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Career Rob’s Geubbels 2k - Season 20 - The End


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Along with Haaland and Silva, Willem Geubbels is one of the best young strikers in the game. He is also the player I have chosen for my attempt at a 1.5k in this year’s version of the game. I’ve hit 1kc last year with a striker and 1kc with a midfielder twice this year, but never managed 1.5kc.


I’ve been working on a methodology for this for a while...trialling a few tactics, teams, player countries, and transfer strategies over a few months as I wanted to make the transition from Strikerless careers to striker careers.

I’ve chosen Geubbels and PSG for the obvious reasons that Geubbels is young and excellent and PSG are wealthy and in an easier league, but also because in most of my saves the France job becomes available after a few games so I will be in a good position to get it. I’ve never gotten 1.5kc before so I wanted to give myself the best chance.

I also want to apologise to Kyle for posting a career similar to his, but I’ve had this in the works for a while and a few guys on here have known about it for a while. I’ve actually just finished Season 9.

Thanks for reading. Season 1 to follow shortly.

Edited by Rob
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1 hour ago, Ian said:

Really looking forward to this one.

Good luck!


56 minutes ago, Woody said:

😲 so excited

Thanks lads. Your support means everything to me. I love you both.

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Good luck man! I can vouch that you’ve chosen a world class striker there! 

It will be interesting to see how he does for you in your career. #TeamWillem 

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41 minutes ago, KyleJNichol said:

Good luck man! I can vouch that you’ve chosen a world class striker there! 

It will be interesting to see how he does for you in your career. #TeamWillem 

Your tactic is much more radical than mine and you are utterly smashing it. Love the hashtag there. Thanks! 

33 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Sounds like you have it all mapped out but 1.5k is a lot of goals so good luck.

Thanks V#1 (hopefully that still annoys Sam)

26 minutes ago, smoggy90 said:

Good luck mate, I reckon you’ll smash this!

Fingers crossed, and much appreciated -thanks.

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15 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Will be watching this. Best of luck. 

Thanks Kanegan! Feels weird using a striker.

13 hours ago, Ran7777 said:

Good luck mate👍👍

Thanks mate. Love the double thumbs! Twice as good as one!

3 hours ago, TheBossMan8 said:

1.5k. oooft. I'm sure you'll smash it but I could never do it aha. im curious to see if how the goals pan out over the season

The national job will be needed. Thanks for your confidence in me smashing it.  

3 hours ago, samhardy said:

Bad luck, Rob.

Your support, as ever, is appreciated.

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Season One

I am not going to lie - these updates will be bland. 



Loads, basically. We all know the players so I shaln’t bore anyone.



Won all, with Geubbels scoring in each of the finals. I forgot to screenshot the charity shield or whatever it’s called in France.

The main thing of note that happened this season was this:


At the point they wanted me to perform better I had won every game except for one... which I drew. #realism

As for Geubbels, here is how he looked:


Decent. And here is how he did:


More than a goal per game average, which I didn’t expect to get this early.


Thanks for reading.

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24 minutes ago, Ian said:

What a fantastic first season that is Rob.

Some quality transfer action going on and what an absolute steal Pavón is at £9.5m

I’m on the original DB so that may be why he appears a steal 😂

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7 hours ago, Woody said:

Been out tonight so missed the update.

Bloody brilliant but would i of expected anything else. 👍

Thanks Woody. I can’t believe you have a social life.

4 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Now that's how you get the ball rolling. Great job. 

Cheers. Let’s hope nothing gets in its way.

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2 hours ago, Rob said:

Thanks Woody. I can’t believe you have a social life.

Cheers. Let’s hope nothing gets in its way.

1st time ive been out properly for years bud.

Edited by Woody
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16 hours ago, Gunners Rishi said:

Bit late to this but what a start!!!

Never too late to any party I host, so welcome and thanks!

14 hours ago, KyleJNichol said:

Cracking start @Rob. So many goals from a young age 

Thanks. He did amazing to start.

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Season Two

68 in season one. Could Geubbels beat it?



Pogba was the main one.



A bit mixed, but that doesn’t really matter. Lost six in the league as I strongly introduced squad rotation. We retained the CL, importantly.

As for Geubbels, here is him at the end of the season:


And his goals:


67 this year. At least he is consistent.


Thanks for reading.

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