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Challenges The Fabled Number 10 Shirt: A Juventus Challenge


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The Fabled Number 10 Shirt: A Juventus Challenge

Credit to @danovic78 for creating the original challenge.


THE NUMBER 10 SHIRT IS SACRED IN FOOTBALL. It’s a number that carries much pressure and weight given its tradition and the players who have worn it in the past. That is no truer than at Juventus, a club with over a century of history. The legendary Italian side, winners of 33 Scudetti titles and a two-time European champion, has featured some of the world’s best players who have donned that legendary shirt.

No less than three Balon d’Or winners have worn it in addition to a host of Italian and international stars. When attacking midfielder Paulo Dybala was given that number last summer ahead of the start of the Serie A season, the Argentine wrote on Instagram that he knew how important it is to the club and its fans.

“When they asked me to change numbers, I stopped and thought about whether it was a good idea to leave number 21 that has been for me – as it will still be for the national team – a number that I care for very much and that has helped me win lots of trophies and was also worn by top players such as Zidane and Pirlo,” he wrote. “But the number 10 is a special shirt and an honour to wear it, brings with it lots of responsibility and a great link to a club like Juventus Football Club and its history. It has been on the shoulders of so many champions: Omar Sivorí, Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio, Alessandro Del Piero, Carlos Tevez, Paul Pogba. For me, wearing the 10 shirt isn’t just a dream since I was a child, but something that will allow me to want to win every game, in every competition and for every trophy.”


  • Load up Italy and any other countries you like.
  • Become manager of Juventus.
  • You must first buy in an Irish Attacking Midfielder to start the challenge, the new "Brady" and first Number 10.
  • You have one season with each nominated Number 10 before they are demoted or Sold, never to play first team football again.
  • You must follow the list below to sign a new Number 10 each season from country of birth , these players must be bought in at the start of each season.
  • Liam Brady - IRELAND
  • Michel Platini  - FRANCE
  • Roberto Baggio - ITALY
  • Alessandro Del Piero - ITALY
  • Carlos Tevez - ARGENTINA 
  • Paul Pogba - FRANCE
  • Paulo Dybala - ARGENTINA
  • Each season your Number 10's goals and assists will become your total.
  • In total, 7 seasons with 7 players to post the highest combined total of goals and assists.
  • Usual other rules apply.
  • No Regens allowed


@Ian - 559 - Career

@Aaron Thornton - 519 - Career

@Dandypass - 518 - Career

@Titjes - 434 - Career


Edited by Ian
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9 minutes ago, Jsavfc said:

@Ian @danovic78

Looking at maybe giving this a go soon, just wanted to check in regards to the AM role, can they be green in other positions or just AM?

edit - and are other transfers allowed or just the AM player?

This is a quote from last year where @danovic78 confirms the number ten can’t have any shade of green in the striker positions which is just the one central striker position. Other transfers are allowed though.

On 02/01/2019 at 18:02, danovic78 said:

None of the Number 10's used can have any shade of green in the attacking positions.

I did this last year as my first ever challenge and really enjoyed it. Good luck if you go for it.

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3 minutes ago, Ian said:

This is a quote from last year where @danovic78 confirms the number ten can’t have any shade of green in the striker positions which is just the one central striker position. Other transfers are allowed though.

So he can have green on LW/RW for example, just not ST. 

Cheers. Better get researching!

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