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Tactics Gegenpressing


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My main personal challenge in FMM2016 is to try and replicate Jurgen Klopp's successful Borussia Dortmund tactic with his new club, Liverpool. Gegenpressing is this offensively aggressive, yet organized tactic that has brought many glories to Dortmund and a lot of fame for Klopp in the past few years.

I've already tried something like that in FMH2015 immediately after he was announced as Rodgers' replacement, even buying some of the players Liverpool now possess and that weren't in the squad last season, in order to try to predict how Liverpool would play under its new boss.

My aim now is to add the new tactical features of FMM2016 to my old approach, as well as improve in some aspects, such as my away performance which was really awful.

That said, I found this thread in the SI forum about gegenpressing on FM2015, and it was the basis for my work. Actually, the texts on its beginning were the main source, with the article and the discussion themselves helping me with a few doubts I had. Still, my version slightly differs from the one presented there, and it goes like this (with no budget for first season and enhanced engine):

Team Mentality: Attacking - Dortmund play with a high defensive line so they can press the opposition high up the pitch.

Passing Style: Direct - In order to get the transitions from defend to attack going through as fast as possible. Also, I tried playing some games with a short passing style, and noticed that, when playing direct, players would more often steal the ball in our offensive third of the pitch, which is the goal of the tactic.

Passing Focus: Centre - this being one of the new features, I'm not sure if this is the best option, but I hope that at least the team will get more compact, which I can't instruct in any other way.

GK Distribution: Short - I'm really thankful for this one, since, with the direct playing, the goalkeeper would often throw the ball directly to the attacking midfielder or the striker, who, in turn, would often lose the aerial duel and, thus, the ball, since Liverpool didn't have very strong offensive players last season. Now we have Benteke, but I'd still like to see the play being constructed all from behind.

Tackling: Cautious - I used to do committed in FMH2015, but now I'm trying cautious in order to: 1- not leave my defense open due to a mistaken tackle; 2- improve my fair play

Pressing: ON

Counter Attack: ON

'Cause, duh, that's the definition of gegenpressing.

Player Roles:

Goalkeeper - Role: Goalkeeper

Just a traditional goalkeeper, since not everyone can have a Neuer.

Right back - Role: Wing Back

The winger-turned-full back. Very attack-minded, likes to run to the by-line and can sometimes be found on the edge of the opponent's area.

Note: Obviously, with Liverpool, I will only keep it that way if I can use Clyne, otherwise I'll invert sides and use the left back as the "main" wing back.

Centre back (right) - Role: Central Defender or Limited Defender

The backup centre-back, less effective than his partner, should mostly provide cover. Also, he must be a little bit more defensive than his partner, so I change his role accordingly to the role of the other centre-back.

Centre back (left) - Role: Ball Playing Defender or Central Defender

The central midfielder-turned-defender who has a lot of technical ability and can begin the creation of plays.

Left back - Role: Full Back or Wing Back

The more defensive, less technical full back. May also contribute offensively as a wing back against weaker teams.

Central midfielder (right) - Role: Ball Winning Midfielder or Central Midfielder or I don't know, but it has to win me tackles.

I'm actually not sure about this one. To me it seems that the BWM would perfectly suit this position, but some people think it leaves the defense too open. Please discuss it.

Central midfielder (left) - Role: Central Midfielder (also Primary Outlet)

An all-round footballer and an architect for the team's attack, rarely seen far from the ball, his role is to serve as both distributor and recipient of passes when the team is on the ball, and to win the ball back when they're not.

Right attacking midfielder - Role: Wide Midfielder or Winger

The more conservative of the three attacking midfielders, provides cover to the main wing back, but may also venture forward against weaker teams.

Centre attacking midfielder - Role: Advance Playmaker

There isn't much to say about this player that isn't already stated by his role. The only note here is that I haven't chose him as the primary outlet in order to have the central midfielder participate more in the game while also letting my game begin from the back.

Left attacking midfielder - Role: Inside Forward

The secondary goal-scoring threat, after the centre forward, also has the qualities of a winger, though he plays higher, closer to the box. Helps the centre forward harass the opposing defenders.

Centre forward - Role: Complete Forward (also Primary Attacker)
Aside from being the main goalscorer, also supports his teammates both in attack and defense. Defensively, instead of picking his moments to sprint behind the defense, harasses opposing centre-backs for all 90 minutes, being the first point of defense. Offensively, can chase down long clearances from the back and ease the burden from under-fire defenders.
In short, he is all types of forward/striker in one.

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Isn't both pressing and counter-attack ON a bit counter-intuitive in FM? Because when you press you want your players to a bit more on the oppositions half to press them quickly but when you have counter-attacking on you instruct them to stay a bit deeper on your own half, right?

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Great tactic work perfectly in my liverpool and leicester save,but need some tweak,at cm i use bbm and cm because both team have bbm characteristic midfielder like kante and henderson,personally i used normal too rather than cautious because it.give the opponent chance to change the opportunity when we didnt press the opponent more,and for my primary outlet,i used amc rather than mc,because cou and mahrez take more part in real life and always take initiative when their team begin on transition :)

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Love this I've tried many times to create a high pressing tactic that can also create last counter attacking moves. But I always ended up with their final third being cramped and no room to run into and pass into. This tactics helped me but I've made a couple of tweaks. I have a BWM in the middle because to me it makes perfect sense. If they get past my front four I then have a player who is good at pressing and winning the ball back. To partner him, I have a playmaker against weaker teams or a BBM or just a CM against tougher teams just to either aid pressing and numbers going forward or to keep shape respectively

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