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Career Gold Cup Players Challenge in China (completed)


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Thought I would take on a short challenge after getting a new phone and not enjoying my previous challenge as much as I thouggt I would and didn't want to start it all over again. So I am giving this one a go, the Gold Cup Players Challenge

And to mix things up I have gone somewhere I have never managed before


More specifically SIPG

And my first player


Now you may notice he doesn't play for SIPG, that is because somehow I forgot to take a screenshot of him at all during his time with me. Oops.


Turns out China is not too difficult and could prove great for some other challenges and apparently Oscar feels the same.

It's not too important but we managed to win everything but the club world cup




This was the club world cup, a good effort



But not quite enough.

These are just some of the awards my player and I won




Importantly this how Cavallini did in the end


59 points, a great start.

Annoyingly when it came to selling him, only Chinese clubs were interested, hence why he is now at rivals Shadong!

Still the board noticed my brilliance and gave me a bit more dosh for next season 


And next up


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Fairly decent lad in Cavallini so starting off with 59 is good. Dwyer looks perhaps slightly better, so I'm predicting 66 😉 

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4 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Some unusual choice but great start. Bring on S2.

Indeed, thought I would try to get some more interesting player who would be unlikely to feature on another challenge. Plus no one wants to go to China...

4 hours ago, danovic78 said:

I must have missed this challenge, will defiantly give this a go.

Nice start and Dwyer should do well in that league.


4 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Fairly decent lad in Cavallini so starting off with 59 is good. Dwyer looks perhaps slightly better, so I'm predicting 66 😉 

Think Dwyer should do very well but all it takes is an injury or 2 to ruin it! I'm happy to hear any other predictions. 

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Always nice to see not so often used players for challenges. Pretty good season, look forward to the next update.

China was pretty fun, relatively easy to be successful, but sometimes there is an annoying bug you go bankrupt if you hand out too high of a signing bonus(es) to your players.

Also, the quality of the Chinese players isn't that great, but if there are any good ones your rivals sell them pretty cheap in comparison to other leagues.

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Season 2

Another good season overall although I don't know what the media has against me but I have never had a message like this


Even though they were nowhere near me


It didn't last long for them in second



I'm not bitter though, honest.

Anyway, back to the challenge at hand. We won everything but the club world cup again, this time losing to Inter in the semis and winning the third placed play off.





A great season in the league, although that 10th goal conceded was in the last game in the 6th minute of 4 minutes injury time, again, not bitter...

Turns out I am great though


And despite a slow start my main man Dwyer managed to find some form


Great form in fact. He managed to win pretty much everything 





Great effort, although I believe it was mainly down to the manager of the year...

Time for his score, not quiet the 66 @BatiGoal predicted and a few shy of 50 goals predicted by @Kun Aguero but managed a respectable score of 55333389292_Screenshot_20200407-202648_FM20Mobile.thumb.jpg.b034e6e8152a5f9d6430d1ba9adc75f8.jpg

That makes it 114 points overall and next up to finish off the challenge 


Been eyeing him up since season 1 but wanted him to develop a bit more first.

Season 3 hopefully coming soon

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Dwyer did the job well for you. Its always tricky to win the CWC with a Chinese side.

Macias looks a decent prospect there, where did you sign him from?

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8 minutes ago, danovic78 said:

Dwyer did the job well for you. Its always tricky to win the CWC with a Chinese side.

Macias looks a decent prospect there, where did you sign him from?

Yeah, European clubs are just a bit too strong. Macias plays for Chivas or CD Guadalajara but spends most of his time on loan it seems

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Last season

After starting off with horrendous penalty shootout which had only 5 converted out of 18! We then went out of the CWC at the group stage after losing 3-2 despite having 25 shots to their 5, as before, I'm not bitter, honest. 

Still we won the league, cup and champions league so not all bad.




I am still amazing (I like to think so anyway)



And my boy Macias was on fire


That might the best form screen I have ever got, 13 games scored in a row. Unfortunately he never quite got a return like it again but still did well overall as we will see.






This guy was great just won everything, accept the FA Cup MVP which went to this guy, definitely using him again for another career.




And now the main event, how did Macias do?


Overall pretty damn good although I will say, possibly the worst penalty taker ever or is there a bug as he seemed to miss about 8 or 9 pens and scored about 2, nothing to say he wasn't a good penalty taker in his report either.

Still another 63 points for the challenge and that takes me to 177 overall!

Hope you enjoyed this at least a little bit and see you all for my next challenge. 

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