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Career Kanegan & Red Bull Legends take NY (Complete)


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From the title, you must have guessed that this attempt is about The Red Bull Legends Challenge so let's get started shall we.

I started with:


to give myself a bit more challenge. 

Transfers Out


Gamarra, Etienne and Royer were sold off as we don't need wingers for my tactic. 

Transfers In


Apart from the trio, Qazaishvili and Granero were picked up to be my key players in midfield and Jung and Chandler were recruited to spearhead the defense.

Notable Matches



Won all the three derbies played so far.

League Performance



So far so good. Sitting top in both Eastern Conference and Supporter's Shield with 15 wins and 2 losses from 17 matches and 11 clear of Kansas in the Shield.




The local lad first. Managed 10 goals so far from 17 matches. Finishing letting him down.




Frahn pulls out of the pack with 11 goals and 9 assists so, 20 contributions from 17 matches.




Only 9 goals from Soriano. He disappoints big time


Total - 11+10+9 = 30 goals and counting


Expected a lot more than this, atleast 2 goals/game but we have gone below that. The US Cup has not started yet so hope it gives us some easy matches. Also, the trio has hopefully settled well in my formation by now and they give a little more effort in the remaining season.

Edited by Kanegan
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9 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

You got the ball rolling and there's still time to get a solid score on the board. Goodluck in the remaining season. 


29 minutes ago, Lord Danish said:

Decent start but I seems to see players overperform in the second half of the season good luck

Thanks guys. Hopefully the second half of the season brings out greater firepower from them. 

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We had scored 30 goals in the first half of the season. With US Cup on, we had some more matches to score in the last half.

Notable Matches



Soriano becomes the only player to hit hattricks and he managed two for the season as we win both the MLS Cup and the US Cup. In fact, it was a clean sweep as we pick up Supporter's Shield as well.


League Performance



We won both the Supporter's Shield and Eastern Conference, 20 points clear of our nearest rival DC United.





I pick up the Coach of the Year while Frahn won the Golden Boot with 29 goals.


Impact Player


Qazaishvili, the Georgian from San Jose who we played as an AP behind the attacking trio was instrumental in our success with 15 assists and 7 goals from 30 matches.


Wright Philips


The local lad was pretty weak with only 18 goals from 40 matches and only 6 assists.




Soriano was in great form in the 2nd half, reaching 30 goals in 39 matches and also managed 8 assists.




Undoubtedly the star of the campaign with 32 goals and 15 assists.


Total -> 32+30+18 = 80 goals

Would have liked a few more goals but i think it's ok for the first attempt. Wright-Philips let me down with his finishing or 90 could have been reached.

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8 hours ago, Ian said:

Nice score and a target on the leaderboard for others to try and beat. Well done.

Thanks Ian. It's a beatable score. 

3 hours ago, Lord Danish said:

Damn. Nice work there I got a mountain to climb right now

Can't wait for your attempt. 

2 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

That's a good score for the quality of players. Nice one, Kane, you've set the tone. 


1 hour ago, Kun Aguero said:

Great results from Soriano! 

Thanks Bati and Kun. The second half was pretty good as we added 50 goals, courtesy of in-form Soriano. This is the first time I have tried a TT formation this year so results are not too bad.

Edited by Kanegan
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My Red Bulls finally won the title ? I’ll take it any day.. Now about attempt solid start bro. BWP pretty much shot so not surprising he was underperforming. Nice to see you keep NY Red !!! Down with NYC .

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1 hour ago, DIRECTFX said:

My Red Bulls finally won the title ? I’ll take it any day.. Now about attempt solid start bro. BWP pretty much shot so not surprising he was underperforming. Nice to see you keep NY Red !!! Down with NYC .

That was the challenge actually. BWP is pretty bad at finishing. Thankfully the other two came to my rescue

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