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Career mcandrew003 Presents The Journey, An FMM Story

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I laid the plans on the old oak table, with a grin on my face.

"Daniel" I declared "We're going to England!" 

He looked at me with a emotionless face. He wasn't ready, but I was.


2 days later

I approached the black painted door of the hotel. We were in Melbourne. I came across a man, a young man, with a English tone.

We spoke for hours in the bar, confessing our love for football. He even told me he played Football Manager! I told him of my achievements. He paused, and looked at me surprised, but excited.

1 week later

I rushed into the lobby of our hotel, eager to leave for our plane. I was blocked by that same man, the one who only the other night I had spoken too, and he was with two others, both dressed in black velvet suits. They pulled me into a Volkswagen, windows tinted black. 

"We would like to propose an offer" said the one.

"An offer, we don't think you can refuse" said the other.

The discussions were long, and it came to a conclusion, I was to be appointed the manager of a Melbourne Football Club! I suspected we would be battling it out in the regional divisions, when I looked up the club, it came up with the exact same man from our meeting. His name was Anthony Di Pietro, and he was the chairman of Melbourne Victory. 

My travel plans


I planned to fly from Australia to Turkey, then to Poland and finally England. It would be a long journey, but worth it.



I hope you enjoyed the story part of this! This is my idea of my main save now, and I plan to fully show off both new leagues in Poland and Turkey.

I will try to keep to the story format, and will keep it as interesting as possible!

Comments or thoughts are appreciated!



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Definitely going to be following this, showing off the 2 new leagues aswell as starting in probably the most underplayed league! Bring on first update 

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Hint/Sneak Peak

As I stepped off the train, I was immediately crowded my the dozens of journalists shouting to get my attention. Through the parade of journalists, I saw the exit, and went for it, but my path was again blocked by the media. Many questions were asked as I looked for a way out of the mess, and the one question I could make out above all the noise was "Who are you?" You'll know who I am soon enough mate. 

Very suddenly, I was being escorted towards a Black Mercedes by a suited man, and as soon as I entered, the car sped off. I looked to my right to find that man from the bar. His name, I soon came to find out, was Brian Eastick, and he was older than I suspected. 65! He looked about 38! Anyway, he was to be my new coach, employed by the club to help me on my way. We went over several things in that car journey, including the players, facilities, and a story of some Dutch manager trying to get a Centre Back to score 250 goals for Benfica! 

We pulled up outside the AAMI Park, or the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, and what a sight it was. The sun gleamed of the high stands, and I was in awe, however I was hurried inside to a large room on the bottom floor of the Stadium. A conference room of sorts. At the end of the table sat Di Pietro himself, sipping a Martini. "Ethan! Welcome my freind! We have 15 minutes before the press arrive, so let's make this quick!" And in those 15 minutes, Di Pietro went through a 60 PAGE POWERPOINT! I was almost sweating! And by the shake of a hand and the movement of a pen, I was named Melbourne Victory Manager.


Season 1 coming soon.


Hi guys! Hope you enjoyed that, I like the idea of writing this career like a story aswell as going over the career like I normally do in my saves, so feel free to let me know how you feel about this! Also, in my write ups I will thorw in little 'Easter Egg' type of things, like I did with the Dutch manager with the Benfica defender, that obviously being @BatiGoal! Thanks for reading, and let me know how you feel, I am enjoying the season so far, and first update could be tommorow, as I'm about halfway through the season now!

Feedback/Thoughts Welcome and appreciated!

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Following this!

Best of luck I tried Oz last year but didnt even get the idea off the ground.

Wish you the best of luck! 

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6 minutes ago, mcandrew003 said:

Thanks a lot mate, it is a fun League that people try in private and there aren't a lot of saves with it on here, so I though I'd give it a go along with Turkey and Poland!


Nice one, I just got frustrated with the window and the lack of activity there. 

I have only ventured to Turkey once this year and that was with Hacepette Spor I did do a career on here with them but it slowly dwindled out. 

Have not played in Poland at all, but Im hearing it can be a decent career 

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I've had a private career in Poland this year, fun league cause anyone can win it, I came second with a team who just got promoted in my game! Haven't really tried Turkey at all, whilst I have had quite enjoyable save in Australia in the past. Anyway, thanks for your support mate! @kylieboi88

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Update 1

Hello everybody and welcome to part 1 of The Journey! Before I get started I better say, if the writing is bold then it's story mode, and if the writing is like this then it's normal Update style! Enjoy!


Extract from news article: 'After today's unexpected decision by Victory Chairman Anthony Di Pietro, Ethan McAndrew has been officially named Manager. But who is this manager? Where did he come from? Why not someone more experienced? But most importantly, can he do the job?'

I laughed as I turned in my new chair, in my new office, in my new club.




So, my first port of call was to develop a tactic that suited our players, aswell a second incorporated my way of football. After a brief discussion with the coaching team, this is what we went with for most of the season.


Me and my colleagues came together to design this!






I entered a small room with a whiteboard on every wall. Paper was piled high on a few desks, and I could hear the jotting of notes. I closed the door, and a small man looked up from amongst the forest of work. "Welcome Mr McAndrew. I will be your assistant, Jean-Paul." He had a very strong Australian accent ( yes, he was actually Australian!)"Please, just call me Ethan." I replied, and with a nod of heads, he went straight back to his desk and started jotting again. I already liked him!


First Defeat and Win!



Girst game, first win! A convincing one too!


Despite an incredibly close game, we went down to Perth Glory!




I approached an older looking man in glasses, looking carefully through a list of players. "Hi, I'm..." He interrupted me "Ethan McAndrew, yes hi, I've heard about you from the newspaper, I'm Paulo,I'll be your main scout." We shook hands, before talking of our back stories. He told me of a manager trying solely to break the scoring record in Portugal! Our conversation was cut short after he was called into the briefing room for a meeting, and he handed me the list he was looking through "Here are some recruitment..options" before walking off.

Our recruitment was solely based on backup players, the only ones being more than that were Fletcher, our new striker, and McGowan, our new right back. All others were to add quality to our depth.

The FFA Cup


As you can see from earlier in the update, we were knocked out fairly early from the competition, with our players not up to standard yet! An even game, and a late goal killed us really!


"Is this a joke! What were you doing! We batter them and you can't be bothered to put another one away! You ALL have something to prove, so never think you can stroll in and out of training, or matches EVER again! You all have let yourselves and each other down, and the fans more than anybody. If anybody should be shouting at you, it's them!" 

I led the team out onto the pitch to the mere 2,000 travelling fans still in their seats, and I told them to let the players have it, and boy they sure did!

The League Campaign 


The season was a mixed one for me personally, with a failure to find THE tactic, but it still turned out pretty amazingly!


We finish 8 points clear of second place (that was once 14 points!) and secure a league title in our first ever season as a manager. Phenomenal! We also conceded the least amount in the league, which left me delighted!


The Decisive Game!



HAHA! Revenge over the victors in the FFA cup, Berisha fires us to the title!

The final whistle blew, and the stadium roared in victory. The captain, Ansell, ran over and jumped on my back, whilst the team celebrated with the fans. Up in the stands, Di Pietro was clapping and jumping, nearly falling over several times. Two fans broke onto the pitch and joined the huddle the team had formed, and we willingly accepted them! What a moment that was!


A-League Rules



Just so you guys understand the structure going forward!

Hyundai A-League Finals Series


As we won the league, we qualified to go straight to the Semi-Finals of the finals series, and this is how it went!


Adelaide went infront, but luckily Troisi equalised, and Broxham sent us to the final!

Final Series Final

We played our nemesis Perth Glory in the final, and this was the score at half time!


I was confident, but nervous, I mean we destroyed them!

"And now, we will switch to our touch line reporter, Nick Thomas, Nick?"

"Yeah Hi Adam, and from what we can see down here, the managers are going at it! McAndrew just said something, which got Popovic riled. McAndrew seems to have the mental advantage, but can his team get the advantage on the pitch?"

The Result....


BANG! The fans explode into song as Melbourne Victory are crowned the best in the country!



The Shortlist was released that afternoon for Manager of the year. Here is the shortlist

Manager of the year

Ethan McAndrew - Melbourne Victory

John Aloisi - Brisbane Roar

Mark Bresciano - Melbourne City

Paul Okon - Central Coast Mariners

We all sat round a large table, with our family and friends for the unveiling. We each told stories of our season, and had a good laugh doing so. As the announcer walked up, my nerves grew. "And the winner is..... Ethan McAndrew!" I had a massive grin on my face as I walked up to the stand and took my place amongst the best, in Australia anyway!






I didn't play the Champions League games, I'm not that bad!





Average Rating






To Finish

I walked into the large briefing room at the top of the stadium, Di Pietro's executive office, and shut the large, birch doors. Di Pietro was stood up, looking out of his large window over the beautiful green pitch. He turned his head slightly, and then jumped right up to me. "ETHAN! There you are my freind, welcome to my lounge! I have invited you in here for a few reasons, mainly to congratulate you on your success this season." I couldn't keep the grin off my face. "So, I have a proposition. His hand moved and I followed it until I saw a piece of paper lying on the table. In big letters at the top, it read 'PAY-RISE' I looked at Di Pietro and hugged him, rather unprofessionally. "Oh, and look outside" I released my grip and turned to the window, where I saw a large banner placed in the stands. It read ' Ethan McAndrew, one of a kind!" We chatted and drank until late at night, and formally agreed the contract!


Hi guys 

so that was Season 1, please let me know what you think of the structure of the update and also general thoughts about the game, and thanks for reading. 

Now it's off to make a start on Stage 3 of my Tour De France career!

Comments are appreciated!


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Very enjoyable read and a fine season. Australia is nice to get away from the regular European leagues. Kiu!

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Hint for Update 2

I was escorted into the Conference room, the same one I entered on the first day of my career, to see a table with paperwork all over it. There were A-League officials here, and Di Pietro looked oddly happy. "Ethan! Excellent to see you. After last season, the A-League has decided to implement something... come have a look!" I followed him over to one large piece of paperwork, where the words DESIGNATED PLAYER popped up a few times. "We will get one player each season as ours" Di Pietro explained, and I smiled, and shook hands with he officials. Oddly cold. I rushed out and into Paulo Cardoso's office. "I need a..." "Player, yes I'm on it!"

I present to you, our 2016/17 Designated Player...




Update 2 coming soon...

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I really dig the narrative style of prose. Keep up the great work - I don't recall often seeing careers in Oz pop up very often, so this is kind of a rare treat :)

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