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Career The Dark Rogue Returns


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The Dark Rogue Returns 

Hello there everyone my name is Darkdragon I posted my first career on Vibe back in FMM17 and I had a fun time doing it sadly I couldn't do anything for FMM 18 (I wasn't able to buy it) but I'm back for FMM19 and why not start with a career that I did when I was first on vibe the Rouge Challenge  

The Rouge Challenge was made by @Ashez back in FMM17 and I had a made an attempt at it but I didn't get very far anyways I get straight to the very simple rules


Load one nation (Usually England) 

Start unemployed (Use Unknown or Local Reputation) 

You stay at a club until you lose a competitive game then after you lose you Quit your job

Main Goal 

Usually it is to win any Cup (League, FA Cup, EFL Trophy, EFL Cup, FA Trophy) 

Get ready for a long career guys 1st Job will be up in a few days Screenshot_20181105-204839.thumb.png.1cd3a43c59a304c376844a242a0fb6df.pngScreenshot_20181105-204756.thumb.png.c0c928abb6fc1174d490d042ef68e57c.png

Have a Nice day



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Super excited to follow this, the rogue save has been my most fun save for years so it'll be nice to follow a similar journey without the stress lol. 

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1 minute ago, Ashez said:

Super excited to follow this, the rogue save has been my most fun save for years so it'll be nice to follow a similar journey without the stress lol. 

Thanks bro

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                                 Job Number 1

Well you would think that with me being an unknown manager I would have to start at the bottom but oh boy was is that wrong. It didn't take long for my first job offer Screenshot_20181106-194735.thumb.png.591ec06caa5fd2c14e6752f077bd3072.png

So yeah we are head right into League 2 this should be fun

Here is the starting schedule (I decided to just skip the friendly games) Screenshot_20181106-195926.thumb.png.a98ba793838bd48ead55d7393688a624.png

So we got Swindon to start off our long career and we'll lets just see how things went 

After 90 mins


Sigh... Well that was very short run but I mean I think it was always gonna be a tough run trying to start right into League 2 but still we should of scored at least one goal but whatever and to be honest it really gets fun when you go right into a Club mid season then at the start



Well that will be it for job number 1 didn't last as long as I wanted but hey might as well happen now the later Job 2 will be up in a few days have a nice day everyone 

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                                 Job Number 2

Okey guys so after my short run at league 2 I had no job with no clubs open to me I waited until October for the jobs to start coming Screenshot_20181109-200518.thumb.png.8afb2429e40ec4ee3757284b35568e0f.png

To open spots and they both made offers but I am pretty sure you know which one I picked 


We are heading to the National League lads let's how long we last


I mean all clubs hire a manager on the day they have a match right? 

Now for our first gameScreenshot_20181109-203419.thumb.png.6db3201fb63b2f9c093fb1c803efbd93.png

This is going to be one hard save with another loss we have a very short time in Leyton only lasting one day at the club Screenshot_20181109-203453.thumb.png.34d4aa54ac95ded8735d0bc9feb24131.png


Well the journey must go on thanks for reading I will see you next time for hopefully a longer post and job cheers

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In my opinion, if you would have taken the Wrexham job you would have undoubtedly won the champions league title in your first season 😛 

Very interested to see how this pans out

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Job Number 3

Well let's see who I got this time and how long I last 1570836909_Screenshot_20181111-120626_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.0d4cdd4d402ac221b8f7ac7ed7964efd.jpg

So Working it is here goes nothing 


Our first few games look pretty good now will I get past 1 game 973785836_Screenshot_20181111-121226_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.defa6b9b2bb87ac6170f32197b44f427.jpg

Get in boys first win of the save against a pretty decent team as well 250580652_Screenshot_20181111-121801_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.41a29afd34ef6138777aa7b65e45053d.jpg

A bit disappointed that we were held to a draw against a club that's not even usable but at least the streak goes on


And sadly my stint at Working ends at 3 games but this was definitely a breath of fresh air and it gives me confidence that the next few jobs could be successful but who knows 75123977_Screenshot_20181111-122336_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.314484a4ddaddfff1defefbdb0838585.jpg


So that ends job Number 3 thank you to everyone who has been this Career so far as it's been fun to make anyways I will see you all for Job Number 4 Cheers. 

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Job Number 4

So after my last job I am in high spirits for the next one. So who offered for me? 1043437984_Screenshot_20181114-200551_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.22925a313f0b58f94c62c69c51bbbc09.jpg

Let's do this470117502_Screenshot_20181114-200628_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.8e1d09fc6b34326ee97c6741c2258ea5.jpg

Here is the current table 


So our first game is against Turo here goes nothing 2093878654_Screenshot_20181114-201012_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.73685346c53acc6ff21ecec38ddb94a8.jpg

And that's how you start a job with a solid W 612672654_Screenshot_20181114-201510_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.f9f8de48377be69ffb0c7dc8ae450a35.jpg

But that's as far as I will go man really not going my way isn't it ahh whatever 1621339521_Screenshot_20181114-201533_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.7fa233f780fb27bce7f2e3260d597e7d.jpg


Well that ends Job Number 4 let's see how Job Number 5 with hopefully some more wins thanks for reading cheers. 

Edited by DarkdragonX7
I hit submit too soon
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Ouch. What's your longest record on the job? 3 games? Maybe a job resume at the end of each update would be nice for us to see your progress/pain (either word works) 😁

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