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Career Kanegan v/s Damilare - H2H (back for the second time)


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Last year we did this, it became a sleeper hit. Hosted by the ever true Vulpini @Foxy, it started a mad rush towards the The Slab Head Brothers Challenge and we even got nominated in the Vibe Awards.

So, we are back with the second edition and this time we do it differently.

Combining the two challenges:


This is the Promotion Wars.


1.  This will be a 10 season long event .

2. We will start with a lower division league team in any league and we need to get them promoted.

3. We resign after the season and take another job in another lower division league and this will continue till we have completed 10 seasons.

4.  Points:

     a) League Points + GD will be our base points every season.

     b) Winning the league outright gets us 10 points

     c) Any cup wins gets us 5 points

     d) Every award wins us 5 points including Manager award and Golden Boot

     e) The highest individual goalscorer and the highest assists among the two of us nets one of us 5 bonus points for each.

     f) Failing to win promotion means 20 points are deducted from our total.


That's it. So, @Damilare, channel your inner Neil Warnock and may the best man win.


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11 hours ago, Foxy said:

Great idea this.

Good luck lads.


11 hours ago, Titjes said:

Good luck guys, looks like fun to follow ;)


7 hours ago, Ashez said:

Good luck lads!

Thanks guys for all the comments. This will be diametrically opposite to my current Liverpool career so it will be fun to fluctuate between the two. Will shortly post our updates in a day or two.

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This challenge has been divided in 3 rounds:

First round : league 2 to league 1 in england,National to DL2 in France,SD2 to SD1 in Spain and BL2 to BL1 in Germany

Second round: league 1 to championship, DL2 to DL1 in France,SD2 to SD1 in Spain and BL2 to BL1 in Germany

Last round: Championship to Premier league,DL2 to DL1 in France....

Sit back and enjoy

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5 hours ago, Gunners Rishi said:

Good luck looks interesting great challenge and @Damilareto win! Man was a beast in the Challenge Cup so yeah come on!

Thanks mate!!! It won't be an easy win because I just started playing 19 version compared to the on-form @Kanegan......

Don't worry,I won't let u down💪💪


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First update:

After so many thoughts,I decided to start my round 1 promotions in Germany and the club chosen is:



Let's go straight to how the team performed in their pursuit for promotion from bundesliga 2 into the bundesliga

League table:IMG_20190227_151134_462.thumb.jpg.b55d45305bf3286140b24e0a476e06be.jpg


Squad stats:IMG_20190227_151202_485.thumb.jpg.615f2a996a01e7e723e2a4ab80e580a1.jpgIMG_20190227_151233_076.thumb.jpg.94b5dd65fec84648a2073e4ed149958a.jpg

Manager profile:IMG_20190227_151250_506.thumb.jpg.9ed2c93d235e9060ad48a26e2e11f29a.jpg

Cup wins:IMG_20190227_151338_198.thumb.jpg.c428448fdec5633ef1b4aaab5a8d1c6c.jpgIMG_20190227_151352_861.thumb.jpg.a2461d085e5a2b9abbc902c13e408075.jpgIMG_20190227_151414_084.thumb.jpg.97ccd0e40f4e3bef958986ebde495598.jpgIMG_20190227_151429_752.thumb.jpg.fe6fbebfd2f593710a201f8b79d8caea.jpgIMG_20190227_151440_596.thumb.jpg.6a15f2fb7c30a3469fc6629d1792716a.jpg

player awards:IMG_20190227_151451_789.thumb.jpg.191c5324e88b3e801f0409d7b36a55ae.jpgIMG_20190227_151502_874.thumb.jpg.32de2b31f4c714d96d13f1bbdab49e16.jpg


League point+goal difference: 79+44= 123

League winner: 10

Golden boot: 5

Total: 138 points

Thanks for viewing!!!!

@Kanegan the floor is all yours...

Edited by Damilare
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11 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Great 1st season mate but your cup points are wrong. Those points are for Cup trophy win and not for Cup rounds passed although we can change that if you want @Damilare

It has been edited..

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Ok after @Damilare posts a great total, it's now my turn. So, i went to the Kingdom of Spain and hit the random pick button and too my surprise got a good team with a great bit of history. The 6 time Copa del Rey winners and the 1995 Cup Winner's Cup champion:




So, let's see how we got going:

League Performance:


We got promoted so no negative points for me in the 1st season but couldn't win the league as the monster i.e Malaga steamrolled through the league. So, 10 points dropped there.



Of course our two J's, Jeison Medina and Javi Espinosa leading in goals and assists category.



So, Golden Boot comfortably won.


Cup Runs and Notable Match



We had to face the mighty Barcelona in the 4th round and we managed to put up a fantastic performance across 2 legs losing 2-1 in our home while holding them 1-1 at Camp Nou. The only hattrick of Medina came in a 4-4 draw with Coruna.


So, our top goalscorer:



Our top assist man:



So, here is the season 1 results:


@Damilare - 138

@Kanegan - 129 (88+26 + 5 (Golden Boot) + 5 (Highest Goalscorer) + 5 (Top Assist Man))

There you go.

@Damilare leads 138 - 129 going into season 2 of Round 1.

Well played.

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Great score mate!!! Now we move to another country....

49 minutes ago, Ran7777 said:

Nice first season and good total mate👏👏

Thanks mate..

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Season 2

Ok, so we head into Season 2 (technically my season 3 as one full season went in getting the desired job) of this H2H as we move on to he great county of Lancashire and the League 2 club:


So, firstly transfers:



So, we rely only on free transfers and loanees for strengthening our team.


League Performance:


Finally we win a title and 10 points are secured. We started the season badly as we lost 4 of our first 6 matches but a tactical switch and a change of personnel later, we started the ball rolling and ended up winning the season overcoming Oxford and Carlisle. 

We exited the FA Cup and Carabao Cup pretty early but Checkatrade Trophy was an absolute marvel:




We won the cup after a giant killing run including League 1 sides Shrewsbury and Lincoln and Championship side Wigan. So, 5 more points secured.



I got the MOTY while Jason Oswell takes the Golden Boot and POTY giving me 5x3 = 15 points in total.


And Jason Oswell showed his complete performance topping the team in both goals and assists.


So, 43 goals and 12 assists scored by the man.


Season score:

League points + GD - 88+31 = 119 points

League title - 10 points

Cup - 5 points

Awards - 15 points

Top goalscorer - 43 goals

Top assists - 12 assist

Total = 149 points


@Damilare, you are up next.

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Really smashing score @Kanegan,you made the league look very easy....

Following my resignation at FC koln,I got employed in FRANCE at FC BASTIA-BORGO who are in pursuit for promotion from the French National league..IMG_20190301_173832_912.thumb.jpg.a2f83e6fb95c307b3805f753e3de8f0e.jpgIMG_20190301_173846_542.thumb.jpg.54e0606075140e6207c4f2d6fe53d88a.jpg

This is how the season went:


We did quite well in the league scoring 72 goals but conceding a large amount of 42 goals...



I had to make lot of transfers because I met a team that was not appealing to the eye...


My striker trio scored 70 goals and had 38 assist in total...


Top assister was also one of my strikers with 15 assists...IMG_20190301_173858_111.thumb.jpg.c636139e7505e2dc0cc86237e119b47c.jpg

Top goalscorer award....My trio were the top 3 goalscorers in the season...

IMG_20190301_173911_147.thumb.jpg.73ec78ffce3f5ba84ce73e1f877ac544.jpgTop assist award...




League point + G.D. : 30+67= 97 points

League title: 10 points

Awards: 10 points

Total: 117 points

@Kanegan gets 5 bonus point for winning highest goalscorer award..

There you go...

@Damilare 255 - 283 @Kanegan

@Kanegan takes the lead...


31 minutes ago, Kanegan said:



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Round 1- season 3

League 2(England)Screenshot_20190304-114347.png.f6df50f34efc33cb4c3d5fce397009c2.pngScreenshot_20190304-114325.png.03bd02850e9d7f4a23c1f7d2969ec4e8.png

Wrexham F.Cdownload.jpeg.22bf6f60de4e7c12947957eb9a8d3691.jpeg

League table:Screenshot_20190304-114207.png.a7ff501c300824e9ab3737d3c425158c.png

Player stats:Screenshot_20190304-114046.png.df70bb3227abbbec5a65dbb584878b10.pngScreenshot_20190304-114225.png.4f0db01ee84f591778ff40cfa677eb70.png



League points+G.D = 98+58= 156

League title: 10 points

Awards: 5×3= 15 points

Total= 181 points

@Kanegan it's your turn..

Edited by Damilare
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Round 1 Season 3

So, after my exploits in England and France, for my third club i went to France and took charge of the second oldest club in the country:


I took charge of the club for just three games before the new season arrived:Screenshot_2019-03-02-09-39-28-12.thumb.png.278ccb29cb71c72fecea708d32e9d9ca.png


League Performance



Notable Matches & Cup Runs


We managed a fantastic run in the French Cup, going till the semis aided by some easy matches but PSG stopped our march.




Letter J continue to work for me as this is the third player whose name starts with J  who wins the Golden Boot.

Our Main Man,



H2H Update:


@Damilare - 98+58+10(League Title)+ 10( 5x2 for 2 awards) - 176

@Kanegan - 77+35+10(League Title) + 5(5x1 for 1 award) + 5(Top goalscorer) + 5 (Top assist man) - 137

@Damilare leads 431 - 420 @Kanegan with 1 season remaining in Round 1.

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Screenshot_2019-03-06-13-55-16-11.thumb.png.54bc5757621cc2de5b728aba41b0930c.pngScreenshot_2019-03-06-13-55-22-59.thumb.png.8524a4fb5dce330c3d4f695e5af24841.pngRound 1 Season 4

Sorry for the long wait everyone as we were both a little busy with our professional lives. So, but here we are again. So, i needed to round off in Germany to finish this round while @Damilare got to finish in Spain. Advantage Nigerian. I got the job with a decent club:Aalen.png.905b18aab19578406163a482645a48be.pngScreenshot_2019-03-04-18-26-48-24.thumb.png.6ff19ac02b70b042beb16ef599f3f893.png

So, i needed a big big season if we are to compete in this round as the sheer amount of games difference between the German and the Spanish league makes it an almost impossible task.


League Performance


We actually managed an unbeaten season. Unbelievable, first time in this H2H i got that. The no. of goals scored were drastically low but my defence was the standout. Still, 11 draws were a bit too much and i was hoping to get some more points in the league.


Cup Run



After a run of 34 unbeaten games, finally we succumbed to the mighty Bayern in the German Cup semis.



Nowhere near the Golden Boot award as my chosen striker got injured for about 3 months and my other back up strikers were complete shit.


Top Goalscorer



Top Assist Man




So, Season Total - 80+38 + 10(League Title) - 128 points

Round Total - 420+128 - 548 points

So, 4 out of 4 promotions and an unbeaten league campaign to end the 1st round.

So, @Damilare, you are up next. Finish strong.


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Round 1 season 4

Once again,we apologise for the long wait.. To round off the first round,we moved to Spain and here's how we performed...download.png.7b49a5f1172a6fa662d8fdfa41b44329.pngScreenshot_20190309-053940.png.259668987cf0fc1316d5dcea61d53930.png

League table:Screenshot_20190309-053640.png.78c2633869f4018bc3825b54567db469.png

Player stats:Screenshot_20190309-053613.png.9525fca53e86eb22e6998c628fa86ebd.pngScreenshot_20190309-053550.png.ff3719094b702d4aa409e19a56d9daaf.png


League points +G.D = 85+41=126

League title: 10 points

Awards: 5 points

Highest goal scorer: 29 (5 points)

Total= 146 points

Round 1 total: 577 points 

@Damilare577 -548@Kanegan

That marks the end of round 1,round 2 coming soon....

Thanks for viewing..


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9 hours ago, Woody said:

Good scoring there guys. 

Its a close one so far.

Thanks mate. It has been a good 1st round so far.

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Since @Damilare has not shown his face in a while whereas i have already finished two seasons in Round 2 so what better to post here and let the Nigerian post his when he is ready.


Round 2 Season 5

So, i stayed in Germany and joined my second 2.Bundesliga club on the trot,



League Performance


My 4th successive title win but points were too low. 


Cup Run & Notable Matches



We script a magical win against Stuttgart in the 1st round of German Cup.



So, the Golden Boot is back with me after a misstep last season.


Top Goalscorer



Top Assist Man




So, Season Total - 72+29 + 10(League Title) + 5(1 Award) - 116 points


Round 2 Season 6



League Performance


My 1st century of points with a healthy goal difference meant we picked up our highest points from the league


Cup Run





Loader, our English import wins the Golden Boot


Top Goalscorer



Top Assist Man




Season Total - 104 + 49 + 10(League Title) + 5(1 Award) - 168 points

Total points upto Round 2 Season 6 - 284

So, 6 out of 6 promotions so far. Now to wait and see what @Damilare brings to the table.

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