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Challenges Derby Win Streak Challenge


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Last edition, we saw the inclusion of derbies in the game and it was a nice addition. @George Traistă posted a great career highlighting the different derbies in the footballing world today. That can be found here.

So, why not have a challenge surrounding them?


The Challenge

Club Choice: You may manage any team in any league/division that you want but they should be involved in at least one derby in the season.

Rules: The usual rules apply of no editing, standard DB , no unlockables and no reloading.

Score: Your score will be the highest derby win streak that you can put on. The minimum benchmark to qualify for the leaderboard is 4.

Evidence: You will need to provide screenshots of your derby wins.





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2 hours ago, Jsavfc said:

I like this. Nice and simple, and one you can just add your name to as you work through a bigger carer. 

Yes, it can easily be done as a side challenge to your long term career.

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3 minutes ago, George Traistă said:

Too bad I didn't save screenshots from Augusta as I killed Spurs 12 times in row... 

Nice challenge, you can keep this as a side challenge to keep you sane on your big careers. 

12 times? I destroyed Juventus every season 😂

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