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Challenges The Alphabet/Nation Lock/TT challenge


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Special thanks to @Taff@BatiGoal & @Ashez for making this challenge  ;)

Original challenge --> the Alphabet/Nation Lock/TT



The challenge:

The aim is the same as the Triple Threat challenge and that aim is to get three strikers to score 1500 goals.

All three strikers must be of the same nationality and you start season 1 with strikers who come from a nation beginning with A (Argentina, Australia, Austria) they then have one season to score as many goals as they can, once season 2 starts those strikers must be sold or demoted and you move on to Nation B (Belgium, Brazil, Bolivia) and so on and so on until your strikers have all combined for 1500 goals.

The idea is to finish in the least amount of letters, but they must go in Alphabetical order.

It's advised you start with a team who has money as getting three decent strikers from the same nation can be tricky, but as I said once those guys have completed a season they move on and so do you.  

You must also stick with the three strikers you pick, if one gets injured for 6 months, sorry but you will have to rely on your remaining two to get those goals in.

The rest of your squad can be whoever you want, but the front three must be from the same country (second nationalities I'll leave up to you guys, but it's a bit iffy so I'd try to stick to those who are originally from said country)



The Challenge rules:

  • NO USE OF THE IGE AT ALL (even looking up someones hidden PA is a no go)
  • Regens are allowed (by the time you get to Season F and G you might need them)
  • Own Formations only
  • Carrer Threads are advised if you want to give it a go
  • No reloading





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Thanks but no credit to me pls. And I've never heard of the other two people you speak of. 

I may go for this one. I must do at least a DT, TT and 1KC in the same FMM version. 

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