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Tactics The Galatico (3-1-2-3-1)

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Hey guys,

An attacking formation which essentially results in 4 strikers when attacking. I have major  doubts if it would  work with a weaker team. As I have tested with Madrid as part of a challange . I think it only suits big teams, with good players all over. Feel free to test with a weaker team. I will test it after the challenge. 


With out further ado......!!




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37 minutes ago, Rami said:

For Real Madrid to score only 70 goals on a season is not very good ! 

Agree, but still 10 games to be played tho, we'd like to see 100+ here.  

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Cheers guys for your feed back. It still is a work in progress. The formation was used with since the beginning of the season. The player roles shown where only used since start of November.



Finished off on 155 goals overall having won League, Champions League, Spanish Cup and Club world cup.


Scored 95 League Goals. Since it was part of a challenge Rashford was used as main striker, pretty sure Ronaldo leading the line would have topped 100. Also used Patrick Roberts on the wing, he has not scored as much as Rashford or Ronaldo but he has improved and will contribute hopefully  20 from next season. 

I think its defensively sound at the minute, 

It is a work in progress and all feedback is greatly appreciated. 

I am keeping the formation but have a few ideas for the Roles and Instructions to get me above 100 in league next season. 

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Believe it or not I used this tactic with similar player roles last week. I only tested for 1 season.

I'll post up results when I'm off the train.

Edit: See the only league game I lost. To say the last 6 minutes were frustrating is a massive understatement lol








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