already! I'm going to change the tag to career for you.

Cheers bud.

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6 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Fantastic challenge. Goodluck!


Just finished my 3rd season, had an amazing season. Totally walked it really.


Still not spent a penny, sold a decent chunk of my squad off and bought in some better quality players. Managed to get a better target man in Andy Carroll. 


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3 hours ago, mcandrew003 said:

Great season! Premier League awaits.

Fingers crossed. Finding this season abit more difficult. Think i may of bought in too many players. But squad is starting to gel now.

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We won promotion from League 1 as Champions, we made hard work of it this year.

I think some of my players consistancy levels are abit low so they will defo be shipped out. 

Here is the final standings:


And as always still no meney spent...


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4 hours ago, AndersJ said:

Nice one! How does your tactic look :)?

I use 2 different tactics and 2 slight version of one i will post them shortly.

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These are the 2 i use, i tend to be committed when im playing against 4 or less nmidfielders then drop it to normal when i play against 5.


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New season in the Championship is going steady at the moment. 

AFC Fyldes 1st venture into Europe is going ok so far.

Will post screenies shortly, still not spent any money.

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As i said steady league showing so far, sitting 3rd after the turn of the year is pretty good going so far.


Now here is where things have been going very very well....the European adventure is going exceptionally well.

Some amazing results....especially battering Panthiniakos 6-0 away!!


Here is that result.


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3 hours ago, salohcin said:

Niceeee great job so far mate! Unbelievable results here with ur tactics! Keep up with the good work without spending!

Cheers dude....i've propper enjoyed this.

Seriously considering how far i could go or achieve without spending.

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1st knock out round of the Europa League and we've got Valencia. 

We are away for the 1st leg and......


We deserved the win, but the sending off did help.


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Our European adventure has come to and end.

Valencia just showed there class and superiority in the 2nd leg and no matter what we did we just couldn't score more than the 1 we did get.

Its a shame but we are just a little club and more adventures will come our way.


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Well another eventful season has come to a close.

We achieved our aim of getting promotion to the EPL, we made hard work of it at times and a second place finish to a brilliant Brighton side is still a great achievement.


Despite some poor performances and defeats against side i though we should of won, the squad as a whole performed really well over the season.

All the players had a 7.0 rating and above, which im very pleased with.





Considering most of my squad are regens and a few lower league players i dont know a great deal about, i think we achieved a huge amount.

All i have to do now is survive and not get the boot! 

Oh yeah.....and i still havn't spent a penny!!!!



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Well i've done it..i've achieved my goal of getting a non league side to the EPL and surviving without spending any money.


I am pleased with our 9th place finish. 

There were way too many games early on that we were outclassed in midfield battles costing us games. 

I think i may of sorted that out as the season ended so next season will be a season of much change.

I now want to see how much i can achieve in this save.

I've proved to myself in what i can achieve without spending any money, but how far can i go now.



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Definitely no easy feat, well done!

One just gotta hope decent players become available on a free now and want to join your club or it'll be really hard to compete for European spots.

Looking forward for more!

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Hi guys....

Sorry i've not updated my progress...work has been stealing my time away!!

I have some big news.

I decided to change the way i was playing, the tactics were not as effective in the EPL as the lower leagues hence this happened in only my 2nd season in the top division:


Losing 9 games though and still winning the title is nuts....but i converted loads of wins from drawing positions.

Leo Baptistao....got him on a free(of course) and he was brilliantnin finishing the season as top scorer in the league.

I know 20 isnt a huge amount though.



And as usuall no money spent!!


Im really loving this journey...now lets see if i can win the Champions League lol.

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