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2013 Advanced Playmakers on the Wing: A Complete Guide

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Haven't been on a while, but amazing guide there, though I'm not too sure about Kuba and Kagawa as wide APMs (sorry for being a BVB fan :P ), I'd say Kuba is more of the conventional inside forward while Goetze/Mkhitaryan/Ilkay does the creating and the holding midfielders+Hummels+Subotic does most of the playmaking and passing, while Kagawa is more of a second striker sitting just behind the main striker (Lewandowski) when he was with BVB, haven't followed him much at Man Utd though. Epic guide nonetheless :D


Cheers for the input. :) I would have thought that Kuba was an Inside Forward too but after looking at his stats from last season I'm not too sure. The thing is that the lines are very blurred between Inside Forward and Wide APM especially that often it is difficult to discern the two. As a United fan, I must disagree about Kagawa though as he spent most of last season out wide as an APM.

Amazing work mate. As for Gotze and Iniesta their average ratings were 7.71 and 7.79 respectively. Ismailov and Rodriguez 8.25 and 8.24 respectively. The formation I tested was class btw. Id say 1kc worthy. Messi got 112 goals.


Cheers Goonie :) I'll add that in at some point!

so, if you want an unorthodox playmaker in the wing, we need minimal CM in the same side ?


You need to have a CM nearby but not right next to the APM :)


Cheers to everyone for all the words of encouragement as well :D And a special shout out to Marc Vaughan :) 

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That's a class article you've written.

Call me deranged, but to me it's almost equally important to have it written in a decent, somewhat scientific register as it is to have the content right. Great going, you Canadian you!

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i've tried it into PSP. it's work same with MM96 said.

if you want the APM player instruction i'll give it

passing : mixed

tackling : team

Pressing : yes

Free Role : yes

Foward Runs : yes

Run With Ball : Yes

Hold Up Ball : no

Long shot : yes

Through : yes

crossing : yes

marking : none


and then for the CM




Pass to : Right (if AP wide on Right) and Left (if AP wide on Left)










hope can help you all with PSP

(it's still Beta, free to ask and give opinion to make it better :) )

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Just wanted to say that I've edited my formation slightly after reading this guide and the performance and results for the APM are extremely improved and more on par with my winger who was vastly on top before hand.

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Finally :)

On my career with Bennett and Girolamo I used Raheem Sterling on the right as a winger and James Rodriguez on the left as an Advanced Playmaker. Up front, Rodriguez had Bennett as an AdF and Sterling had Girolamo as a Poacher. But on the midfield I had Fernando as a BWM and Moutinho as another AdP.

The setup was like this:

Wbk AdP



CD AdP Pcr

Wbk Wng

(AdP) Moutinho 39 games, 14 goals, 27 assists

(AdP) Rodriguez 38 games, 15 goals, 21 assists

(Wng) Sterling 44 games, 7 goals, 32 assists

(AdF) Bennett 43 games, 51 goals, 3 assists

(Pcr) Girolamo 44 games, 22 goals, 10 assists

I still had better results with the winger than the AdP. Will try bringing Fernando up to the middle (instead of a DMC position) and make him a CM. Don't know if I should keep Moutinho as a AdP or not. He score 14 but still provided 27 assists...

hi what were the team instructions for this tactic ? :)

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Great article! I have experimented a bit with all three roles, and I would like to add that the most striking difference for me was the positioning and movement around the field. Wingers and IFs are kinda generally understood -> wingers will try to beat the full backs and run wide for the cross, IFs stay wide when the team is not in possession, but tend to drift to the centre of the attack otherwise. What I noticed when using APs in the wings is that they tend to not be as mobile, which can be useful for keeping your team shape in certain tactics. They tend to be looking for space in their wing zone in areas between the attack and the midfield, which can be a good fit when you want a player wide but not drifting towards the attack, perhaps to keep a wide attacking midfield line, for example.

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