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Career Ian - The Terrifying Trio - TT - Tekin 1kc (Season 19)

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2 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Another cracking season mate. Very close to the finishing line. You may carry on till 2000 goals as that will be an interesting target to reach.

Thank you, yes that would be a great return for the boys. I’ll have to decide!

31 minutes ago, Rob said:

Love it. One more season and then it is passed. It’ll be only then that you’ll know if you have the desire to continue.

Cheers Rob, yes once I get to the target I should have a better idea of whether the motivation is there to continue or not.

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Season Sixteen

We started this season knowing 34 goals would be enough for us to reach our total and I’d love to add a touch of drama to it but I just can’t as it was almost guaranteed we’d get there so here goes. 

November 22nd 2033

The second goal scored by Emincan Tekin in this Champions League Group Stage match against CSKA Moscow was ‘The Terrifying Trio’s’ combined 1500th club career goal. 


Let’s see how the boys got on individually

Jan Thielmann

Jan the man only scored five goals this part season but he scored 438 goals towards our total which is rather respectable. He’s certainly came a long way since his debut season where he only managed a paltry seven goals. 



Fabio Lorenzini

Fabio got 11 goals this part season and contributed 472 of the 1500 scored by our trio which again is good going really and he can be proud of the part he played.



Emincan Tekin

Tekin really proved himself to be the main man of our trio in recent years and this part season was no different as he scored 18 of the 34 required goals. It was fitting that he should score the final goal but I have to say I was kind of expecting it to go to one of the other boys. Anyway he netted 590 of the 1500 combined goals and now he will try and get himself 1000 career club goals which will be a great achievement if we can pull it off. 



Notable matches






So as I’ve just mentioned I’ve taken the decision to carry this on in an attempt to get Tekin 1000 club goals. He’s 31 years old now so should decline soon and needs 410 goals but I’m going to go with it in the hope that he can keep going well into his late thirties. I kind of feel that I might be about 80-50 goals short here but guess we’ll find out.

I’ll not go through any other team or manager information on this part season update as I’ll include that on my end of season update where we can see how Tekin gets on up top on his own. 


Team: Benfica

This Season/Overall (Goals)

Jan Thielmann: 5/438

Fabio Lorenzini: 11/472

Emincan Tekin: 18/590

This Season Total: 34 goals

Triple Threat Total: 1500/1500 goals (Completed)

I’d be very grateful @Foxy if you could please add me onto The Triple Threat leaderboard.

Thank you to everyone who has followed this and especially those who have dropped the odd comment of encouragement along the way. I’ve really enjoyed this challenge but towards the end I was losing a bit of motivation which was to be expected as it’s been pretty obvious for a few seasons that we’d easily hit the total. I think if I was going to carry this on as a Triple Threat I’d need to take a break and there’d always be the danger that I’d just not return to it which is why I’m changing it up and going for the Tekin 1kc.

As I’m continuing on straight away I’ll keep the Tekin 1kc in this thread and I’ll be back with the end of season update soon where we will be able to see what kind of start Tekin gets off to on his own.

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Well done on the TT mate. And good luck with Tekin 1KC. Is the Germany job available??

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Well done mate it has been a pleasure to follow and i wish you the best of luck on the 1k. 👍


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@Rob, @Kanegan, @Ran7777, @KyleJNichol, @Foxy & @Woody

Thank you all for the fine comments and support throughout.

We’ll keep going with Tekin and I don’t think you can manage Germany so I won’t be able to go that way which would’ve helped tremendously but I’m hopeful that he’s got a few more decent club seasons left in him to give us a chance before he totally declines. 

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Season Sixteen - End of Season Update

Our trio completed the triple threat challenge towards the end of November and I decided to end the challenge there and switch up my system to one up top and try and get Tekin to 1000 club career goals. It’s something I never actually thought about trying until the beginning of this season as it just never seemed on but I felt as though I had to give it a go to reinvigorate the save.

I personally feel as though he is about 50-80 goals shy at this stage but a lot will depend on how many goals he can get in the first few seasons.

Let’s see how he got on up top on his own in his first part season.

Emincan Tekin

He had 18 goals at the end of November when I called time on the triple threat and he scored a further 53 goals during the rest of the season to give him a season return of 71 goals in 57 games. I extended his contract at the end of the season and was expecting him to announce his retirement but he didn’t which was great news as he should have at least one more extension in him.



Notable Matches











With going one up top I had to bring in a few new faces to get my formation to hopefully work. Full list below. 







Team Performances

Emincan scored a hat trick in the Supertaça against Braga as we ran out 4-0 winners. The match was rather one sided and the score line could’ve been a lot more as we never really got out of second gear.

I took liberties with my team selection in the European Super Cup and paid for it as we eventually lost 4-3 against Spurs. I had a few new faces in the team and forgot to put some of the big boys on the bench so couldn’t change it up too much. Tekin did however score a brace so not a bad result in the grand scheme of things.

Tekin would get himself another brace against Chivas in the Club World Championship final. It was a rather routine game as they didn’t have a shot on target. 

We played Vit. Guimarães in the League Cup final and again Tekin helped himself to a nice brace in a 3-0 win.

We had a horrible day in front of goal in the Taça de Portugal as Vit. Setúbal took us to penalties. Tekin had scored our only goal in a 1-1 draw but we managed to win the shootout in the end.

We hammered Bayern Munich in the Champions League final but the ball just wouldn’t go in the net. Chance after chance was missed and the game eventually went to extra time where we finally overpowered them to win 2-0.

The league was comfortable as we went unbeaten whilst only drawing three games.











We were nowhere near close to completing the Gündogan Victory Challenge this year. I’ll try and make sure to always have a German midfielder in my team and if I get lucky I get lucky but my main focus now is on Tekin and his 1kc.















Emincan Tekin 1kc

This season: 71 goals

Total: 643/1000 goals

Triple Threat - Jan Thielmann, Fabio Lorenzini and Emincan Tekin: 1500 goals (Completed)


A decent start for Tekin in his first part season up top on his own. Next year should give us a better idea as to whether he can pull this off or not. I feel we need a bare minimum of 70 goals from him otherwise all of my confidence will evaporate.

Thank for reading and comments are greatly appreciated.

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28 minutes ago, Ran7777 said:

Good start mate👏

Thank you, hopefully he can keep going at a high level for a few seasons yet. 

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44 minutes ago, Rob said:

71 is a great return considering the squad reconstruct needed.

Cheers, yes it’s fine with me but I’ll be hoping for a touch more if possible next year.

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9 hours ago, Kanegan said:

That's a great start mate. 

Thanks Kane, we just need a few more decent seasons and hope he doesn’t rapidly decline. 

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3 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Congrats on the TT mate, and good luck with Tekin and his 1k.

Cheers Smoggy!

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29 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Excellent start and I hope he can kee this up for a few more years for you.

Thank you Foxy, yes I'm relying on that as he's just about to turn 32 so I feel we need three or four good seasons to give us a shot at this. 

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Season Seventeen

Here we are at season seventeen of this career and now that the triple threat is finished we continue to focus on Emincan Tekin and his attempt at reaching 1000 career club goals. This season was his first full season up top alone so let’s see how he got on.

Emincan Tekin

Emincan scored 74 goals in 58 games which is only slightly better than last season but it is an acceptable return and it gives us a fighting chance. He’s about to turn 33 years old and it looks like his decline is starting so we just have to hope it’s a slow and steady one. I’ve brought in three fitness coaches along with me as an attacking one and Roy Keane as my defensive assistant manager so hopefully that’ll help keep his physical attributes decent for as long as is possible. 



Notable Matches







Team Performances

The league was as usual a walk in the park but we did draw three games. We only scored 88 goals but I suppose that shows the shift to a one up top formation in which I’m not sure the squad is perfectly set up for as of yet.

We beat Vit. Setúbal 6-0 in the Supertaça and I say beat rather than hammered as the game was slightly closer than you’d think looking at the score. We were just really clinical in front of goal with Tekin helping himself to a hat trick. 

The European Super Cup was fairly one sided as Tekin scored a goal to help us beat a decent Napoli team 2-1.

Cruz Azul couldn’t muster a shot at goal in the final of the Club World Championship as we strolled to a 2-0 win. Tekin got one of goals and the only negative was not scoring a few more if I’m honest.

Again Tekin scored a goal in the League Cup final but we made fairly hard work of it as we limped to a 2-1 win over Braga. 

We hammered Estoril in the Taça de Portugal final but found scoring rather difficult so had to make do with a paltry 1-0 victory without a goal from the main man.

Tekin made up for his poor performance in the domestic cup final by blasting home four goals against Dortmund in the Champions League final. The match finished 4-1 but it wasn’t a hammering as we just made better use of our chances on this occasion. 









Fixtures and Manager and Transfers

No Gündogan Victory Challenge again this season unfortunately. I haven’t totally gave up on it though but obviously the priority has to go to Tekin now and I have a feeling once he starts to decline the bigger results will be much harder to come by.

















Emincan Tekin 1kc

This season: 74 goals

Total: 717/1000 goals

Triple Threat - Jan Thielmann, Fabio Lorenzini and Emincan Tekin: 1500 goals (Completed)


A decent season for Tekin as it’s his first full season alone up top and it’s difficult to know what a good return for him is with him being older so we take it and move on. We need 283 goals to get him to the target and I’m hoping he plays on until he’s 38 so that would mean we need about 48 goals a season on average. Of course he might chuck it in before then and his returns should decrease as the years go on so I’m looking for around 60 for the next couple of years at least.

Thanks for reading and comments are greatly appreciated.

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Well done Ian. Hopefully you manage to keep him for a while longer. 74 is a great score considering his age.

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16 minutes ago, Rob said:

Well done Ian. Hopefully you manage to keep him for a while longer. 74 is a great score considering his age.

Thank you Rob, a few more like that and we should be able to do it. 

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26 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

That's a great goal ratio considering his age. Keep going like this mate. 

Thank you Kane, yes a few more similar would be nice.

18 minutes ago, smoggy90 said:

Good return mate, hope he keeps going like that for a few more seasons to make those later years a bit easier.

Cheers Smoggy, yes I’m hoping for that to give me a shot at it.

21 minutes ago, Rob said:

One thing I would like to add is your defensive record is always nuts.

Yes I know I’m rather stingy at the back and it’s one aspect of real life that I’ve taken with me onto the game as I hate my team conceding stupid goals so I usually try to have a decent defence.

18 minutes ago, Ran7777 said:

Another good season mate👏 KIU

Thank you very much.

Switching to the Tekin 1kc has reinvigorated the save for me and I honestly couldn’t have continued on as a triple threat so I’ve made the right decision I feel.

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