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Career Kenny's Konference Kollision #UpTheSports

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Hey-a guys, starting up a career thread..with a twist.


The Premise


Take control of a National League club and go as far as I can in 3 seasons


The Twist


I'm giving YOU, the Viber, full control on where I go via the magic of a lottery!Y'all have 3 days(up to 12:00 GMT+8 on Thursday) to pick a number from 1-68 and comment 'em below - whatever number I draw will be wherever I start!


The goal?Get them as high as I can before I either get sacked, get an offer from a bigger club or 3 seasons pass by,whichever comes first!


Have at it and may luck help us all!

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The Pick


After 3 days, and a fateful re-roll.....


the winner is # 47 - Eastbourne Borough!





Congratulations to @RipRip for getting the closest number - you win 8 shout-outs on YouTube next season!


Updates should come up on Sunday, and #UpTheSports!

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