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Hi Guys

I've a few players that I want to share my success with, apologies if there are obvious ones who everyone knows about, but there is also a few that may surprise when they have the right training set for them...

Lukman Haruna come FREE 



4 Months and his stats start to make him a decent buy

Dilly Duka - Another FREE



Again he improves well and can be played in many positions

Sergiy Kryvtsov - Already a solid defender



His stats just got better and better

Alejandro Arribas - Again a solid enough defender



The right training can lead him to a world class defender

Saphir Taider - I used him in old versions, doesn't look that good, but



So many greens in the right place, solid for me

Bebe - need a good fast paced winger and all round IF



His improvement made him an excellent assist maker

David Neres - Wow, this guy simply turns into a legend



Say no more!

Ruben Neves - I eventually had him as a natural DM and CM with patience and determination 



Another solid first name on the sheet midfielder

Vinicius Junior - I know he is probably well known, but worth a mention



Surprisingly a natural right foot, but plays on the left, good for some tactics

Wendel - Another well mentioned player, but the future is bright



Simply can't say enough, at first his attitude is questioned, but stick with him

Andrija Zivkovic - At first he looked good, but loan him out for a season and then break him into the side, and...



Scary results eventually from him, so blessed with being able to play either side

Danny Loader - Started as an IF, but I converted him into a Striker, and eventually got 60+ goals a season from him



Still only young, and as a striker he simply got better and better

Rodrygo - This guy doesn't look the part at first, a few seasons later after a few loan seasons



It was hard keeping him happy if  didn't play him each week, but another excellent purchase at a young age

Dayot Upamecano - Already know to the Vibe community, but again another worth the mention



So solid, the future is bright with him at the heart of any defence

Daniel Bragance - My last mention, and one that I haven't seen get much praise, but patience, loans and training



His stats fill all the right boxes

Hope these are good spots for some, just thought I'd share the love, thanks for looking, comments as always are appreciated, good or bad

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On 3/23/2018 at 15:35, Rob2017 said:

Good stuff, and a couple of guys I hadn’t tried before but will do in future saves.


Does Neres score much from IF?

I got two great seasons from Neres while at Ajax.

Pld-65, Gls-45, Ast-30 and Av R 8.22 then 8.50.

He was playing Inside Forward but in the Attacking Left position.

Wouldn't sign a new deal so had to sell him to Man Utd for £33m :'(

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Hello @Johann AeCha theres nothing special, i simply put everyone but my keeper on Technical Training

But i've amended this to:

Fitness  - Intensive

Tactics - Intensive

Attacking - Intensive

GK - None

Defensive and Motivational as Light

If anybody moans I change them to standard General

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