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iScout FMM23 Winter DB - Winners, Losers, Departures (Spoilers)


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WARNING: This article will reveal real PA values, if you don't want to see that, back out now.



Every time there is an update to the database, we scour the game trying to work out which players are missing, who has lost a lot of PA, who has had a mighty boost to PA, etc.

In the past, I've done articles covering the departures and additions and maybe mentioned some of the major changes to PA in the wonderkid list - but this year I figured I'd tie them all up in one neat post (this!). 


The Method

Unlike previous years, I'm not using the actual database for this. Instead I created 30 save games (in each version) to extract the data from - 6 using the first 5 nations, 6 using the second 5 nations and so on. PA is averaged over the save files.

Players are guaranteed to be in at least 6 saves (the ones with their nation), even if they aren't famous enough to be loaded with other nations. The most popular players will be all 30 saves. There may be some players who are actually in the database, but never make it to save files (yes, this does happen occasionally), in which case they will not appear here.

Also a note on CA: to keep things simple, this post focuses on PA and CA has been left out of the screenshots. Most of the time people are more interested in PA anyway, and trying to show both Summer CA and Winter CA complicates the screenshots etc. There are a few places where it would be handy to have had the CA though, so apologies for that.



More than 5000 players left the game, so these are only the tip of the iceberg.

First, I'm sure many of you will be wondering about Christian Atsu, who sadly passed away recently in the Turkish earthquakes. He has been removed from the game as you might expect (but does not appear in the screenshots below). We salute you Christian and honour your memory.

Next let's look at the older players (30 or over) who've left the game and bid farewell to these legends:


Higuain, Alves, Pique... Goodbye to some FMM Royalty...

Next, here are the younger players (under 30) who've left the game - for now. Some of these will be back:




As some players leave, others arrive. There were more than 6000 additions, but here are the top ones (by PA):


The one getting all the love in the Discord chatter is of course Kazuyoshi Miura, making a comeback at the age of 55! But there are plenty of other new players to try out.


The Losers

First up, here is a list of all those players who had a PA of 160 or over in the summer database, who lost at least 11 PA. It's worth noting that the majority of these still have PA that pretty good and will allow them to become top players - but they aren't quite as 'next level' as they were.


A lot of people are crying for Hojlund and Fati, but personally I'm saddest about my old mates Sesko, Unuvar and Tezgel. And of course Netz. Special shout out to Lewis Cook, who has probably had PA way above what it should be for a couple of years now.

Next, there are some pretty decent players just below that PA range that people will be interested in - so here are the players who had a PA between 150 and 159 in the summer database, that lost at least 16 PA:


I'd settled on Maswanhise as a good RW option, but I guess he's fried now. People are always interested in Morgan Rogers and will be sad to see his drop. There are a bunch of others just below this that aren't showing, including players such as Liam Delap (-15), Sean Longstaff (-15), Troy Parrott (-11), Rico Lewis (-10), Rijkhoff (-10), James Garner (-10).


The Winners

Of course for every loser, there will be a winner! Let's look at those who now have a PA of 160 or over that improved by at least 11:


There are definitely some tasty new players to try out there!! Kofi, anyone? And big boosts for players like Colwill, Torre, Nakai, Garnacho and old favourite Almada! Just off the bottom of the list is Ben Doak (+12) and Duranville (+11), both exciting prospects for the right wing.

Next lets look at those that moved into the 150 to 159 PA range:


Woah, Hendry Blank, coming from nowhere! There are a couple of notable players just off the bottom of that screenshot too. Australians, such as myself, will be happy to know that Garang Kuol is up 15 to 153. For everyone else, Zabarnyi, a former Vibe favourite who had taken a dip, is back up 14 points to 157.


And that's where we'll finish this look at the major changes to the database. Thanks for reading and hope it was of interest!


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3 hours ago, sahil7 said:

thanks for the amazing content! 

BTW when can we expect the scouting tool? 

Ehhh, still coming. That's a lot more complicated than something like this, but still working on it very slowly...

added 0 minutes later
2 hours ago, DanEnglish said:

That is quality work @Scratch - must have taken you AGES!


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2 hours ago, Kun Aguero said:

Rico Lewis being downgraded make no sense at all, considering his performance force Cancelo to leave

It's probably not intentional. I think that when they export the database from the full fat FM into the mobile version, it applies the same random function that you get at the start of a game to the young players.

FMM doesn't seem to store the -9, -8, etc values that FM has, so I think it generates a 0-200 value based on FM's value to go into FMM. Can't be sure of that theory, but it would explain what I've seen digging behind the scenes.

So when you see a change of 10 or so, it's probably just down to how they generated for that particular export. When you see a change of 20 or more, then it's likely a case of the value being adjusted intentionally.

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