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Hi I’m Danish

broodje kip

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Hey there people I’ve just realised that I haven’t introduce myself so here it is

My name is Danish you can see it on my nickname there. I live in Malaysia. A true Citizens since I was 8/9 yes when we won our first Premier League.

Best player I’ve ever seen? Kaka while playing for AC Milan. My Idol? Antoine Griezmann and Philipe Coutinho. My favourite youngster? Phil Foden surely

I also play football in real life as a Left Wing, Left Back and Central and Attacking Midfielder

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17 minutes ago, Nucleus said:

Hi Zach, I mean Danish....I mean Zach. Wait a minute, which one are you again?

I’m Nucleus


22 minutes ago, SophiaFM said:

Versatile player, reminds me of Ashley Young who’s played nearly every position, not very good at all of them but still 😆

Kinda relatable for me lol. More of an out and out winger but a right footed


4 hours ago, Foxy said:

Sounds like you are the kind of utility player that I like in my FMM squads with all the positions you can play.
Good to know a little more about you Danish.


1 hour ago, Kanegan said:

Good to know about you Danish. A pretty versatile  player I might say. 

Thanks guys


2 hours ago, Gunners Rishi said:



4 hours ago, Ashez said:

Hello :D


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