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Career Is Scott a saint or sinner 2


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My last career thread was a long time ago in March 2015 and it was the Saint or sinner challenge created by @billy2shots  what better way to start posting careers again than trying to beat what I achieved last time.

The challenge

A one season challenge to finish top 4 with no transfers in or out with Southampton.


So back on FMH2015 when the game was difficult I finished 1st in the league with Sadio Mane as the goal scoring inside forward, the aim is to better the points total and Mane's goal total.


Points total - 79 - Mane 27 in 36 league games

Here we go



I had the choice of Redmond, Boufall and Gabbiadini for INF and I have gone with Redmond, it may turn out to be the wrong choice as I think Boufall is a better player but we will see.

Preferred starting line up and team summary.



I will be posting 3 updates over the next week, 1st September/January and end of season review.

Enjoy :D

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You've been out for so long this is going to be an epic failure. I understand you may have been playing intensively behind the scenes but that's just a training. Posting and performing under some serious Vibe pressure is a different cookie. Fail! :D

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22 hours ago, Taff said:

Good luck Scott, this will be a nice easy one to follow

Come on you Saints

Thanks (y)

18 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

You've been out for so long this is going to be an epic failure. I understand you may have been playing intensively behind the scenes but that's just a training. Posting and performing under some serious Vibe pressure is a different cookie. Fail! :D

I tested the tactic for 6 or 7 games so it could be an epic failure :laugh:

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Update 1

August results 


We won all four friendlies but the has not started well


I think we were unlucky to lose the game but we were punished for not taking the chances against one of the best teams in the league.

Vs Watford - it was an even game and a draw would gave been a fair result but we get the 1st win of the season.


I don't know what happened :laugh:


Redmonds attributes are improving but 0 goals from 10 shots in 3 games was not what I was expecting, it can only get better from here.

The first career thread that doesn't make the game look easy? :P next update will be posted tomorrow.

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Update 2

January 1st 


After a slow start to season we won 5 from 6 league games and 2 from 2 cup games.


Another unlucky defeat against a Manchester club.


We started to struggle in a busy December but we end the year in a top 4 position.


We aren't going to win league this time but a top 4 finish is still achievable.

How is the goal scoring inside forward doing?


He misses a lot of games and doesn't regain 100% fitness until early February.


Redmond was having a decent season but I think Mane's record is safe.

I am not going to better the results from last time but I should finish top 4 unless a team who aren't in the top 9 turn into the best team in the league.....

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The final update

lets start with the league table after 35 games


As you can see Arsenal have had a great second half of the season and with 3 games remaining we are level on points, if both clubs pick up the same number of points in the next 2 games the 4th position will be decided in the final league game which is Southampton vs Arsenal...

Remaining games:

Southampton: West Ham(a) Huddersfield (a) Arsenal (h)

Arsenal: liverpool (h) West ham (h) Southampton (a)

Final 3:


Arsenal - 2 - Liverpool - 0

Arsenal move in to 4th with 2 games left :O


A very entertaining game as we pick up a narrow win.

Arsenal - 3 - West Ham - 3

Points - Arsenal - 68 Southampton 67

The final game:



We managed to hold on to the win after a nervy last 10 minutes and moved back in to 4th to avoid the epic failure and complete the challenge.

Oh yeah we got to a cup final...


...and lost a cup final 

The top scorer in the squad was


Boufall :S He didn't score a goal until Redmond was injured and he played the rest of the season as the INF, he averaged just under a goal a game(I chose the wrong player at start of season)

That brings the career to an end, thanks for viewing (y)

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18 hours ago, samhardy said:

Great to see you posting again Scott :D

JWP looked like he had a fairly disappointing season, what role was he in?

RB,MC,AMC,AMR he was a backup/rotation player. It would be better if the game kept track of substitute appearances like in the PC game.

11 hours ago, Taff said:

Good job completing the challenge @Scott, shame about Redmond, but you did well and hopefully you go on to Smash whatever the next step is for you

When I first decided to do the save Boufall was going to be the INF, I shouldn't have changed my mind when I started it :laugh:

3 hours ago, Ashez said:

Congrats on achieving s goal you were happy with Scott

Its easy to be happy if you don't care about winning titles or having a player score a lot of goals :P

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