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Hi, I'm Kun Aguero

Kun Aguero

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Hello fellow Viber's, I'm Kun Aguero, back in Vibe after being inactive for about 2-3 years. I'm from Malaysia, a not-quite small country in the Southeast side of Asia, currently studying in China. I'm a Manchester City fan, as you can easily see from my nickname and pp. Don't quite remember what's my first version of the game, maybe FMM12 or FMM14, which I have to honestly admit that my first version of the game was a pirated version, but since I get into the game and joined Vibe, I have started to buy every version of the game. Even tho every year's version seems to be just the same old game with a few tweaks, but I just can't resist the urge to buy the game every time it comes out, especially that every time of the year when news come out about the new version of the game is when I start to play again, and that's probably why I'm back in Vibe now. Since buying the 2019 version on the releasing day last year, I have not play it that much, having only started 2 saves so far, the first one in Man City which I stupidly forgot to backup when I changed my phone and the second one which is what I'm playing now, started in Juventus and now being in Liverpool which I'm trying a DT with 2 English regens (results are bad compare to all those in the Career thread, so I'm just doing it for fun, not planning to post it here). So the reason I'm back here on Vibe is that I came back a few days ago looking for some tactics idea for my current save, and then end up spending the next few hours scrolling through all of the amazing careers. And damn, all these careers and challenges going on here make me miss those days when I logged on to Vibe everyday just to follow all those careers (can never forget Batigoal's Malcom career, definitely one of my favorite of all time) and play interactive games like the Ultimate Team, Chairman game etc. . And since that the new game is coming in less than a month, I decided to join back Vibe and probably get involve here again, probably with some graphics content, databases, Hex tutorials and probably even a career! (tho I never actually finish one). So that's all of my introduction and hope that I can meet some interesting lad here!

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Thanks for the warm welcome lads

9 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Good to have you back. Expecting at least one career from your side.

Never the best at playing the game, all of my careers posted ended either a failure or a corrupt save, but who knows, maybe things will change for me in the new game 😉

9 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

I still remember those days as if it were yesterday. Good to have you back 👍  :celebrate:

Yep those days on Vibe are trully amazing, not saying it isnt now tho, its great to be back

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