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Career Badge #1 - Kane & Son (Completed)


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This is my attempt at badge number 1.


100 goals and 50 assists between Kane and Son in two seasons. 

Season One;

The league actually went very well, although helped by the other big teams having poor seasons






Usual business here as seen by others who have attempted the challenge. 

Ajer & Phillips came in January to booster the defence and midfield. 

Hateboer was re-trained to play RM and was pretty decent all season. 

Moura was sold straight away as he is just too attack minded for the set up I had in mind and didn't want to run the risk of him stealing goals and assists from the main two. 



Kane scored 48, so just under half the target so not a bad start. Would of liked more than 10 assists but Son more than made up for that. 



Son was definitely the better of the two. A excellent goal and assists return. He was played mostly in an AMC role for the season, just behind Kane. 


Goals = 80 (48+32) 

Assists = 48 (10+38) 

20 goals & 2 assists needed in season two for the benchmark. 

Mangers screenshots below;




Season two will be completed and posted tomorrow. 

Thanks for reading. 

(apologies for poor write up - just wanted this up ASAP before the new Badge is posted) 

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Season Two;






What turned out to be a bad move, I signed a fair few first team choices for the second season. It disrupted some of the relationships that had developed and put us back to square one. 

Saying that, Pavon & Tete were mainly signed because I had a plan to change formation once the benchmark was achieved to try and just hammer the goals aspect of the challenge. 


Only one place to start here; 


A very good run in the Champions League, finished with a Kane hatrick to beat Bayern in the final. 

A rather nice way to finish the two seasons I reckon. 


The league was alot closer this year. Again, only losing 2 games but drawing too many for my liking - think this was around the time of the change in style to be fair. 

It went down to the final day. Man City played Chelsea, we played Leeds. 

Thankfully Chelsea pulled out a 2-1 victory, meaning aslong as we beat Leeds, we won the league. As you can see above that happened and Spurs win the league twice in a row. 

The Main Men;



Theres the two at the the end of season. Kane still looking a beast infront of goal, Son still having good greens in the right places. 



Similar numbers for Kane this year, Son dropping off slightly. It didn't matter though, the benchmark was met and that's all I was concerned about. 


  Goals S1 Assist S1 Goals S2 Assist S2 Total
Kane 48 10 46 13 117
Son 32 38 18 27 115
Total  80 48 64 40 232

So that gives me a challenge total of 232. 

Not the biggest score, but a respectable one none the less. 

Managers screenshots below;





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