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Career Cockers Tries the Bad Boys from Brazil Challenge

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As shown below originally created by @danovic78 and reposted by @samhardy

Already done this in earlier version, but slowly working through some of the same challenges with little or no people on the list.

So the team I have picked is in the French league, and they are the Champions and have been some years now.


yep PSG for this one, and the 2 Brazilians for this are,

Neymar is already at the club and the 30 year old half of the 2 strikers (yes converted into a striker rather than IF).


The other, and I have taken a big chance with an expensive player I do not really know much about,

Evanilson from FC Porto for £61 million, well let’s see.



The season starts well with a good win in the Trophee des Champions, a good 0-5 win with Neymar starting his scoring tally to help me with this challenge.


Another bit of news to report as such an early part of the season, is Mbappe with a 4 month layoff due to a serious hip injury.


To be continued…


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46 minutes ago, Titjes said:

Good luck mate 🙂

Thanks mate, this version worries me as I have a problem playing 2 up front, never get really good numbers, but let's see over the 2 seasons

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No real excitement but a quick update reference a couple of awards.

Messi earns the footballer of the year with Neymar coming third


Mbappi gets Player of the year award 


Finally Evanilson earns Foreign Player of the year


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Another quick update

So won my second trophy, not that this helps in the actual challenge except for the scorers, which in this case was not either of my Brazilians!!, but a win is a good boost to Team morale.

French Cup is mine, I was taken back with the crowd, a cup final with only 7,326 spectators??


Not bad 7 months and my first loss, poor game from us and we got punished, a shame as this is 3 points lost and another game with no scorers.

to be continued…


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First Season is over and before we start to share the results, I still think that this version is so annoying with getting the best out of players in the first 2 or 3 seasons, after that they succeed all expectations, so in short, I believe it was not a good goal tally by my Brazilians and I could do a lot better with older versions, gripe over.

So I guessed the season should bring me success with the League as PSG have so much fire power already, and the money simply allows for the best players, but this might not influence how my 2 front strikers perform together, that is down to my Tactic ability, and style of play, which is something different for this Challenge, all will be revealed in a moment.

The League was mine with a few more games to go.


Final table after the other games was played left me with a comfortable 92 points, but as mentioned earlier, the goals for was terrible, but the defence kept the goals against down and gained me points in the GD department. I eventually lost 2 games in the league which is an achievement for any team in any country IMO.


I did well in regards to awards, when you have world class players, and a team that gains so much success, you stand a good chance to win the best awards, and the players at my disposal certainly pushed for the awards on offer.

Awards won:

Kylian Mbappe wins best Player

Evanilson wins Most Promising Player

Mbappe and Messi make the Stars Team of the Season

Evanilson wins Top goal Scorer with 27 Goals (nice achievement for this Challenge)

Neymar, Mbappe, Messi, Marquinhos and Upamecano make the XI of the Season

Neymar wins UEFA Champions League Golden Boot with 13 goals

International: Mbappe 1st and Neymar 2nd for Best player in Europe










Next to challenge me was the Final game of the Season, Saturday 10th June 2023 at the Ataturk Olimpiyat Stadyumu - Inter Vs PSG for the UEFA Champions League Final.

A good win for us, finally beating Inter with 2 goals in the first 20 mins, Messi on 15th minute followed by the winning goal by Neymar on the 17th minute, a little scare in the 94th minute wth Dzeko pulling one back to make it 1-2, but we held on to lift the trophy for the 22/23 season. We did control the game, only allowing them 2 shots throughout the game, only one of them on target which resulted in their goal, but our 10 shots with 5 on target proved to be the key part in the result.



Full Fixtures (For anybody wanting to see any results?)








Transfers for the Season are as follows:

To mention:

In - Evanilson £61 Mil (Obviously), Declan Rice for £50 Mil (Part Ex with Hakimi), Dayot Upamecano from Bayern for £46 Mil (Part Ex with Verrati). 

My only other mention, is Liel Abada who I buy EVERY time I play this, get him from Celtic early and 2, 3 seasons later he is brilliant as a IF or Winger.

I bought others to bolster the side, the main problem with the big stars is they moan all the time about bolstering the side, so I ended up buying players to simply make the team a little bigger and what I could use sparingly. 






Final Management Stats:

Lost 2 out of the 46 games played, drawing 10 of them, which is ok for the first season. The Reluctant to use Youth was a funny message, but this Challenge isn't about building the future.


3 Trophies as well as the League is a good run for my first Season.


Good start to fill the Trophy Cabinet, a bigger bus was needed when driving through the Centre 🤣


Ok so lets get down to the last few screenshots, and these will tell the story so far, and how my Challenge is going, which as mentioned I believe is Crap, honestly I think this is not a good Score, obviously I have the second season to play yet, but I was disappointed at the Scoring abilities of both Brazilians to be truthful.

Formation was a new concept for me, but I truly believe that the WB or FB is not fully utilised in FMM, even pushed up or sitting next to the CD/BPD, so I thought how could I construct a Formation that will still give me the ability to create opportunities for my front 2, and here it is, sink or swim I stuck with it.

3 - 2 - 3 - 2 with 2 CD's, a BPD, 2 RM playmakers, 2 IF (Changed to IW now and again), then a AP in the centre behind the 2 front guys, which I couldn't get them happy with CF, Poacher, Target or ANYTHING!!!! stuck mainly with a CF or Trequartista for Neymar, and Poacher or Pressing for Evanilson.


Results with this formation:

Av Rating: Can't complain about how well everyone performs, some of the Big stars as you can see simply don't fit in regardless of how I played them, but I got the results.


Assists - Not bothered to be truthful, but some will wonder.


Finally, Goals scored by the Team, but mainly how did Neymar and Evanilson get on.

Neymar - 29 Goals 

Evanilson - 33 Goals 


Total Score for Season 1:

Goals 33 + 29 = 62

League Points = 92

GD = 56

Total: 62 + 92 + 56 = 210

Thanks for reading and if any questions or comments please add here.

To be continued...

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Second Season starts with Neymar and Mbappe making the World Best XI (eleven) players


Then the Trophies start to add up in the second Season, first thing is the Trophee des Champions at the Stade Olympique d'Ebimpe in front of 58,219 crowd.

A win for use with Neymar getting himself 2 goals to add to the Challenge tally, a goal either side of half time, 15th minute and 49th minute takes a 2-0 lead, ASM clinch a goal to scare me in the 80th minute, but we held out to clinch the win.


Next was the UEFA Super Cup at the Philips Stadion in front of 33,594 crowd, opponent is Manchester City, I was not expecting an easy time with this one, they are such a force to reckon with. Both halves does not bring much in regards to clear chances, total of 17 shots by both teams only brings 6 on target, so the game ends with no goals scored, penalties will decide this one.

Who could believe City henchman, De Bruyne would miss his opportunity, followed by young up and coming Delap, 2 missed penalties leaves us with the Cup, 4 penalties taken, 4 goals scored, the Cup is ours.


Season 2 started well for me, could it continue throughout, we did well keeping the losses to a minimum in the first season, could we better it in the second season.

13 Games in, 12 wins, 1 draw and only conceded 2 goals, my formation might not be the best goalscoring tactic, but it certainly helps to keep the goals down.


More awards are announced throughout, this time International ones are being earned by PSG players, first one is for the Football of the Year, Mbappe takes the Crown from Messi this year, with Neymar clinching third.


Next was a Manager Award of the highest, World Coach of the Year, and what an honour!!!!


Still more to come...

Player of the Year goes to Mbappe, we all know how good he is, these 2 to add to his collection, Upamecano clinches second behind him, so 2 for PSG again.

Last award, the Ligue 1 Uber Eats Foreign Player of the Year wasn't a PSG player, but we did clinch a runners up spot with Evanilson 


Coming to the END, Season 2 is over, and so is the Challenge, the League is ours again, this time we ran away with it, second place OM could only but look over the hill and watch us run away.


The French Cup Final arrives, PSG Vs FCSM at the Parc des Princes stadium with 54,064 attending the occasion.

We took this game by the horns and give it everything, 14 shots with 7 on target, and out of that we scored 5, should have been 7 out of 7, but 2 struck off. FCSM had a good game, they simply wasn't as good in front of goal, only creating 3 chances, but not scoring any, 5-0 final score and we clinch the French Cup 2 seasons in a row.


Next for us was the UEFA Champions League, we reach the final against a strong FC Bayern team, the game being played in the UK at England home ground, Wembley in front of 89,059 crowd, French Vs Germany on UK ground, what could happen, well, the game could be so tight, it ends 1-1, they take the lead in the 32nd minute, only for us to draw on the 45th minute, leaving the second half open for anybody to win it. It wasn't to be.


Outcome, another cliffhanger penalty knockout, with PSG again taking every opportunity to score each one, and Bayern to miss from the ex PSG Verratti, and frontman Sadio Mane also letting them down, well, 4-2 to us, not the prettiest, but we still clinch the converted Champion's League Trophy.


Final Table: Clear winners with a final Points of 93, only conceding 8 goals throughout the 34 games. OM clearly behind by 23 points in second place.


Fixtures (For anybody wanting to look at)

 Note, I only got 1 Friendly before being thrown straight into the Trophee Des Champions    









Final Stats of Season 2:

Season History, League 1 Title, 4 trophy's



Not that I am bothered about this stat, but the Centre attacking Midfield AP helped to create the most chances with 24 assists, Abada creating his assists with right IF position.


Av Ratings:

Obviously with such a talent of players, and a team as good as this, I was always going to expect some good average ratings, but again Abada brought in from Celtic shows why he is worth spending on to bring to any team, he is outstanding in all the Teams I have brought him into.



Managers Profile:

Vertical Tika-Taka is my Style, mmm, is it? Anyway a good stat with 94 wins, 15 draws and only 4 losses over 2 seasons is good enough.


Trophy's to date:

2 League Titles and 7 trophy's.


Final screenshots, and the main ones:

Team Goals:

So how did we do, but mainly my 2 Brazilians helping me with this Challenge:

Evanilson clinching top spot from Neymar again this season, only 5 goals in it, but an overall 65 goals playing up front together isn't fantastic, but it is ok.



24 Years old, bought for £61 million, and all together got 68 goals over 2 seasons, both seasons he played 49 games in.




Obviously boy wonder, a massive price tag when bought, and I have moved him to being a Forward Striker rather than a IF from the left. The 2 seasons saw him score 59 goals as a CF mainly, linking up with Evanilson to get a total 127 goals together.



Total Score for Season 1:

Goals 33 + 29 = 62

League Points = 92

GD = 56

Total: 62 + 92 + 56 = 210

Total Score for Season 2:

Goals 35 + 30 = 65

League Points = 93

GD = 61

Total 65 + 93 + 61 = 219

So the TOTAL SCORE for this challenge in my calculations is 210 + 219 = 429 Points

@samhardycan you check and confirm please, not the best score, but it was ok and fun to play.


Edited by Cockers2505
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Bad boys producing the goods 😆 well done! I like Evanilson, not very expensive and always consistent in my careers. I need to have a look at Abada tho, definitely worth a try looking at that AvR in a team full of stars.

On to the next career?

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58 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Bad boys producing the goods 😆 well done! I like Evanilson, not very expensive and always consistent in my careers. I need to have a look at Abada tho, definitely worth a try looking at that AvR in a team full of stars.

On to the next career?

Seriously mate I have had Abada in all my saves (if I can afford) to the point I got an offer over £100 mill eventually, he's that good after 2 or 3 seasons

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Abada looks quality at the start of my save with Crossing, Dribbling, Technique, Decisions, Movement, Pace, Stamina all ranging between 13-15, which is what I need to see in a Winger 👍 nice!

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