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Tactics 2-2-3-2-1 Ultimate Domination (EME)


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I thought I’d share the set up that I used for my Parrott 1K attempt with PSG. Now obviously PSG are a massive club in a fairly poor league so this tactic will probably fall short with a small club so use at your own risk. 

First off as my set up is fairly typical I feel I first need to thank the people who I took inspiration from when it comes to the building of the tactic.

First thank you is to @Ashez and @Foxy as I took major inspiration from their Gegenpressing system from last years game. It’s a fantastic article and if you haven’t read it yet I suggest you do as it easily translates itself to this years game. Reading that gave me the idea to try the WB’s pushed up into the DM strata as I’d never thought about doing that before (well not with only 2 centre backs anyway). I don’t think I’ll ever use WB’s in the defensive strata again now as I feel they work much better pushed up.

I also need to thank @PriZe as his guide really helped me. The main thing that helped was his idea of having complete players in the midfield. It’s something that has stuck with me and I always like to have players in midfield who can both attack and defend. 

Anyway here is the tactic. 





As this is from my final season I understand that nobody is going to know who the players are so here is screenshoots of them. Note that Parrott is washed up at this stage so this season is maybe not the best season to showcase this tactic but it’s the only season I can get screenshots from.













I went with narrow width to give the team more options in possession. Also if we lose possession then the players will be in better positions to win the ball back. I went with a slow tempo so we can knock the ball about in a bid to pull the opposition out of position ready to play through them once spaces in their defence have been created. In defence I chose to close down all over the pitch as I want us to win the ball back as quickly as possible once we lose it to hopefully allow for a swift counter attack. I went with mixed passing as I want the players to get the ball to the forwards quickly if the opportunity arrives but if not we can keep possession and slowly move up the pitch. The final third instructions are set up for a dominant team with overlap and work the ball into box selected but I’m not sure they are the best to use for this tactic and I’ll go into more details in the tweaks section but I wanted more goals for the striker and this aided with that.



Im not going to put any of the results from my PSG career here as you can get them by looking through the thread below. From season 8 onwards I used this tactic and instructions apart from the odd in game tweak which I’ll explain later on. In the earlier seasons I used slightly different instructions and occasionally different player roles.


I’ve just used this tactic in my American π Challenge and here are the results.

I had to use 3 American players and try and get as many goals from them as I could. Here are the players I chose who are not world beaters.



























Goals and Assists





I didn’t need to change this very much if at all with PSG but there are some things that I would do at certain times with this and I’ll try to explain them. First off against a big team I may go from attacking mentality to balanced. Also if I was a lesser side I may switch the final third instructions around. I would lose the overlap and work the ball into box and go with shoot on sight and through ball; the idea being that there is less risk with these instructions. As if we get to the final third and try to run with the ball or work it into box and lose the ball then we will all be out of position and susceptible to a quick counter. If we just try a through ball or shot then if it doesn’t come off then usually we’ll have a chance to get back and regroup as the ball will probably go out. Also we have our IF’s and Poacher lurking around to hopefully mop up any rebounds from any shots on target. If I were to try this in the really lower league with players that don’t have great stamina I would also drop the closing down to own half. Those are the things I would try with a lesser side but even with a big team I may try those at the end of a game whilst defending a lead.

Thank you for reading this and if you want to try this then do so at your own risk.

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3 hours ago, AndersJ said:

Great and Thanks for sharing :)

Which other teams did you test it with, and how did the 18/19 season go with the tactic :)?

I haven’t used this in 18/19 season although I’m using it now with Porto in another challenge. I’ll put those results up later today when I finish the season.

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11 hours ago, DutchTony said:

Great results. Must be great for players fitness using slow tempo as well.

Thanks, yeah it can help with that. I’m not sure this’ll work well with a poor team but hopefully it’ll help some people.

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49 minutes ago, 1759 said:

Thanks, yeah it can help with that. I’m not sure this’ll work well with a poor team but hopefully it’ll help some people.

I never play with a poor team anyway 😁

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this is my first full season in Mielec(season 23/24). Tactics are very good. I passed Mielec after the nineteenth round of meetings in the first division at season 22/23. With the achievements of eleven points they occupied the last (eighteenth) place in the table. in the next fifteen (that's how much until the end of the games) we won over thirty points (we were the best scoring team) and we took the eleventh place. I recommend the tactics to everyone, very good job! greetings





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