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Career No Strikers,No Problem!(Real Madrid)


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This one season challenge picked my attention, so i decided to give it a try. I've decided to go an easy route and pick Real Madrit. 




Strikers leaving, Casilla in a package deal for De Gea, Casemiro said he wanted to leave and everyone hated him.





 The  players:





I forgotten to take a screenshot at the beggining of the season, so the ones from february will have to be enough :D

Mid season table




Yeaaa it looks terrible, only 70 points after 19 games, hopefully i will get it to 150+ by the end.

I will post the results later today.

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Looking good. I can never flog Ronaldo(or Neymar come to think of it) due to their wages to start with.

Obviously I know the boys are quality, but why did you pick those three?

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Well, Asensio has phenomenal shooting for a midfielder, I wanted to use Hazard6in this version and Isco is a great player and is on the team from the start(i did consider De Bruyne instead) 

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Okay it's done.

Team performance


Second part of the league was much better, 66+96=162 





Had some injuries at the beggining of the season, still 49 points is fine.




Played him as SS and expected him to score more, instead he got 26 assits being the third for corners, 56 points




Wooow, he was on set piece duty, but 66 goals is amazing, plus 25 assists giving 91 points


League 96 points, 66 gd - 162 points

Isco      22 goals 27 assists- 49 points

Asensio  30 goals 26 assists - 56 points

Hazard 66 goals 25 assists  - 91 points

Overall 358

Until someone else completes I'm first :D

Cool challenge, credits to Foxy!

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Very nice effort, will take a good team and good trio to beat that. Enjoy topping the leaderboard while it lasts. Congrats :)

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7 hours ago, Rob2017 said:

I was going to give this one a go next, but you’ve well and truly scared me off!!!

Give it a go, cool brake from grinding those 1kc.

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