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Tactics Tiki Taka- Successful tactic


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Evening All,

I hope this finds you all well,

To start off with, why this tactic? Quite simply, the football Barcelona and Spain played with this philosophy were the most beautiful i have ever seen & are the reason i want to play football manager









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I was thinking about this and felt it depends a lot on the situation the team finds themselves in. In defence with less pressure, the team may play at a slow tempo whereas in attack trying to move the opposition players out of position, the tempo may be faster. Or depending on whether were wining or losing.

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I have designed my tactic whilst Managing in the South Korean 2nd Division so does work on lower league teams. I am currently around 6 matches into the Top Tier league and am currently first.

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Cheers guys. So far, so good. With all the bugs noticed, i am playing sparingly as finding bugs really puts me off badly. I love how this System is working currently and encourage others to try it. 






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After years in South Korea at Club level, i will next try to take the National team to the next level. I have loved my time in Jeonnam and ended it on a high. See video below using my Tiki Taka System.








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After 8 years at Jeonnam Dragons, I retired from Club football and moved to manage their National side.  This came with mixed joy as some of their players had better skills for playing the Tiki Taka system. Please enjoy a fitting end to this Tactic feed and of making it to the end of the Career.






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Definetly! This save was sort of a Demo for some more serious saves. When FMM 18 came out and was buggy, i was able to just play this file and narrow down my tactics and steps to success. Now a few updates have passed, i will crack onto a more invested save ??

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17 minutes ago, SSolas said:

Has anyone tried this tactic? And if so, what were your thoughts on it? ?

I tried something similar to this, I had my WB in a more advanced position and had an anchor instead of the DM. Worked like a charm for me

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On 3/15/2018 at 12:23, SSolas said:

Has anyone given this a go in the new update? Any success or failures?

Not yet but I'm going to soon.

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