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6 Problems every FMM16 Player has


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Football Manager Mobile 2016 players all have the same bond of things that piss us off in the game. Here are 6 we all can relate to!


1) Your defender running one on one with the goalkeeper only to pass it back to the half way line.


2) Having a bidding war with a club until you pay way over the odds.


... but you still win.


3) That one moaner player who is bad but still thinks he deserves to be playing every week.


4) Last minute goals...by a player who hasn't scored all season...to lose.


5) Selling a player who you don't want to but he keeps complaining


6) Your star player getting a long term injury


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Haha spot on Dec. 

Seeing that commentary line flash up on the bottom "and that's his first goal this season" after conceding, with 35 games gone in the league and needing all 3 points to keep your title chances alive................ARRRGGGG!!!!

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