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Help Does anyone use ready tactics?


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I already gave him that link yesterday @Ashezūü§£

But yeah I‚Äôd say what @Mr Tree¬†said, the most viewed are likely going to be the ones people have used the most, you just need the right attributes for players in certain positions like I‚Äôm sure people posting tactics will explain in there topic ūüėĀ

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9 minutes ago, Aaron Thornton said:

Thats why I never bothered @Ashez 

I remembered @RichDave32 gave him the link already.

I dont want to sound like I'm having a go, as he's probably new to the game, but it's sheer laziness. 

Trust me I get the frustration more than most but maybe people asking for help haven't got there head around the site yet? Maybe English isn't there language so they struggle to navigate it? Maybe they're just lazy who knows but going the extra step is always helpful. 

Maybe someone wonders the same question in the future, they use the search bar and find this thread. Once in the thread there is no link so maybe they then reask the question in a new thread as the information isn't conveniently available in the thread the search bar sent them to? 

Sharing threads also supports the creator as it obviously leads to more eyes on the content. 

Anyway like I said I know what you're saying and I often think it too but we're here to help and it takes a few seconds. 

Edited by Ashez
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9 hours ago, abdullah33 said:

Hello guys, does anyone use tactics ready? Can you share with me the ready-made tactic you are most successful in?


I love you fmmvibe familyūü§©

Yes, used the below in my save where i started at liverpool and then went on to manage Juventus and England as my international career. 

My custom tactic is: 

Striker - Poacher role (Timo Werner, Pacy hitman type) 

Two Inside forwards (Someone like Salah, Mbappe) 

3 man mid (1 CM, 1 Advance playmaker, 1 Deep lying playmaker) 

For each position, i prefer players like Wijnaldum, Havertz in advance role and Thiago in DLP role) 

Defense is 2 Wing backs - Davies, Robertson, TAA, Chilwell 

2 strong CB - De ligt, Demiral types 

Goalie, of course! - Alisson, Donnarumma are my preference 

Mentality: Attacking 

Width: Narrow, Tempo: normal, Creative freedom: balanced 

Defensive line: balanced 

Final third: 'run at defense'

Passing: short, focus: mixed, GK distribution: Short 

You might want to change some basis your team and choice of players and boom, it can be better than the above... so good luck! 


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