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Career City, Red Bull, Paris and Barca Goes Young!

Kun Aguero

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Hey guys it's Kun Aguero here with my attempt of @samhardy's Man City-Liverpool Title Race Challenge.

The main point of this challenge is that you need to take over Man City or Liverpool, sell your whole squad and then replace the players listed below with players with the same position and nationality with each one cost no more than 10 million. That's not the toughest part yet, you need to win the Quadruple to be on the Leaderboard. This is definitely a tough challenge, and probably why there's still no one on the Leaderboard yet. So I decided to give this a try, probably may not get on the Leaderboard, but no harm trying yeah?

The Team

You don't even have to guess which team I have chosen, it's none other than Man City


The Squad

So the challenge required me to sell the whole squad, and replace those in the list below with players with the same position and nationality, with each one not cost more than 10 million.

  • (Ederson) GK - Brazil
  • (Walker) DR - England
  • (Laporte) DC - France
  • (Zinchenko) DL - Ukraine
  • (Fernandinho) DMC - Brazil
  • (Gundogan) MC - Germany
  • (De Bruyne) MC - Belgium
  • (Bernardo Silva) AMR - Portugal
  • (Aguero) ST - Argentina
  • (Sterling) AML - England

GK - Brazil



So here are the players who qualifies for Ederson's replacement. This one's an easy choice, an old goalie is always better than a young one right, so here's the man to guard City's goalpost.


Former Valencia man Diego Alves it is! Let's hope that his experience may help us in achieving the near impossible Quadruple. 

DR - England



So the replacement for Kyle Walker appears to be a tougher choice, quite a few quality English right backs with a mixture of young talent and experienced ones. Nathaniel Clyne also came across my list, but the 13 million asked by Liverpool crossed him off. So here's our English RB.


Joel Ward, not the best one in the list, but the only few quality one that I can get for a mere 10 million. Decided to go for Sam Byram and Jonjoe Kenny, but the demanded transfer fee hold me back.

DC - France



Quite some quality players on the list, but most above cost more than 10 million, so decided to go for this guy.


Decent defending stats, should be a good partner with skipper Kompany.

DL - Ukraine



Only three players for me to choose, but ended up only able to buy the cheapest one.


Decent stats tbh.

DMC - Brazil



Former City player Fernando and Otavio are top of my list, but again, held back by the demanded fee, so ended up with this guy.


Some average stats here. 

MC - Germany



Not sure why samhardy decided to have Gundogan in the list instead of David Silva, but looking for a decent German midfielder shouldn't be that much trouble. A few candidates here, Kohr, Demme, Leitner and Castro caught my eyes.


Decided to go with Demme instead, had him in my RBL save from last year game. Wanted Kohr first but as always, don't have the money for him.


MC - Belgium



Surprisingly less candidates here. Would definitely go with Eliot Matazo if it's not a one-season challenge. But since I need someone that can immediately fits into the team, decided to go with Stef Peeters here.


Not the best of stats, but that's probably one of the best I can get.

AMR - Portugal



Some decent players for me to choose, but at last decided to go with the oldest one.


Still some good stats there being a 34 yrs old, just hope that he can give the team the experience we need here.

AML - England



Another tough choice to make, but since I need an INF, decided to go with this guy here. Ollie Watkins.


Have no experience with him before, but hopefully he can provide the goals from the wings.

ST - Argentina



A mixture of strikers at their peak and some old legends, but it's an obvious choice for me.


Obviously, there's some better choice out there, but being one of my favorite City player, decided to give him another go at City. 

Other Transfers




Spend my final 10 million on Ghanassy and Iturbe, and bring in some loanees for backup.

Transfers Out




Arsenal came to Manchester for a shopping, while the others not sold are demoted to the reserves.

So that's all of my intro and players revealing, next update will come ASAP. As always thanks for reading, leave some thoughts on my player choices and wish me some luck as well.

Edited by Kun Aguero
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I contemplated this challenge several times but in the end thought to myself : "which lunatic is going to attempt this??" 😂 you're the right man for the job. 

IMHO a greatly improved squad over the original 👍 

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2 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

I contemplated this challenge several times but in the end thought to myself : "which lunatic is going to attempt this??" 😂 you're the right man for the job. 

IMHO a greatly improved squad over the original 👍 

The more I play thru the save, the more I wonder how evil the one who came with such challenge idea😂


Edited by Kun Aguero
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Welcome back to my attempt on the Man City-Liverpool Title Race Challenge. Without further ado, let's get into my final update for my attempt.

The Squad

Here's the squad and formation I have used most of the time throughout the season, I had also used a 2 strikers formation midway through the season, pairing up Tevez with Gallagher (signed on a loan), but since the point of this challenge is to use the players I bought to replace the original ones, so most of the time I still play with this lineup.



Community Shield


As always, the season started with the Community Shield match against Chelsea, and tho the Community Shield didn't count as one of the Quadruple, winning it with the new squad we have is always something to be proud of. Glad to see Quaresma scored early in the game, proving that trusting veterans may be the right move for us. Our Ukranian left-back replacing Zinchenko missed a penalty as well (forget to set the players to take the penalties before going into the match), played defensively the whole match but a win is a win.





Carabao Cup

We then moved on to the Carabao Cup which is 1 of the 4 trophies we need to get to complete the challenge. As always, first few rounds of the competition are always easy, but maybe not for my new squad.

Match 1



We faced a much weaker side Charlton for our first match in the competition, and former City legend Tevez handed us a win with a hattrick, almost scored a 4th, but denied for offside. 

Match 2



Match 2 see us facing Nottingham Forest, both teams failed to score in the regular 90 minutes, and the match went into penalty shootout, with Diego Alves being the hero by saving 2 penalties, ensuring that we get into the next round! Once again, proving that trusting veterans is not a bad decision after all.

Match 3



We got a much tougher opponent here, facing Stoke City in the Quarter Final. Ollie Watkins and Sam Gallagher's strike almost send us into the Semis but Afobe's last minute equaliser send the game to penalty shootout once again. And as before, Diego Alves the hero here, by saving not just one but all 3 penalties. Semis against Arsenal coming up!




Bad luck for our first leg against Arsenal (which half of their squad are players we sold to them), but Gallagher's goal gave us a slight hope.


We then started the second leg with a goal from Watkins, I thought that the away-goals rule are implemented here, so played the rest of the match with a defensive mentality trying to win by away goals, but once again the match went into penalties shootout. Our goal hero Watkins missed penalty almost sent us home, but Diego Alves been the hero again saving 2 penalties sending us to the final! Meanwhile Brighton shocked Tottenham to be our opponent for the final.



A final against Brighton should be easy for us. And Gallagher ensures no disappointment for us. 

Quadruple 1/4 DONE!


FA Cup

We then go into the FA Cup, hoping to claim our second trophy of the Quadruple with a first match against Burton.

Match 1



I played a 2-strikers formation here against Burton pairing up Gallagher and loanee Moise Kean, and it's an easy win for us.

Match 2


Bad luck for us facing Chelsea in the second game.


And Hazard's early strike make my attempt a failure. So the attempt is officially a failed one, but still going to continue it., even tho I will not make into the Leaderboard.


Champions League

We get into an easy group here, facing Valencia, Schalke and PAOK, and managed to top the group with no defeats, proud with my defensive stats as well.


Knockout Stages


We get a tough opponent in our first KO stage facing Inter. 



The first match ended as a defeat.



Managed to hold Inter to a draw in the second leg, but failing to score a goal, sent us back home once again. Not much harm for us since we already failed the challenge before this.




Premier League



Honestly speaking, been disappointed with the results, only managed to get 7th in the league, failed to win against most of the Big 6, and was held for a draw numerous times against weak teams. Defensive results are quite good tho, which is probably one of the few positivities in my attempt. 

Notable Matches



Well this is something I can brag about in my attempt, a 3-0 win against Utd with our legend Tevez scoring twice! Probably the only thing I can be proud of.

Player Performances




Well this one is something surprising, with Watkins winning both of the annual award!


He played surprisingly well for us scoring 18 goals alongside 5 assists. Didn't used him before but this result may have me looking for him in FMM 20.


Some sweet "greens" here!

Other Players





Watkins, Quaresma and Diego Alves are the few that performed well for us. Played Gallagher most of the time, due to Tevez poor stamina, and had him scoring quite some goals.

End Of Season Attributes













Some improvements in the attributes for our players, especially Watkins, Sobol and Soumaorou. May try to continue the save with these fews, been curious to see how good can Watkins be.


Final Words


Honestly speaking, this is a terrible attempt to this tough challenge. Been hesitating whether to post this, but Watkins good performance made me decided to post it even though it's a failed one. This had been an interesting challenge for me, since I never used most of the players here, even though it's a failure, I still managed to find some gems here, who knows, maybe Watkins will be my player for my future challenge attempts in FMM 20. After all, thanks to @samhardy for this challenge, and thanks for following this short and failed attempt. Kun Out!


Edited by Kun Aguero
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11 minutes ago, Kun Aguero said:

Honestly speaking, this is a terrible attempt to this tough challenge. Been hesitating whether to post this,

I'm no stranger to posting failed attempts either. Pls do, they're a much more fun read 😂 

This is a very tough challenge tho, so don't feel bad about it, it was a good attempt. And I doubt there'll be many managers here who get it at their first try. 

Bring on your next adventure 👍 

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11 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

I'm no stranger to posting failed attempts either. Pls do, they're a much more fun read 😂 

This is a very tough challenge tho, so don't feel bad about it, it was a good attempt. And I doubt there'll be many managers here who get it at their first try. 

Bring on your next adventure 👍 

One positive side of this attempt is that I'm now loving challenge involving squad-rebuilding😂

11 minutes ago, Lord Danish said:

Kun Out!

Emery In!

That's when they bought half of my squad😄

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A very tough challenge and you still did pretty good with the players available. Kudos to you. Looking forward to some more careers from your side.

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45 minutes ago, Kun Aguero said:

How could I not know such a gem before😃

10 goals in real life this season, including two against our local rivals on Monday. love him!

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You had a good go at this rather tough challenge so I wouldn’t be too disappointed.

I was tempted to try the Liverpool version of this but never found the time which basically translates to “I bottled it”.😂

Look forward to your next career!😀

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City Goes Young & Local (A Premier League 2 Challenge Attempt)

Hey guys, it's me Kun back again with another update of the save. Don't be too surprised seeing me here again with another update, this surely can't be another attempt on the Man City-Liverpool Title Race challenge (I'm still suffering from that failure😂). So as you can see from the title of this update, yep, I'm doing another squad-rebuilding challenge, this time the Premier League 2 challenge, where I can only play with players with the age of 23 or younger. While I don't know whether it is eligible since I'm just starting the challenge in this save, instead of starting a new one, (need @Nucleus to clarify this), so in case it's not eligible, I can still see this as a personal challenge. The basic concept of the challenge is that the squad cannot contain player above the age of 23, excluding one goalkeeper and 3 outfield players. To complete the challenge, you need to win the League, FA cup, League Cup and 1 European trophy, and then moved on to the other 3 nations loaded, repeating the same process. But I decided to give a twist to this challenge, and probably making it harder, which is I'm going to buy only English players, however I'm still going to use players like Claudio Gomes and Douglas Luiz who were already in the squad, but the squad will consists of mainly English players. So without further ado, let's get into the transfer business.



Transfers Out



Not much outgoing business here but another player moves to Arsenal again.

Transfers In



Hell lot of business and loads of cash spent, mostly from the profit last season. Brought in Trent Alexander Arnold which is my favorite RB in the game this year, (having him in my other Liverpool save, still active at the age of 33). Sam Gallagher joined the team permanently after a good loan period last season, but with his age of 23, he may only be able to stay in the squad for only one season before he turned 24. Lots of English talents signed, with some popular wonderkids, including Sessegnon and Chilwell.

The Team




Only included one player abover 23 which is Juan Iturbe signed from last season. Former City player Angus Gunn returned to the team and will be our main goalie for the season. Last season's hero Watkins stays in AML position alongside Patrick Roberts returning from a loan playing in the AMR. I'm playing a 3-1-2-2-2 formation, having Gallagher and Nketiah upfront, while Brewster and City academy product Lukas Nmecha as backup. Reece Oxford will be our last man in defense, with Chillwell and TAA as wingbacks, Douglas Luiz starts as our main CDM, with Tom Davies and none other than the prince of City, Phil Foden.

Carabao Cup


Have some good results in the Carabao Cup last season, and managed to get into the final again this year, facing Tottenham in the final.


Lady luck is not with us this time, as the kids missed all the penalty and ended up second in the Cup.

FA Cup


Much better performance this time with the kids, reaching the Semis, facing Liverpool, but tough luck again.



UEFA Europa League


Managed to squeeze into the UEL this season after finishing 7th last season, get a fairly easy group, getting a lots of goals from the kids.


However, we faced Chelsea in the second KO round, and narrowly missed out on the ticket to the next round.


Premier League



Went with an offensive tactic this time, and managed to bang in 81 goals, but our poor defence seen us narrowly missed out on the UCL spot. Ranked 5th in the league this season, but the kids are performing well offensively and who knows, maybe next year will be our year!

Notable Matches 



Managed to hold Liverpool in a 4-4 draw, with Watkins scoring a very late penalty to equal the score.


That's what I say about an offensive tactic, scoring lots but leaking lots as well. Anyway, I always love a match where both sides score a lot, will rather win 6-5 than 1-0 anytime.



Ollie Watkins just love to score against Utd, as we beat our city rivals twice this time.


Sweet revenge against Chelsea in the final league game, maybe this proves that the kids are ready to shine next season, who knows?

Team Performance





Our top scorer is none other than the great Ollie Watkins, scoring 30 goals in 50 matches. The 4 strikers have some quality performance as well, with Gallagher scoring 23, Nketiah scoring 24, Brewster scoring 14 and Nmecha scoring 18. Phil Foden, Tom Davies and Patrick Roberts are some of the best performer as well.

The Players



Our main man in the defence Reece Oxford progressed well, and managed to get into the TOTY this season. 




3 of the best performers this season, progressing well with lots of green stats.



Ollie Watkins and Sam Gallagher both reached the age of 24, and may not remain in our team, unless I decided to play them as the 3 wildcards. Very high chance that I will sell them both to keep the challenge interesting, may have to bid farewell to Watkins who had been the key player for 2 seasons now.

Final Words


While the first season may not be that successful, failing to win a single trophy, but the player's performances did show a lot of positivities, and I'm having a high confidence in them. As always thanks for viewing, and leave your thoughts. Kun Out!


Edited by Kun Aguero
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You'll be absolutely flying if you manage to identify and seal that persistent leakage 😂 it seems to be clicking alright on the front end of things. 

Those kids will come back stronger next season. 

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27 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

You'll be absolutely flying if you manage to identify and seal that persistent leakage 😂 it seems to be clicking alright on the front end of things. 

Those kids will come back stronger next season. 

Been using the same tactic in my another save with Liverpool and defensive results are good, maybe just need to find the proper players to do the job.  

18 minutes ago, Lord Danish said:

😍 My boy Phillip Foden

He's good as always, too bad Tommy Doyle wasnt in the game this year, hopefully he will be in FMM20, him and Foden will make a perfect midfield duo.

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City Goes Young & Local (Season 2 Update)

Hey guys, it's me back again with a season 2 update for the Premier League 2 challenge. So before we kickoff the new season, we need to get rid of the players above 24, and it's Sam Gallagher our first choice striker, Angus Gunn our main goalie and the "legend" Ollie Watkins who are going to leave us this time. Have to bought in some replacement for them and I decided to go with these few.


Dominic Calvert-Lewin came in to replace Sam Gallagher as Nketiah's striker partnership. Aged 23 means that he will only stay in the club for one season before he turned 24.


We have another newcomer from Everton, Ademola Lookman came in to replace Watkins.


As for our goalie, Dean Henderson came in to guard the goal for one season, and hopefull Bazunu will be ready for the next.




No surprise at all that it's Arsenal who came knocking our door for Watkins, another player off to Arsenal! 


Only 3 additions this season, replacing the 3 players aged 24.

The Squad




So here's how our team looks like for the second season, no players aged 24 or above this time, let's hope that's not a bad decision.

Carabao Cup



Didn't play my strongest squad and heavily defeated by Leicester in the Quarter- Final as a result of underestimating my opponent.

FA Cup



Defeated by Tottenham in the fifth round after defeating Man Utd in the previous round. 

UEFA Europa League


Road to Paris


Managed to win all 6 group stage games, and the kids got a couple of goals as well.

Match 1 (against EA Guingamp)


Easy match for the kids as we easily progressed through.

Match 2 (against Arsenal)


Almost thought that's the end of my Europa League journey after knowing that we will face Arsenal in the second KO round, but managed to make it to the penalties shootout, and Dean Henderson put in a great performance saving 3 penalties, sending us to the Quarters.

Match 3 (against Benfica)


Win big in the first leg, and progressed through easily. Semis next!

Match 4 (against Shakhtar)


A big win in first leg, and a good performance from Choudhoury (from the academy) send us to the final, and our opponent will be fellow Premier League rivals, Liverpool.

Final (against Liverpool)



Salah scored early, but Patrick Roberts equalized shortly after the break. The prince of City, Phil Foden stepped up and scored in the 77th minute, handing us our first trophy needed for the challenge. 

STAGE 1 1/4 Completed!


Premier League

We finished 5th last season, with a terrible defensive performance last season. Let's see how we do for this season.



The league ended as a tight race between us and Liverpool. Liverpool was top for most of the season, but slipped in the final match against Fulham, handing us our first League title! Looks like a repeat of the 2018/19 season IRL. The team also improved a lot in the defence, conceded the least in the league, while being the highest scoring side. 

STAGE 1 2/4 Completed!

How Liverpool slipped in the final game thanks to Mitrovic's goal for Fulham, almost gave up our title hopes 😂



Notable Matches



4-0 win against Liverpool in the league opener with a Nketiah hatrick.









A series of steady performance towards the end of the season ensures this is a successful one.

Team Performance





Nketiah, DCL and Nmecha were the best performers for us, scoring 20+ goals each, tbh Nmecha really surprised me since he played much fewer matches than the other 2 strikers. Trent Alexander Arnold get a handful of assists as well, mostly from corners.

Players Performances




Marlos Moreno surprisingly win both the awards, despite not being first choice AML. Too bad that he reached 24 which means that he will have to leave the team next season.


Nketiah was so close from winning the Golden Boot, only 3 less than Salah, maybe next time.


5 of our players made into the Team Of The Year, Nmecha was just brilliant!

The Players


So here's how the main players progressed after 2 seasons.


Dean Henderson reached the age of 24 which means that he will have to leave us soon.


Sweet stats for TAA as always.


Another player leaving us soon is Ben Chilwell who have been our first choice left back for both seasons, with him leaving means that Ryan Sessegnon need to step up for the job.









Yangel Herrera and Hamza Choudhoury are the midfielders that shine for us this season, and all the midfielders can stay for another season.




Patrick Roberts and Marlos Moreno will be leaving the team after being the key part of the team for 2 seasons. Patrick Roberts free kick ability led us to a lot of wins too.




Both Nketiah and Nmecha will stay for another 2 seasons, while DCL will have to leave us.

Manager Award



After being at the brink of being sacked for 2 straight seasons, I finally managed to win something this season, with the Manager Of The Year award in the bag as well.

Final Words

So this season had been a successful one, winning both the League and Europa League, only need the Carabao Cup and FA Cup to complete Stage 1 in England. Hopefully it can be done before my star players (Foden, Nketiah, TAA...) reached 24, and have to replace them. Anyway thanks for viewing and feel free to leave your thoughts. 

Edited by Kun Aguero
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2 minutes ago, Lord Danish said:

Great season and how about train Foden as a striker with that sweet aerial stat

Never thought about that but his poor stamina (can't play 2 straight 90 minutes) may have him remain in the midfield

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2 minutes ago, Seth Anacondas said:

Good results, it usually gets easier from here. Fulham were relegated despite handing you the title 🙄

Thanks, didn't realised that they were relegated, probably will buy some of their players as a sign of gratitude lol😂

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Crossing off a couple things already. Should get easier as you progress in your career despite the pain of losing some of your best guys. KIU! 

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12 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Crossing off a couple things already. Should get easier as you progress in your career despite the pain of losing some of your best guys. KIU! 

Thanks, I think the most difficult part is that I need to move to another country and do it all over again, especially if I'm going to stick to the "only local players" rule

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City Goes Young & Local (Season 3 Update)

Hey guys, Kun's back with the season 3 update of my Premier League 2 challenge attempt, and hopefully this can be the season where we complete Stage 1, with only the Carabao Cup and FA Cup left. As always, we start off the season by getting rid of the players aged 24 and find their replacement. So for this season, the players reaching 24 will be Dean Henderson our main goalie, Ben Chillwell, Marlos Moreno, Patrick Roberts and Dominic-Calvert Lewin, with most of them being an active part in our team, it may be difficult to see them leaving.

Ins And Outs


Decided to spend big for Patrick Roberts replacement, and Reiss Nelson came in from Arsenal.


Next up, decided to play Sessegnon as Chilwell's replacement, but still need a backup left-back, so it's Josh Tymon in.


As for DCL's replacement, decided to give Nmecha who played well last season the chance, but brought in Timmy Abraham from Fulham as backup as well.


As for Dean Henderson, since there's not much quality young English GKs out there, and Bazunu maybe not ready yet, decided to continue having Dean Henderson guarding our goal. (Can play one GK above 24 yrs old)



The Squad




Lots of players reaching 24 yrs old next season, so must have to complete the challenge this season, to avoid rebuilding the squad all over again next season.

Community Shield & Euro. Super Cup



Narrowly lost to Chelsea in the Community Shield. Played Bazunu as our goalie in this match, and probably this is why I decided to have Dean Henderson remain in our team, Bazunu's maybe just not ready yet.


As for the Euro. Super Cup, 2 early goals from Nketiah's give us the trophy. 

Carabao Cup


One of the 2 trophies we need to win to complete our challenge in England, and we started strong beating Burnley, Chelsea, Leicester and Man Utd to reach the final, facing Tottenham.





The match against Utd went into penalty, and this time Bazunu started since Dean Henderson was injured, and he surprised us by saving Pereira's shot, sending us to the final!


Only one goal needed to win us the trophy against Tottenham. That's a third trophy collected!

STAGE 1 3/4 Completed!

FA Cup


We then moved into the FA Cup, a series of big win against Everton, Bolton and Fulham send us into the Sixth Round facing Liverpool.





Another penalty win against Liverpool, this time with Dean Henderson as the hero! It's Chelsea next in the Semis.


Lookman and Nelson goals send us to the final, despite Morata scoring a late goal. Against Tottenham again in the FA Cup final.


Huge win this time, which means that Stage 1 of the challenge is done and dusted! Time to move on to the next country and repeat the success.

STAGE 1 4/4 Completed! 

Premier League



Easy win this time round, as we are 11 points ahead of Arsenal. 

UEFA Champions League



Easy group and easy win as well, shocked to see Basel beating both Roma and OM for the second spot in the group.


Tough luck for us facing Juventus in the first round, and we managed to win big in the Second Leg, sending us to the Quarters against Bayern, another tough opponent ahead.


Through again, with Kimmich's own goal and Nketiah's winner. Atletico Madrid next!


Almost gave up hopes, but Phil Foden's goal in the 82nd minute send us to extra time, and Rhian Brewster who came on as a substitute gave us the winning goal with a very late goal. It's PSG in the final!

UCL Final 



Should be a tough match, but the kids just nailed it! Champions League winner for the kids! This was an extra trophy for us since we already collected the UEL trophy last season.


Team Performance





TAA, Nelson, Lookman, Nmecha and Nketiah was some of the best performers this season.

Player Performance






It's Nketiah's year winning POTY, YPOTY, Golden Boot and made into TOTY with 3 other players. Surprise to see Choudhury and Wan-Bissaka in the team despite not being starters.

The Main Contributors




Another good season as Trent Alexander-Arnold played an important part in the three seasons, providing 53 assists. 



Phil Foden is just the type of players that don't always score, but whenever he does, it's a crucial one, can't remember how many times he scored an equalizer or winner. 28 goals and 28 assists in three season.



Sweet attributes and stats for Reiss Nelson, as he managed to score 10 and assist 13 times.



In the team for 2 seasons, and Lookman managed to provide 30 goals and 20 assists for the team. 



Probably the player that surprised me the most in the 3 seasons, Lukas Nmecha managed to get 57 goals as well as 26 assists in 3 seasons.



And last but not least, the main player of the team in the 3 seasons, Nketiah scored consistently throughout the 3 seasons, with a total of 85 goals and 14 assists.

Final Words

So with the Carabao Cup and FA Cup in the bag, that means Stage 1 of the Premier League 2 Challenge is completed, and I will have to move to the other 3 nations loaded (France, Spain and Germany) and repeat everything again. The first stage of the challenge in England was quite a successful for me despite starting low in the first season, hopefully things will be easier for me in the next 3 nations. As always, thanks for reading and feel free to leave your thoughts! Kun's out!



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