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Chat Leicester City in the Champions League…

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Howdy chaps! 

I've used the Myclub scrapbook feature to replace Chelsea with the Leicester Squad so they are straight into the Champions League group stage and we'll see how they fair in a campaign in both the BPL and CL!


Group Draw 


So drawn with Borussia Monchengladbach, Maribor, and Roma Can they get out of the group??? End up in the Europa League possibly??? Out of Europe all together??? Will it harm Premier League progress???

Answers to all with be revealed shortly game by game of their Champions League Adventure! 

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Looking forward to this. This idea was at the back of my mind. Glad to see I don't need to do it to see results 

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Matchday 1

Leicester City 4-1 MariborScreenshot_2016-05-11-09-19-10.png.36667

Two red cards help Leicester over come a poor Maribor side to give then a great start to their CL campaign! 



Matchday 2

BMG 0-4 Leicester CityScreenshot_2016-05-11-09-26-08.png.1903d

Wow! Gladbach no match for Leicester at all as Mahrez and co destroy BMG 0-4 to take a dominant position to qualify for the next round!


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Matchday 3

Roma 1-0 Leicester CityScreenshot_2016-05-11-09-40-05.png.14ab8

A Mohammed Salah strike downs The Foxes in Italy as they suffer their first defeat of the Group Stage.




Matchday 4

Maribor 0-4 Leicester City


Amazing result once again but Maribor aren't great so not a huge surprise the Champions of England can turn them over but an agg score of 8-1 is mental stuff.



So sitting pretty at the top with 4 games played can they complete the job and finish there come the end of the group!


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Brilliant idea, I personally would have rathered it in an article style more than a career style but that's because I want to see how they do right now haha. 

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8 minutes ago, Ashez said:

Brilliant idea, I personally would have rathered it in an article style more than a career style but that's because I want to see how they do right now haha. 

Your going to have to wait I'm afraid unless I get 2 more likes and I'll post that final 2 group games tonight!! 

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Matchday 5

Leicester City 4-1 BMGScreenshot_2016-05-11-14-48-23.png.447aa

Wow wow wow! They have utterly destroyed this group now! BMG and Maribor have been shocking and gifted Leicester a passage through to the next round! 



Matchday 6

Leicester City 2-3 RomaScreenshot_2016-05-11-14-51-23.png.61a95

Well well well, have Leicester lost the chance to get an easier next round tie by losing this game and finishing 2nd in the group??? 



Well I didn't expect them to qualify tbh and they have done fairly easily really in the end, but who will they draw in the last 16?? Barcelona??? Real Madrid??? PSG??? NOPE!!!



















Viktoria Plzen!!!!! What the hell!!! Easiest draw out of the lot there!!


5 Likes to see the next round tonight lads…… if your reading like this post chaps. 



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Right then so Leicester face Viktoria Plzen in what is probably the easiest Champions League Knockout Round game in history!! 

In January they made one signing and that was Breel Embolo from Basel for 12.5m 

A decent little signing tbh as back up for Vardy! 


First Knockout Round 1st Leg 

Leicester City 3-0 Viktoria PlzenScreenshot_2016-05-11-15-14-46.png.7e619

Comfortable win for The Foxes to pretty much confirm the passage through to the Quarter Finals of the Champions League! Mental! 



First Knockout Round 2nd Leg

Viktoria Plzen (1) 1-2 (5) Leicester City Screenshot_2016-05-11-15-17-38.png.ccb40

Boooooom Quarter Finals for Leicester City!! Who predicted that then chaps!

I thought they'd get Europa League at best! 



Draw for the next round below……
















So yet again probably the easiest tie out of the lot, I fancy this team to beat Leverkusen after what I've seen so far tbh!!

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Edge of the seat stuff, can't wait to see what happens next.

Little bit disappointed you gave chelsea the bump! But what the hey its not like they would have won it!

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Quarter Final 1st Leg

Bayer Leverkusen 0-0 Leicester CityScreenshot_2016-05-11-17-11-37.png.ea511

So Leicester have drawn the 1st Leg without any away goals! Could this harm them in the second leg??? 



Elsewhere Lazio beat Barcelona to take a lead to the Camp Nou and wins for PSG and Real Madrid!

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Quarter Final 2nd Leg 

Leicester City (3) 3- 0 (0) Bayer LeverkusenScreenshot_2016-05-11-17-12-46.png.37760

Smashed it!!!!

Leicester are into the SEMI FINAL of the Champions League!! King, Okazaki, and Vardy make sure of progress! 


PSG, Barcelona, and Real Madrid might await in the semi final!! 

Who will they draw and will they go through???

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Amazing! I bet you could run this test 10 times and they'd rarely do this well haha, love it! 

This has to be the end of the line though?

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Santiago Bernabeu for the mighty Leicester City!! 

What kind of result can they get in the first leg to take to The King Power Stadium???



Surely they can't?  







Can they???



5 Likes on this post and you'll find out! 


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Semi Final 1st Leg

Real Madrid 1-0 Leicester CityScreenshot_2016-05-11-17-15-09.png.d116b

Big man Ronaldo scores three only goal of the game as it finishes 1-0 to Madriid. Will the fact The Foxes didn't get an away goal harm their chances of front to the final??? 

Elsewhere ……










Semi Final 2nd Leg

Leicester City (0) 0- 0 (1) Real Madrid Screenshot_2016-05-11-17-17-04.png.e4c58

And that's that folks!!! Leicester finally knocked out by Real Madrid!! Just one goal enough for Ronaldo and Co to get past the humble side from England!


Real Madrid went on to win it on penalties …


A few little extras for you……




As expected they finished below the original Leicester team in the league as they don't have the distraction of a CL campaign 


Again as expected the Myclub Leicester played about more games 

The original Jamie Vardy got injured for a long time which was around 6 months so that may have affected them aswell.


Amazingly the MyClub team got to the FA Cup final only to lose to Manchester United! 


So there we have it guys! A huge achievement that in didn't expect at all. when I started this thread I hadn't even finished the group stage yet so I didn't even know how it wound pan out, so for it to finish like this is crazy! 

One. Goal. Away……


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