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Career The Augusta Challenge: Ian Vs Foxy - 18th Hole Results

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For this hole we needed to buy a player 35 years old or over and try to get him as many man of the match awards in the league as possible. The trouble I had was finding a player to use as they all seemed to be retiring at the end of their contract and thus not available to buy. I finally found one guy that was 34 and would turn 35 during the season so I would just have to wait until he turned 35 before using him for the challenge. He came from the MLS so wasn’t available until 1st January so that’s when I took the screenshot below. He doesn’t look great but he has had 32 caps for Brazil during his career so he must’ve been pretty good in his day.


The fun stops here though as we just couldn’t get any kind of return to make it exciting and he ended up with only three league man of the match awards. I tried him in a few different set ups as a striker and as an attacking midfielder but he just couldn’t do enough to shine. He wasn’t a total failure though as he did manager 12 goals in 19 games but he was a liability at times in terms of results especially in the games where I put him up front alone with no support.










So with that I strike a Bogey and move to 9 under with one hole to play. We’ll see how @Foxy got on tomorrow as he strolls through the last two holes knowing he is the champion.


Thanks for reading.

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That's a fine score on this hole Ian. Fox is going to succumb severely under the immense Vibe pressure 😉 

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I think it’s more than fair to say @Ian was quite unlucky not being able to sign anyone that could start the season and challenge straight away but he stuck to the task and at least he didn’t get a double bogey.

I was a little more lucky as I did get a signing in for the beginning of the season and even better he was a striker and still pretty respectable. He must have been a good striker earlier in the save as he isn’t that bad when I started although I don’t like those red arrows.


This hole was the last chance to get a birdie I think as Hole 18 looks really tough so I was really hoping I could get to -15 for my round on this hole and then consolidate that with a par on the last hole.

To get a birdie Dawid needed to get me 13 or more man of the match awards in the league this season with 7 or more the aim for a par.

At Christmas he had got me 6 MotM so he was one away from a par and I was in with a shout of a birdie if he could keep going well.


Regular playing time in league matches was stopping him from declining as well and in fact a couple of attributes had gone up.


The 2nd half of the season didn’t go quite so well for Dawid and by early April I had 6 more games left and he needed 4 more MotM awards if I was going to get a birdie.


This was the matches he had and it would be a big task to get 4 more MotM in so few games.


He had started to decline specifically with his physical attributes which certainly wouldn’t have helped him in his task.


In the end he only got one more MotM before the league season ended which meant he only got me a par but in the end I am happy with that as it isn’t that easy to get MotM awards as even in games he scored it wasn’t guaranteed as sometimes a defender would score and get a clean sheet which would lead to him getting the award or someone else would score twice to Dawid’s one goal.


It’s hard to fault him as he was top scorer in the league with 29 goals in 36 games which is a great effort for a 35/36 year old.


Although he scored plenty of goals having him up front did effect the team overall and I had my worst so far with 9 draws and “only” 84 goals scored. 


Dawid only had to play league games so it was easier for us in the other competitions as my star striker Legg could take centre stage more often.




This leave me on -14 going into the final hole.



Hole 18 - Holly (Par 4)

This is it, the end of the journey. Hole 18. Season 22 (if you've managed to keep your job). There are no places to hide in the final hole, nothing really fancy to it. Just give your all and hope for the best.

Challenge - Every league game you fail to win will cost you.

Birdie - Win every game

Par - 1-3 failed to win

Bogey - 4-6 failed to win

Double Bogey - 7+ failed to win

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On 05/03/2020 at 02:42, Ian said:

The trouble I had was finding a player to use as they all seemed to be retiring at the end of their contract and thus not available to buy. I finally found one guy that was 34 and would turn 35 during the season so I would just have to wait until he turned 35 before using him for the challenge.

I remember having the same issues, I believe I had to wait until Oct/Nov. Nasty hole this. 

7 hours ago, Foxy said:

This leave me on -14 going into the final hole.

Still not over Fox, there's water, there's bunkers..... and then there's Ian!!! 

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Here I am to update you all on how my final hole went. I couldn’t win unless my opponent somehow managed to get himself disqualified but I was still determined to get the best score I could so we’ll see how I got on.

For the final hole we had to win as many league games as possible with even just dropping points in one game ruling out a Birdie. The Par looked reasonable with us being able to either lose or draw up to three games so that was my target.

We started well and went all the way until Boxing Day before we dropped any points. West Ham were the team that managed a draw as we were rather limp in front of goal.


The next slip up came at the end of February as Arsenal managed a draw at the Augusta National.


We could still afford to drop points in one more game in the final few months but we held off and finished up with a comfortable Par.


We lost out to the mighty Zebre in the the Champions League Semi Final but won everything else on offer.







So I finish the course -9 Par but well behind my opponent @Foxy who will finalise his round tomorrow. He will win after playing a fine round but I’ll save my congratulations until after he posts as it doesn’t feel right doing it now.


Here’s my final managers profile for confirmation purposes.


Thank you to the course organiser @samhardy, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course and will more than likely have another go at it next year. Thank you also to everyone who has followed this and dropped the odd encouraging comment along the way, it’s highly appreciated.

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Congrats with the win, Ian. 

18 hours ago, Ian said:

So I finish the course -9 Par but well behind my opponent @Foxy who will finalise his round tomorrow

He's going to get himself sacked. Watch. 

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4 hours ago, Foxy said:

Very well played par to finish @Ian as this is a deceptively tough hole.

Thank you, I was using the tactic I use to get lesser strikers score and it can be like a counter attack style at times and you can see that in the possession stats of the games I dropped points in especially. It’s a strange tactic as it’s almost like it’s capped at around 1gpg for the central striker regardless of his quality so I can get half decent returns out of shite with it yet better strikers hardly do any better lol. I thought I’d test it further here as it could be a good one to use on other challenges.

3 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Congrats with the win, Ian. 

He's going to get himself sacked. Watch. 

Yes I thought I’d wait before congratulating him as you never know the board might decide they’ve had enough of him. Or he might act in an inappropriate way walking down the fairway of the last hole and get disqualified that way. You just know know 😂

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The crowds had gathered down the 18th to see me attempt the final hole of the Augusta National. Most felt it was simply a procession and that I could post any old score and win but I few of the crowd hoped it would all go wrong at the last.

The temptation to do a “willycopter” in celebration had to be resisted otherwise @BatiGoal and @Ian might get there wish and see me sacked and disqualified!

The 18th isn’t a simple hole and a birdie is all but impossible when playing in a league like the PL but I was still looking forward to it as it was a nice straight forward win as many games as possible with which ever squad you want challenge.

At the halfway stage of the season I was on for a birdie as we were sweeping all before us.


Just over a month later though that Birdie chance went as I could only draw 0-0 with Bournemouth. This was the 24th game of the season so I could afford to not win another two games in the final 14 matches.


I was hoping that would be the only dropped points but that wasn’t to be. With just a few games left I had another frustrating draw and this one was even worse with 5 CCC created in the game 😳


In the end we did enough for a par though with just the two draws all season.





That means I finish on -14 for the round which isn’t a record but I am very very happy with. When I first started I looked at the challenges ahead and of course they look tough but by just taking them in turn whilst ensuring the club was as strong as it could be I think I did pretty well overall.


Of course that means I take the H2H over @Ian and although it might look like it was simple in the end I feel like he has pushed me all the way. In many of the holes that I won Ian was so close to matching my score and was unlucky (just look at the last hole where he couldn’t get a 35 yo till halfway through the season). 

This is my end of career manager stats alongside Ian’s and you can see that he actually did better in many ways compared to me. He won more games, more trophies and conceded less goals than me although I scored more and I certainly spent a lot more as and raised more in sales.




In the end it’s the score board that counts and I’m delighted to get the win in this one and that’s worth a little dance as far as I’m concerned.

This challenge is 22 seasons long and the fact I was doing it along side Ian really helped keep my motivation to keep playing and posting. It has been a long slog considering we started this in November but at no point have I ever felt jaded by this career which I think is testament to the fact that myself and Ian have taken our time, played when we want to and taken breaks instead of forcing it which can lead to burnout.

Another reason this career never got boring was the great job @samhardy did putting this all together so huge credit needs to go to him for making this an interesting set of challenges that really keep the interest as you work through the seasons.

Finally thank you to everyone who has viewed and commented on this career both on my posts and Ian’s.



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Congrats @Foxy can't say it wasn't deserved. Amazing job, mate.

@Ian you lost, but you can be proud no doubt. Great fight but wasn't enough this time. It's made you stronger tho 👍 

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@Kanegan @BatiGoal @Gandalf thanks for the comments guys and for following along with what has been a long career 😁

22 hours ago, Rob said:

And I’ve no doubt Mr Fox has done a little dance

I sure did but I couldn’t show you in the write up due to the Vibe technical issues not letting my Gif upload 😕

I can correct that now though.



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Thoroughly deserved victory @Foxy, it was very close in a lot of the holes as you say but you had that cutting edge in the middle section and once you got yourself ahead it was always going to be difficult for me to fight back. Congratulations and enjoy your victory celebrations 🎉 

@Rob, @Kanegan, @Gandalf, @BatiGoal

Thank you all for the comments and fine support throughout. Doing all the different challenges and having to come up with the different systems has certainly helped me and it is great challenge to do to improve on the game I have to say.

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