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Career Rob tries the ‘One Man Team’ - Final Update


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A few months ago @Foxy posted an interesting challenge entitled ‘One Man Team’. It can be found here:

In a nutshell, you sign just one player and your final score = goals + (assists x 2).

So if you score 10 and assist 10, you get...
10 + (10 x 2) = 30.

However, if someone else at your club gets more assists or goals than you then you remove the difference by the same amount. So if they assist 2 more than you then you remove 4 from your score.

Anyhow, the other REALLY ANNOYING twist is that the club must not be in a European Competition, which is a lot more of a pain than you’d initially think, especially factoring in the scoring system. It’s one of my favourite challenge if I’m honest because of the delicacy of it.

The club I went for is Leicester.


And the player?

Gylfi Sigurdsson 


I’m going to be using my Strikerless formation, which is a bit risky as it takes a while to bed in even at the elite clubs. I figured trying to get an equal amount of assists and goals is the best tactic.

My main target is to just survive the season and get a score on the board. I think if I do survive it then I should get a decent enough score for people to try and chase and beat themselves. It’ll be good if others gave this challenge a go too, especially as it’s just a season.

Thanks for reading!

Edited by Rob
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42 minutes ago, Ian said:

I like the look of this challenge especially with having to use a team not in a continental competition.

Nice choice of team and player so good luck.


Thanks Ian. I agree, it’s a great challenge and one well thought out.

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Half-way Update

I won’t give away any scores so far, but this is where we were at Christmas.


Teetering between 8th and 9th for most of the season after a good start. 

The highlight so far was this game:


Not entirely sure how that happened, especially as our form is indifferent.

However, this challenge is about goals and assists and so far I hadn’t got sacked! Phew...

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The End

So, this is the end.

Gylfi was our only transfer in, and was to be our man!


This is how Gylfi looked in terms of attributes:


Decent, if not spectacular.

Most importantly, did I survive the season and therefore register a score?

Just! As you can see below, I ended up with the board ‘very disappointed’ with my performance. We spent more of the season flipping between that and ‘disappointed’. 


You can also see we ended ninth, with a wretched run of form in the last six games, stumbling to the finish line. We got knocked out of both domestic cups early doors.

But more importantly the bottom right showed he topped the goals and assists charts.


He got 36 goals, which is a whopping 24 more than anyone else.


And got 16 assists, which was luckily two more than Jamie Vardy.

That gives us a score of 68.

@Foxy please can you add me to the leaderboard?

Thanks for reading!

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16 minutes ago, Ran7777 said:

Straight to the top🥇

Nice total Rob👏


15 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Good score mate. 36 goals is a great haul.

Cheers fellas. Really fun little challenge that makes you think a lot. A bit of a riddle. You going to give it a go?

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5 minutes ago, Rob said:


Cheers fellas. Really fun little challenge that makes you think a lot. A bit of a riddle. You going to give it a go?

Yes maybe this will be my first career here on the vibe😀

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12 minutes ago, Ian said:

Nice score that is Rob.

Well done.

I’m also going to have a go at this I think.

Thanks Ian, and looking forward to it,

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