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Fun/Games The Vibe marathon - Community challenge


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The Vibe marathon - a community challenge

Hi all and welcome to this behemoth of a challenge! I always love the community challenges and love how it makes me play teams and leagues i normally don't play with.  So i've decided to host and post this massive community challenge which was hosted back in 2015 by @Ashez to say goodbye to our beloved FMH.

So how can we all play and experience all leagues and clubs? Well we are going to win a match with every club in every league FMM has to offer us :) 

Vibe needs you!


To get involved all you need to do is post a screenshot of a team winning (name the team you are) with the aim of us as a community winning three points with every playable team in 17 countries :O

Dead simple but an amazing achievement if we manage to pull this off as an community :D. 

The Rules

1. We'll be doing one league at a time starting with Australia - Teams don't have to be played in order though
2. Only league games count
3. New saves only - Just play until you win a match, doesn't have to be the first one playable. 
4. A screenshot must be posted here. 
5. No reserving teams or holding back, we've got a lot to cover so just get on with it. 
6. No signings, reloading, editors, or cheating. 

As a stand alone challenge this is a massive task but as a community we can achieve this!

Whenever you're ready get your images in! I'll cross the club off and put your username next to it. 

Contributors leaderboard

Rocket 31
PriZe 3
Real_Random 1
Taff 60
Cockers2505 45
thatsawesomgil 33
Samhardy 4
NucleusNT 3
BeepBoop 3
Batigoal 5

Number of contributors 

9 Vibers



Second division 

  • Aue
  • Berlin-Kopenick
  • Bielefeld
  • Bochum
  • Braunschweig
  • Darmstadt
  • Dresden
  • Duisburg
  • Dusseldrof
  • Greater Furth
  • Hamburg St. Pauli
  • Heidenheim
  • Ingolstadt
  • Kaiserlautern
  • Kiel
  • Nurnberg
  • Regensburg
  • Sandhausen


Third division - completed

  • Aalen by Cockers2505
  • Chemnitz by Cockers2505
  • Erfurt by Cockers2505
  • Fortuna Köln by Cockers2505
  • Grobaspach by Cockers2505
  • Halle by Cockers2505
  • Jena by Cockers2505
  • Karlsruhe by Cockers2505
  • Lotte by Cockers2505
  • Magdeburg by Cockers2505
  • Meppen by Cockers2505
  • Munster by Cockers2505
  • Osnabruck by Batigoal
  • Paderborn by Batigoal
  • Rostock by Batigoal
  • Unterhaching by Batigoal
  • Wehen by Cockers2505
  • Wurzburg by Cockers2505
  • Zwickau by Cockers2505

Australia - completed



  • Adelaide United  by Rocket
  • Melbourne City by PriZe
  • Perth Glory by Taff
  • Western City Wanderers FC by Real_Random
  • Brisbane Roar  by Rocket
  • Melbourne Victory by Rocket
  • Sydney FC by Taff
  • Central Coast Mariners by Rocket
  • Newcastle United Jets by Rocket
  • Wellington Phoenix by Cockers2505

England - Completed


Premier league - Completed

  • Arsenal by Cockers2505
  • Bournemouth by Cockers2505
  • Brighton by Taff
  • Burnley by Cockers2505
  • Chelsea by Taff
  • Crystal Palace by Cockers2505
  • Everton by Beepbop
  • Huddersfield by Taff
  • Leicester by Cockers2505
  • Liverpool by Cockers2505
  • Man City by Cockers2505
  • Man Utd by Cockers2505
  • Newcastle by Taff
  • Southampton by Cockers2505
  • Stoke by Cockers2505
  • Swansea by Taff
  • Tottenham by Cockers2505
  • Watford by Cockers2505
  • West Brom by Cockers2505
  • West ham by Cockers2505

Championship - Completed

  • Aston Villa by BatiGoal
  • Barnsley by thatawesomegil
  • Brentford by Cockers2505
  • Birmingham by thatawesomegil
  • Bolton by thatawesomegil
  • Bristol Cityby thatawesomegil
  • Burton by Cockers2505
  • Cardiff by Cockers2505
  • Derby by thatawesomegil
  • Fulham by thatawesomegil
  • Hull by thatawesomegil
  • Ipswich by thatawesomegil
  • Leeds by Cockers2505
  • Middlesbrough by thatawesomegil
  • Millwall by thatawesomegil
  • Norwich by thatawesomegil
  • Not Forest by thatawesomegil
  • Preston by Cockers2505
  • QPR by Taff
  • Reading by Taff
  • Sheff utd by Taff
  • Sheff Wed by Taff
  • Sunderland by Samhardy
  • Wolves by Taff

Sky bet league one - completed

  • AFC Wimbledon by Rocket
  • Blackburn by Rocket
  • Blackpool by Rocket
  • Bradford City by Rocket
  • Bristol Rovers by Rocket
  • Bury by Rocket
  • Charlton by Rocket
  • Doncaster by Rocket
  • Fleetwood by Rocket
  • Gillingham by NucleusNT
  • MK Dons by NucleusNT
  • Northampton by Cockers2505
  • Oldham by Cockers2505
  • Oxford by Cockers2505
  • Peterborough by Cockers2505
  • Plymouth by Cockers2505
  • Portsmouth by NucleusNT
  • Rochdale by Cockers2505
  • Rotherham by Cockers2505
  • Scunthorpe by Rocket
  • Shrewsbury by BeepBoop
  • Southend by Taff
  • Walsall by Taff
  • Wigan by BeepBoop

Sky bet league two - completed

  • Accrington by Taff
  • Barnet by Taff
  • Cambridge by Taff
  • Carlisle by Taff
  • Cheltenham by Taff
  • Chesterfield by Taff
  • Colchester by Taff
  • Coventry by Taff
  • Crawley by Taff
  • Crewe by Taff
  • Exeter by Taff
  • Forest green by Taff
  • Grimsby by Taff
  • Lincoln by Taff
  • Luton by Taff
  • Mansfield by Taff
  • Morecambe by Taff
  • Newport Co by Taff
  • Notts Co by Taff
  • Port vale by Taff
  • Stevenage by Taff
  • Swindon by Taff
  • Wycombe by Taff
  • Yeovil by Taff

Vanarama National league - Completed

  • AFC Fylde by thatawesomegil
  • Boreham Wood by thatawesomegil
  • Dag & Red by thatawesomegil
  • Ebbs fleet by thatawesomegil
  • Guisley by Cockers2505
  • Aldershot by thatawesomegil
  • Bromley by thatawesomegil
  • Dover by thatawesomegil
  • FC Halifax by thatawesomegil
  • Hartlepool by Samhardy
  • Barrow by thatawesomegil
  • Chester by thatawesomegil
  • Eastleigh by thatawesomegil
  • Gateshead by Samhardy
  • Leyton Orient by Samhardy
  • Macclesfield by Cockers2505
  • Maidenhead by Cockers2505
  • Maidstone by Cockers2505
  • Solihull Moors by Rocket
  • Sutton by Rocket
  • Torquay by Rocket
  • Tranmere by PriZe
  • Woking by Rocket
  • Wrexham by Rocket

Vanarama North - Completed

  • AFC Telford United by PriZe
  • Alfreton Town by Taff
  • Blyth Spartans by Taff
  • Boston United by Taff
  • Brackley Town by Taff
  • Bradford Park Avenue by Taff
  • Chorley by Taff
  • Curzon Ashton by Taff
  • Darlington FC by Taff
  • FC United by Taff
  • Gainsborough Trinity by Taff
  • Harrogate Town by Taff
  • Kidderminster  Harriers by Taff
  • Leamington by Taff
  • North Ferriby United by Taff
  • Nuneaton Town by Taff
  • Salford City by Taff
  • Southport by Taff
  • Spennymoor Town by Taff
  • Stockport County by Taff
  • Tamworth by Taff
  • York Cityby Taff

Vanarama South - Completed

  • Bath City by thatsawesomgil
  • Bognor Regis Town by thatsawesomgil
  • Braintree Town by thatsawesomgil
  • Chelmsford City by thatsawesomgil
  • Chippenham Town by thatsawesomgil
  • Concord Rangers by thatsawesomgil
  • Dartford by thatsawesomgil
  • East Thurrock United by thatsawesomgil
  • Eastbourne Borough by Rocket
  • Gloucester City by Taff
  • Hampton & Richmond Borough F.C.by thatsawesomgil
  • Havant & Waterlooville by Rocket
  • Hemel Hempstead Town by Rocket
  • Hungerford Town by Rocket
  • Oxford City by thatsawesomegil
  • Poole Town by Rocket
  • St.,Albans City by Rocket
  • Truro City by Rocket
  • Wealdstone by Rocket
  • Welling United by Rocket
  • Weston-Super-Mare by Rocket
  • Whitehawk by Rocket
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4 minutes ago, Titjes said:

Nice idea mate ;) but with competitions like England, will it be only premier league or all leagues? :O:P 

Every team in every league is the goal. If enough people chip in its do able but a massive undertaking! 

Delighted to see this return, it's something that completely slipped my mind! 

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10 minutes ago, Titjes said:

Nice idea mate ;) but with competitions like England, will it be only premier league or all leagues? :O:P 

As @Ashez said, we are going for every Club and league :D 

12 minutes ago, Taff said:

What a cracking idea dude

I'll get on this now


Glad you like it! :) looking forward to see the first screenshot!

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1 minute ago, Cockers2505 said:

I've got these already if this helps...



Sorry mate, only new saves. How's the asia league? Any fun?

added 0 minutes later
1 minute ago, Rocket said:

I'll definitely help out, hope that we will be able to complete this (y)

Awesome :)

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Yes apologies mate, didn't fully read before I posted, my bad...

Asia league was interesting, some good players that I never hear posted on this Forum, maybe a post on players in that league might be required?

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Melbourne city!

8 minutes ago, Cockers2505 said:

Hopefully got it right this time...

Wellington Phoenix




1 minute ago, Real_Random said:

76739109-5A39-4C3C-8625-59407B411AC9.thumb.png.a3ff84faf593cc4df2071459dcfa3cca.pngWestern Sydney Wanderers 

Great stuff :)

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1 minute ago, PriZe said:


We are off to a flying start! Blink twice and we will be in Vanarama South :)

Well Australia isn’t that difficult to begin with, 10 teams of similar quality doesn’t make for a a hard challenge

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4 minutes ago, Real_Random said:

Well Australia isn’t that difficult to begin with, 10 teams of similar quality doesn’t make for a a hard challenge

True! But bit surprised you all jumping on board so quickly :) 

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A little suggestion I have is a possible table of the amount of teams players have completed. Gives people motivation to try and complete more to get to the top of the table and therefore they will submit more teams at a quicker rate.

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