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Challenges FMM FirePower Challenge


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FMM FirePower Challenge


First let's put the world's military powers into perspective in order to grasp the basics of this 5-season - 10x 1/2 season - challenge you may or may not choose to face. 

The Global FirePower (GFP) ranking utilizes 50+ individual factors to determine a nation's PowerIndex (PwrIndx) score. This unique formula allows for smaller, more technically advanced, nations to compete with larger, though lesser-developed, ones. Modifiers (in the form of bonuses and penalties) are applied to further refine the list. A perfect PwrIndx score is 0.0000 which is realistically unattainable in the scope of the GFP formula. OK, that's enough intro, let's talk football in more simpler terms. 

Below are some qualities that have helped me determine each nation's PwrIndx in FMM terms:

  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd World Status - League Reputation 
  • Local Industry - Current Ability
  • Natural Resources - Potential Ability
  • War-Making Resources - Hidden Attributes
  • Weapon Diversity - Attribute Diversity
  • Total Military Personnel - Player Availability in DB
  • Financial Stability - Wage Budget
  • Defense Budget - Transfer Budget

Hoping you're still with me.. these are some of the things I factored in to determine the sequence of the stages you'll be playing. See below the current Top-10 list of World Nations in order of PowerIndex. I will be using this list to test each nation's capability and force in our world of FMM. 



Resource: www.globalfirepower.com (2018)


That's some destructive power up there, but are we able to translate all of that firepower into the power of FMM? Let's give it our best punch. Nations that failed to make the list are going to serve as our ally nations. The chosen 5 are Belgium, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Spain. These are the only leagues you may attempt your challenge in and the only nationalities you may buy to further strengthen your team of war heroes throughout the challenge.

With all the above data taken into account it's time to reveal the 10 stages you will or won't be undertaking.


Stage 1 - India: Buy 1 Indian PP. Transfer budget = €44M

  • July 2018 - Jan 2019: Welcome to your first stage of the challenge. We're going to test our first GFP nation; India. You need to buy your first Power Player (PP). The reason India dropped all the way down to 10th spot is due to a single factor only; Player availability in the DB. You may find as few as just one player, so not many options here I'm afraid, this results in limited damage too. Silver lining is India's chunky defense budget of $51B (€44M in FMM language) that you may use to strengthen your team with. Could this player be making the difference in the end? (PM me if you have trouble locating Sunil) 

Stage 2 - Turkey: Buy 1 Turkish PP. Transfer budget = €8M

  • Jan 2019 - June 2019: Next up is Turkey, for the second half of your first season. Buy a Turkish tank and do as much damage as you possibly can. In FMM terms, as many assists/goals as you can squeeze out of this Turk. Since all stages last half a season only, you'd better make the most of that precious time. Big downer here is the tiny budget we're given. It's literally nothing for us FMM dawgs, so it's going to be hunting for that quality bargain who can still deliver that killer shot. 

Stage 3 - South Korea: Buy 1 S.Korean PP. Transfer budget = €42M

  • July 2019 - Jan 2020: You've made it into your second season and hopefully things are looking better for you at this point. Next to-be-tested nation is South Korea. There's a few decent South Koreans in your DB so make sure you pick the most destructive one with your available funds. If you're lucky they have yet to move on to bigger clubs and your pocket money is just enough for what you seek. Careful tho, stay within your budget or you will suffer severe repercussions. 

Stage 4 - Japan: Buy 1 Japanese PP. Transfer budget = €47M

  • Jan 2020 - June 2020: It's Rising Sun time in these freezing winter months. There was little difference between this and the previous power nation, so you may not see a very big difference in points during the remainder of season 2. There's a fair budget to spend in this winter window, a 5M increase over your last purse, so use your pennies wisely. A few words of strategy may be in order, if the money is on the low side, why not add a lil "gift" on the side too? Player exchange anyone? 

Stage 5 - Germany: Buy 2 German PP. Transfer budget = €39M

  • July 2020 - Jan 2021: Oh dear, the Germans have arrived. Look at that stunning local industry.. uhh I meant Current Ability. Some weapon diversity.. argghh Attribute Diversity rather.. apologies. There's some serious firepower to be had in this stage. This nation means business and you are now allowed not 1 but 2 Power Players to wreak permanent havoc with. I'm expecting assists and goals to be raining down upon us. Do your homework well if this challenge means anything to you. 

Stage 6 - France: Buy 2 French PP. Transfer budget = €35M

  • Jan 2021 - June 2021: Wrap up your third season with some of the best French firepower - I sense the introduction of a Double Trouble - at your disposal. Where's the increased difficulty, you wonder? Sorry to bring you this disappointing news then, this is FMM FirePower Challenge and the further we reach the more powerful we become, that's half the intention tho. I hope you're enjoying raking in the points at this point. But brace yourselves, things are only going to get bigger from here on. 

Stage 7 - United Kingdom: Buy 2 UK PP. Transfer budget = €46M

  • July 2021 - Jan 2022: This is a real test for you next. Starting your fourth season you have the option to buy a UK co-op. That's Power Players from England, N.Ireland, Scotland and/or Wales. How's that for some weapon diversity. Tho to be honest, it's not going to be easy to outscore the Germans or French. Not in the slightest, but there's bound to be very big points for you in this either way. Well, if you haven't forgotten how to inflict pain onto the enemy that is. 

Stage 8 - China: Buy 3 Chinese PP. Transfer budget = €155M

  • Jan 2022 - June 2022: We're arriving into the latter stages of the challenge and we're really upping the ante now. Perhaps not a lot of PPs to choose from per se, compared with the previous three nations, but China's huge defense budget of over $160B (Google Calculate leaves you with €155M) allows you to build a very very strong team. That in addition to not 1, not 2, but 3 Power Players of Chinese origin. Can you find the three for a quality performance? 'Quality', that remains to be seen. 

Stage 9 - Russia: Buy 3 Russian PP. Transfer budget = €95M

  • July 2022 - Jan 2023: Mama. Smokin'. Mia. This power nation is the real destructive deal. It's giving us mere FMM mortals some serious options here for blood-thirsty point-collecting. Which 3 Russians should we pick. Creators? Finishers? Perhaps even a formation swap to accommodate the 3... in a mini Triple Threat? With a fairly healthy budget we need to get strategic now and force a strong finish to our final season. Plenty of Russian power people to choose from so I'm thinking: POINTS! 

Stage 10 - USA: Buy 3 American PP. Transfer budget = €585M

  • Jan 2023 - June 2023: Good lord, look at this. That budget!! Bonkers me!! With a real-life defense budget of close to $600B leaves the FMM Community with a jaw-dropping transfer budget of €585M. Hello, squad revamp? Let's nuke the livin' nuts out of this stage! No wonder USA had to be the nation bringing this challenge to an epic finish. The 585-million-euro question tho is "Can you buy yourself 3 Americans for the best point-plundering you've ever done in your entire life"? I surely hope you do, you brave FMM Chief you. You might even have to sell allies to reach that budget. Dilemmas! Can't wait to see what you've got in store for us. 


Challenge Rules - Due to severe conflicts of interest (I'm trying to make it sound a lot more interesting than it really is) it's strictly forbidden to start the challenge in a league of any of the participating nations. More truthfully, I needed a motive to include allies in this challenge, therefore we turn to our loyal friends for much needed assistance. You may load any combination of these leagues.

January serves as a Stage Transition period due to matches and time needed for stage transfer finalization. This means it's entirely your choice when one stage ends and the next one begins. As long as it does so within the month of January / transfer window. 

  • Load up at least one ally nation (Belgium, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain) + leagues of your choosing 
  • Start with an ally team in any division (you may keep your entire starting squad regardless nationality) 
  • Stages must be played in order and last no more than half a season
  • Use stage budgets to buy Power Players and/or ally reinforcements (Belgian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Power Players must be bought at the start of a stage, NOT loaned or already at the club
  • Stage budgets are pre-determined and can NOT be increased in any way
  • Power Players must be sold/demoted after stage completion
  • Use January for Stage Transition as you see fit depending on match schedule / transfer time
  • Point System: Power Players are the only ones scoring you points. 1pt per assist / goal
  • Share your progress in a career thread and have fun! 



  • Transfers in/out per stage
  • Power Player history page
  • Manager profile page 


Challenge Leaderboard:

  1. 686 pts - BatiGoal - Career Link
  2. 607 pts - danovic78 - Career Link
  3. 418 pts - Kanegan - Career Link
Edited by BatiGoal
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Wow, another crazy challenge and featuring my country none the less. I may attempt this challenge just to use the best Indian player of all time, Sunil Chetri. Great job mate.

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Its gone over my head but im.goinh to make myself a brew, sit in a comfy seat with my Newcastle slippers and read through a few more times 😉

You mad man you...

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Please do @Woody thanks. Every stage has new players and a new budget. That's all it is really. Nationalities are based on PowerIndex and transfer budgets on real-life defense budgets of those countries. That's the link I made to FMM. I simple enough concept, perhaps I should've worded it better. 


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11 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

If anyone's interested in knocking me off 1st spot, please try, I'd like to witness that 😎

Maybe I will... Nah I am just delusional 

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Hi @BatiGoaljust a quick question about the transfer budgets for the other players.

If I only spend €10 in the first stage, can I then use the rest of the budget in Stage 2?

Or is the Budget set for that time period (e.g July 2018 - Jan 2019)

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12 hours ago, danovic78 said:

Hi @BatiGoaljust a quick question about the transfer budgets for the other players.

If I only spend €10 in the first stage, can I then use the rest of the budget in Stage 2?

Or is the Budget set for that time period (e.g July 2018 - Jan 2019)

The transfer budgets per country are fixed so you can't increase it in any way. So to answer your question, no you can't. 

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9 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

The transfer budgets per country are fixed so you can't increase it in any way. So to answer your question, no you can't. 

I thought so, I have started this one to try and shoot down your total...disaster on Stage 2 already! 😭

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Congrats @Kanegan you're added 👍 I've read thru your career and despite the struggles you faced at times it made for a very enjoyable read. Most important is you're on the board!! 

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